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 Spells of the Pure Aether (Aetheric Manipulation)

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PostSubject: Spells of the Pure Aether (Aetheric Manipulation)   2014-09-10, 4:06 am

The Pure Aether... what is The Pure Aether? 

The short answer is 'ERROR: CannotParse.' The long answer tries to be an actual answer and likely fails. The Pure Aether is possibility. It's a plane of existence that's simultaneously omnipotent and nonexistent. It's a field of energy representing 'possibility' - that is to say, 'the capability to change' and not 'change itself.' Without the Pure Aether, there would be nothing, as it represents the ability for there to be anything. Without the Pure Aether, there would be everything, as it also represents the ability to be nothing. In short: without the Pure Aether, reality would break apart at the seems in a chaotic mess of impossible situations hopelessly attempting to resolve themselves without changing. Fortunately, it is inexhaustible as - after all - there's always potential: potential never goes away, even with the death of the universe itself. It could always change. Something could always be there, even if nothing is - something could be.

Then as a discipline, what kind of spells is it used for?

Simple question, simple answer: Anything.

The Pure Aether is incredibly malleable and versatile due to its very nature. When exposed to anything with any will of its own, it immediately shapes itself to accommodate that 'thing' and tries to bring forth the possibilities it desires. In short, tapping the Pure Aether allows one to manipulate 'possibility' itself, thus doing... again, anything.

So what's the catch?

Well, firstly, there are few beings in existence that are aware the Pure Aether exists as an actual force in the first place. Even fewer still understand what it actually is. And even fewer can actually tap into it to use. And of those, scarcely any at all can survive the process... In short: it's extremely hard to get started with it, even though it's quite possibly the easiest force in existence to manipulate. Thus the difficulty of 'spells' scales directly with the spell's complexity. It's very similar to performing math in that regard, but the Pure Aether can be manipulated in any way that the user can rationalize, so it's efficiency is directly related to their imagination and ability to simplify.


So then, that brings us to actual spells. Seeing as the possibilities are literally limitless, this list will be updated as new spells are invented. At the moment there's only one known individual that uses the Pure Aether in this manner, and so their spells will be listed in order of difficulty, divided into two tiers - Simple, and Complex. Simple spells have two or less factors to them. Complex have 3 or more factors to them.


  • Aetheric Radiance (Two factors; density of aetheric energy, diameter of aura.): An aura of energy that aids the caster and hampers enemies.

  • Core Detonation (Two factors; power withdrawn, diameter of disruption.): An extremely unstable detonation of the caster's source of power, theoretically creating a rift in space and time - completely eradicating everything in its area of effect, caster included.


  • Kinetic Barrier (Three factors; strength of attack, surface area of barrier, strength of counter-force.): A shield that repels and / or negates attacks with force equal to the attack itself.
  • Kinetic Rod (Three factors; strength of attack, surface area of rod, strength of counter-force.): An extendable rod that repels everything it contacts.
  • Teleportation (Three factors; horizontal distance to target point, vertical distance to target point, slant distance to target point.): An instantaneous translation to target coordinates, skipping the distance in the way.
  • Telekinesis (Four factors; weight of target, resistance of target, distance to target, and potency of spell.): Remote lifting and/or manipulation of a target object or objects.

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PostSubject: Re: Spells of the Pure Aether (Aetheric Manipulation)   2014-09-10, 10:44 am

Seems fine to me. Approved.
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Spells of the Pure Aether (Aetheric Manipulation)
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