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 Common Races

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PostSubject: Common Races   2014-08-26, 7:04 pm

Here are the common races of the Earth Realm that are native to it. To note, I'll be adding onto this list for later of other realms.

1. Humans

2. Elves

3. Primogen

4. Dragons

5. Wildken



There isn't much to say about them, odds are as you type on this screen you yourself are one. They are among the most common race on Earth Realm, but they are also spread to various other places. Power wise, they are rather unimpressive in the grand scheme of things but what they do have is the ability to adapt. Where a dragon or demon may have more inate power, a human is able to learn on average more energy types which gives them a edge over the longer run.



Elves are another common race, in truth they a evolutionary branch of humanity that went off long ago. They are more or less human in appearance except for their pointed ears. They on average have heightened magical potential compared to normal humans and sharper senses.

Military wise, they are on par with modern humans though they often use their magic to disguise things partly. For example, a musket on the surface in reality would be much closer to a present rifle.



Dragons were once the dominant race of the Earth Realm even going as far to have a stretching empire, but due to attacks of other realms and similar they began to decline despite their power. Dragons are typically broken down into two distinc sub races: Western and Eastern(somtimes just called Chinese Dragons)

Western Dragons

The first is typically what is thought when one thinks of a dragon in appearance. They have on average much greater physical strength then Eastern Dragons but at the same time don't have as much raw magical power. Western Dragons have a inate control and resistance to a element depending on the dragon type in question. For example:

Red: Fire

Gold: Fire

Silver: Ice

Green: Wind

Blue: Electricity

Black: Acid

Chinese Dragons, while weaker have a larger variety of magic. Both types can take a human form and have relatively longer then average life spans.



Primogen are the second evolutionary natural branch of humanity, next to Elves; they are essentially 'living' vampires. Like demon, its a broad term but for the most part common threads keep them having something in common, including supernatural physical stats and senses. They also typically have a few other natural powers, depending on the Primogen race in question.

They have longer life spans then a normal human, but naturally can not survive off blood alone and need normal food like most living beings. While they look entirely human, one who has enough can tell they're a bit different as they typically have slitted pupils and a bit sharper features.

One of the most well known Primogen races are the Nosferartu, a race adept at controlling dark energy and or shadows.



Wildken, is a term like Primogen that is more of a broad term that consist of many races native on earth that appear more or less human but have animal features(I.E. Neko's would be one example). They don't have any powers naturally like humans, except perhaps sharper then normal senses.


For a bonus, other relatively(but not native) races. Keep in mind, you naturally don't have to play any listed as there are many more considering the broad nature of the universe.

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Common Races
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