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 Amata Sora

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PostSubject: Amata Sora   2014-09-25, 10:15 am

Character Name: Amata Sora

Fandom: Aquarion EVOL

Date of Birth: Unknown
Alias: Wings of the Sun
Apparent Age: 16
Origin: Vega (Earth)
Race: Human/Shadow Angel Hybrid
Height: Height
Weight: Their weight
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Known Relatives: Alicia Sora (mother), Izumo Kamurogi (father), Apollo (past-life's self), Kagura Demuri (symbolon)

Religion: What they believe in
Skills: What learned skills(not powers) your character has learned.
Abilities: Amata posses the ability if Anti-Gravity. With this ability, he can glowing gold and float upwards whenever he felt excited in any kind of way
Alignment: Their alignment. Can be good, evil or neutral as well as any combination o the three.
Personality: Amata is a reserved person. He really never had any conversation with anyone else but the owner of the theather he works at, until he met his friend Mikono at the theater. However, he is also very kind, and he cares about other people's feelings.
Powers: A characters powers. For example, if they had control over fire or super strength it would go here.
Restrictions: For every power there Must be some sort of drawback or at least explain the extent of said powers. Continuing with the above example, the extent of the characters super strength needs to be said as well as their fire control.

Strength: Lifting/striking power. 

Speed: Movement speed and reflexes

Soul: The Soul Stat represents luck, willpower, determination, and spirit, and can sometimes represent psychic ability, empathy, and unity with nature. A high rating in the Soul Stat helps a character focus his or her personal energies or life force to go beyond his or her normal limits and to fuel special abilities. This is also primary used for defense against exotic attacks(such as being possessed and the like)

Stamina: How long the character can fight.

Ki: One's internal energy, life force.(If they don't have any, erase this line)

Magic: Self explanatory: If they don't have any, erase this line.

Psychic: Abilities such as telepathy, Telekenesis and other mental powers. If they don't have any, er

Durability: Character's ability to take damage.

Natural ability: Such as the ability to control fire and the like. The more points here, the stronger it is. If they don't have any, erase this line.
Special Techniques: Special techniques, what their based on depends on the character.
Super Techniques: Like above, only much stronger.
Super Forms: Any super forms a character may have(I.E. , Devil Jin and Shin Akuma)
Class:(Classifcation of the various fighters I.E., Street Fighter, Ranma 1/2 Chakra-styled Ninja's, etc)
Weapons and Precious Items: Characters precious items.
Phobias: What they fear the most
Illnesses: Illness they may have.
Sexual Preferences: What gender your character is attracted to.
Occupation: What your character does.
History: Their history, at least a few lines. No history, no approval.
Status: Alive or dead, for now.
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Amata Sora
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