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 Admari, the Rook

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PostSubject: Admari, the Rook   2014-09-28, 1:30 am

Character Name: Admari
Date of Birth: August 15
Alias: T-bone, Buckethead, Gears
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties.
Origin: Carrollton, Texas
Race: Human
Height: 6’ 1” as human, 12’ when transformed
Weight: 215 lb as human, 5,200 lb transformed
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Human: Admari is a young man with short, brown hair, a short beard, blue eyes and a round face. His frame is broad and sturdy. He favors a ratty, brown hoodie and jeans, weather permitting.

Physical Description: Transformation: Admari is able to transform into a twelve foot tall, bipedal automaton, loosely themed after the image of a human knight and constructed of a metal closely resembling aged bronze. His breastplate is blank and extends from the base of his neck to his midriff. He has two pauldrons which flare outward at their top; four smaller plates, styled to look like flames, lay between the pauldron and shoulder and get progressively smaller until they reach the shoulder, where the smallest plate completely envelopes the joint. The tallest plates extend approximately three feet above the shoulder joint.
Admari’s arms are long, with his palms at even height with his knees. The pads of his palms and fingers are formed by concentric, circular plates. Each finger and thumb is tipped with a long, sharp talon.

Admari’s head and neck are draconic in style. His neck is long and formed by a segmented metal tube, textured to resemble dragonscales. Admari’s head is a narrow and smooth dragon head, with the nose tilted downward in the default posture. The head is crowned with a pair of backward-pointing horns which nearly double its overall length and curve outward slightly. The very top of Admari’s skull is at even height with the tips of his pauldrons. Two very large star sapphires serve as Admari’s eyes. Engravings in the sapphires serve to form crude representations of a human iris. The ‘star’ formed by the sapphires will always intersect in the center of the iris, despite surrounding light sources.

Admari’s legs are simple and styled to resemble basic plate mail. His feet are draconic in design and are relatively short with a raised ankle, which forces Admari to stand on the balls of his feet. Each foot has three toes, all of which end in long, curved talons.

Admari has a fully controllable, articulated metal tail, similar in structure to his neck. The tail is one and a half times the length of his legs and textured to resemble dragon scale.

Runes accent the edges of any section of Admari’s body designed to resemble armor. These are purely aesthetic.

Blue, luminescent smoke seeps from the gaps in Admari’s body at all times, the light from the smoke can be drowned out by direct sunlight. His eyes also glow.
Known Relatives: Rose Quartz, adopted daughter. Annet Mouser, mother. Drew Mouser, father. Alex Mouser, older sister.
Religion: Christian
Skills: Hand-to-hand combat (Construct): Admari has been forced into countless battles without the benefit of his preferred weapon, and so has forced himself to learn how to make full use of his draconic traits in battle.

Boxing: Admari often finds himself in situations where his transformation would put him at a disadvantage or would attract unwanted attention, and so has learned how to box. While some of his previous combat experience does carry over, Admari has not spent a large amount of practicing his technique. Overall his skill is just a little above average.

Field Dressing: Time spent overseeing small armies has given Admari much exposure to the realities of medieval warfare. After almost a decade of stitching up his buddies, Admari is an expert on cleaning and dressing wounds in the field.

Two-handed Weapons: Admari’s favored weapon is a two-handed flanged mace. After over a decade practice of with it, he’s mastered the weapon.

Sword and Board: Admari is nearly as adept with a shield and one-handed weapon as he is with his two handed weapons. Due to his immense size and weight, it’s not unusual for him to use two-handed weapons for this purpose while under the effect of his transformation.

Rockclimbing: Time spent in mountainous terrain has taught Admari how to move swiftly over apparently impassable rock faces with only moderate effort. The task can be made even simpler should he choose to transform, as his claws make ideal tools for creating holds in an otherwise featureless surface.

Metalworking: Admari has some experience crafting arms and armor, although he’s only comfortable working with iron and steel. His work tends to be spartan, but otherwise perfectly functional.

Jukebox: While Admari’s human voice is pretty cummy for singing, he’s learned how to manipulate his alternate body’s voicebox to make any combination of sounds he desires. He often finds himself ‘singing’ a multitude of songs for his own and other’s enjoyment.

Encyclopedia (Almost): While he’s transformed, Admari’s memory is perfect, meaning he has a wide and eclectic range of knowledge, although the depth and accuracy of said knowledge can be lacking…

Hobbyist Shooter: Admari spent a fair amount of time squeezing off rounds at the firing range before he died and after he managed to claw his way back. He’s developed respectable marksmanship and knows his way around most basic firearms. He takes gun safety very seriously.

Thrown Weapons: Being too large to handle most ranged weapons, Admari resorted to thrown weapons in cases he was unable to safely close distance with his opponents. Stones, knives, axes, Admari’s got experience with them all. He’s built up an impressive level of skill with them.

Swing Dancing: Admari has little practice in swing dancing, but he enjoys it anyway. He’s good enough to look like he knows what he’s doing to anyone who doesn’t actually know anything about swing dancing.
Alignment: Neutral Good (lawful tendencies)
Personality: Admari is stubborn and set in his ways. He is keenly aware of the position that his power places him in relation to common people, and often feels that it is his responsibility to help others where he can. He favors permanent solutions to ‘band-aid’ fixes.

Admari’s highly competitive.

While Admari often puts the many above himself, he will always place the needs of his daughter at the top of his priority list. Her health and safety are paramount.
Powers: Admari has the ability to transform into what he calls a ‘Rook.’ A magical automaton. The structure of this body is described above, it’s capabilities are detailed in the ‘restrictions’ section.
Restrictions: While human, Admari has all the physical limitations of a normal man. His physical capabilities are equivalent to an average athlete in any field with the exception of swimming, which he is bad at.

While transformed, Admari is capable of lifting and supporting a maximum weight of seventy-five long tons (1 long ton = 2,240 lb). His ‘muscles’ contract in ⅓ the time it takes for a normal human’s muscles to contract, meaning that he moves at three times the speed of a normal person. Admari’s maximum running speed is one-hundred-thirty-seven miles per hour. While transformed, Admari processes information incredibly fast, giving him a near-instant reaction time. Admari’s visual range covers two-hundred-forty degrees (assuming he doesn’t turn his head).

Admari's Rook form is most notable for it's durability. A force on par with a ballista bolt will cause superficial damage to the exterior (scrapes, nicks in the metal, etc.). A force on par with an anti-material rifle will cause significant deformation to the more lightly armored areas on Admari's body including the inner sides of his joints, his hands, feet, neck, tail, and the backs of his wrists and lower legs.  A sabot round will penetrate and stick at any point on Admari's body. Stronger penetrative forces will leave both entry and exit wounds at any point.

As Admari's body was forged in a star, he is practically immune to most fire based attacks. Admari's body remains unaffected at temperatures up to 6,300 K and may still remain active in temperatures up to 8,000K for several minutes. Any hotter and Admari will suffer near-instant systems failure, and then death within five minutes as the spells protecting his core fail.

Failsafes, failsafes, failsafes. Admari’s body was engineered to operate through the worst punishment any magical battlefield could throw at it. Barring a meltdown of his core mechanism (essentially the ‘engine’ for Admari’s body), all of Admari’s limbs will function unless they are completely severed from his body, regardless of damage.

In cases of total structural failure, Admari’s core, a diamond roughly the size of a human head, may repurpose sections of his body to form a temporary mode of transportation or defense (Ex: taking the fingers from one hand and using them as legs). This temporary body is not sustainable, and will become unusable after twenty-four hours.  

In times of extreme emotional stress, Admari may sometimes slip into a rage, effectively doubling his strength and movement rate. The excess load on his body inevitably causes damage to himself, meaning that the longer he remains in this state, the longer it will take for him to recover afterwards. This outburst is incredibly rare, having only happened once before.

Admari’s alternate body is incredibly vulnerable to arcane energy, as it directly interferes with the bindings that hold Admari’s soul to the body. Even basic arcane attacks have been known to blow away entire limbs or tear away large sections of his armor. Damage dealt directly to his diamond core in this way would likely kill him. This vulnerability is so pronounced that simply standing next to an item that radiates arcane energy causes Admari severe discomfort. He’s likened the sensation to rolling through hot sand while sunburned.
Special Techniques: N/A
Super Techniques: N/A
Super Forms: Rook
Class: Knight
Weapons and Precious Items:

Pendulum: An ornate flanged mace. Each of it's twelve flanges formed in the image of an unfurled dragon wing. An intricately carved dragon's head adorns the top of the haft where the wings meet. The haft itself is textured to resemble dragon's scales.

Pendulum is inherently immune to magic. Spells directed at the weapon will be deflected or, in cases in which the spell itself lacks a defined direction, be nullified within Pendulum's presence. Pendulum is also, for all intents and purposes, indestructible; even the hottest forges have failed to alter even the most delicate of details adorning Pendulum. The final noteworthy trait of this weapon is it's sheer size and weight.  The weapon is just under twelve feet long, and weighs in at a hefty one-hundred and seventy-five pounds.

When not in use, Pendulum is kept in a small ‘pocket dimension’ type device. disguised as an ornate, golden pocket watch.

.32 Revolver: A .32, six-shot revolver. Basically what it says on the tin.
*added after initial approval

Small Quartz statue: This is a small, crude statue of Admari’s daughter, Rose Quartz, carved from solid quartz crystal.

Timelord Watch: A silver novelty pocketwatch themed after the Doctor Who series. It no longer functions, but Admari keeps it on himself anyway.

The Hobbit: An old and tattered copy of Tolkien’s original story. Admari’s read it at least half a dozen times.

Bible: Admari’s personal copy of the Bible.
Phobias: Losing self control, becoming possessed/enslaved, losing his ‘ticket to Heaven,’ harming/alienating Rose Quartz, bodysnatchers.
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Women
Occupation: Admari is currently seeking employment.
History: Admari led a relatively normal life up until his murder at the age of 19. Raised in a Christian household and born with a hunger for all things science fiction and fantasy, Admari spent most of his time devouring books, movies, and videogames in equal measure. After his murder, Admari was approached by the deity of another world named Jovious. Jovious gave Admari a choice, serve as the god’s piece in a game of celestial chess or continue onto his own afterlife in Heaven. Should Admari chose to serve and win, he was promised a single wish, free of any restriction or catch. Admari chose to serve.

Jovious gifted Admari with a body crafted by his own hand. Forged in the heart of a star, imbued with the magics of a nation, and designed by the will of a divine, the body granted Admari incredible strength, speed, mental acuity, limitless stamina, and legendary toughness. It would be his weapon in the game to come.

Gifted with his new body, Admari found himself in the Windy Peaks, a mountain range which formed the western border of the the land known as Equestria. Shortly after his arrival, Admari rescued a young unicorn named Rose Quartz from a group of slavers, who he would eventually adopt as his foster daughter.

Admari’s first conflict with another Piece came in the form of the Second Gargoyle Invasion. A necromancer who had dubbed himself ‘Zenith’ had taken over an abandoned fortress in the center of the Windy Peaks. Within it, he raised the extinct race of gargoyles from the Underworld’s deepest pits and set them loose on the unsuspecting mountain ponies. To combat Zenith’s efforts and in an attempt to contain the savage and bloodthirsty gargoyles, Admari sounded a call to arms and raised his own army. A motley crew of determined mountain ponies, displaced Diamond Dogs, stoic earth elementals, and valiant gryphon immigrants, known collectively simply as ‘the Company,’ with Admari at their head, clashed with Zenith’s gargoyle horde in a bloody, four year war.

Two years into the war, when it became obvious to Zenith that the tide was turning against him, he made a gamble. He stole Rose Quartz away while Admari was engaged in combat and led him on a wild chase through the mountains. Admari could not catch the party in time. When he came upon them they had already killed Rose Quartz. He slaughtered them all.

On his journey to rejoin the Company, Admari stumbled upon a diamond dog wizard who had named himself Merlin. He revealed himself to be another piece in the celestial game, like Admari. They agreed to spend the remainder of the day trading tales, and on the following morning they would duel to the death. Admari eked out a very narrow victory, taking advantage of Merlin’s moment of hesitation as the wizard moved to strike the killing blow. After taking time to recover from his wounds, Admari finally rejoined the Company on their march. All in all, the diversion had cost him a month.

Zenith’s goal had been to separate the Company from their leadership so that they might be broken by his hordes and, if possible, break Admari’s fighting spirit. Not only were the Company’s officers more than competent enough to continue their march against the gargoyles, but the death of Rose Quartz smothered any mercy that might have remained in Admari’s heart. Admari burned a path across the Windy Peaks, exterminating any gargoyles he found as if they were simple vermin.

As the third year of the war dawned, Equestria’s Royal Army finally joined the conflict, eliminating any hope of victory Zenith might have clung to. In months, the combined forces of the Royal Army and the Company were upon his fortress’ doorstep. They demolished the gates with ease and flooded his hold, eliminating resistance as they went. Admari faced Zenith in single combat within the heart of the fortress and crushed him without effort, ending the war and dooming the gargoyles to extinction for a second time.

Admari quietly stepped down from his position as Commander of the Company after the war, leaving it in the capable charge of his lieutenants. Alone, he investigated reports of rampant wildfires in the Everfree Forest, a magical wood at the heart of Equestria. Admari found the magma elemental and fellow Piece, Rokuul, at the heart of the devastation, submerged in a small lake.  

Being improperly bound to his own body, Rokuul had been driven mad by constant, burning pain. His only thoughts revolved around locating the next water source large enough to encompass his hulking form. He attacked Admari as soon as Admari had made himself know.

Admari managed to defeat Rokuul, barely. The conflict left Admari with little more than his core intact. He languished in the ruin of their battlefield for a time before an intrepid citizen from the nearby hamlet of Ponyville stumbled upon him and hauled him out of the forest.

Admari stayed in Ponyville for the better part of a month, recovering from his injuries and allowing himself to decompress for the first time in over four years. He learned about the world around him, taught those curious about his home, wowed others with his tales of adventure, and made lasting friends. When he left Ponyville to visit the gryphons of the north, Admari was truly happy for the first time since he had lost his daughter.

Admari traveled north pursuing two distinct sets of rumors. First were tales of a gladiator who had risen to fame in the gryphon’s capital city of Bald Peak, gifted with control of lightning and astounding speed. The second rumor was of a thief capable of stealing any item, undetected, who had suddenly halted their activity.

The gladiator was, in fact, another Piece. He was a gryphon warrior named Zephyr, who could transform into lightning at will. Admari tracked him down and challenged him to combat in the arena. Admari defeated him.

Admari wandered into a second Piece in the gryphon capital by chance, a gnoll named Filch. Gifted with the ability to fade from sight and teleport through shadows, he had been the uncatchable thief Admari came north looking for until an encounter with Zephyr left him severely wounded. Filch explained to Admari that he no longer wished to participate in the game and that he would stay out of Admari’s path should he be allowed to continue his life. Admari agreed to leave Filch be and left the gryphon capital the following week.

Admari traveled west on a whim, curious about stories he had heard about the Edge of the World and about a desert country that had only risen from the Great Depth (a great abyss that Equestria’s world floats above) three centuries ago named the Bordersands. He met two other Pieces there. The first he encountered was an undead knight with iron bones named Arthur. He possessed an indestructible shield and a sword capable of cutting through anything. He and Admari spoke for a day, sharing tales of their adventure and telling one another about their old lives. As the sun touched the horizon, they engaged in a duel. Admari won. It cost him one arm, one hand, and his lower jaw.

The second piece was a Lizardfolk golemcrafter named Locus. She had taken over an abandoned fortress near the western edge of the Bordersands and was in the process of producing a personal army. Admari stumbled upon her residence while attempting to navigate a sandstorm. Unfortunately, shortly after they had introduced themselves to one another, Admari found out the hard way that Locus had considered both Arthur and Merlin her friends. She attacked him on the spot. After a very one-sided duel, Admari spared Locus’ life and explained the exact circumstances of his combat with both individuals. Locus did not forgive him, but he left her fortress having secured, at the very least, an unsteady truce.

Not long after departing from Locus’ fortress, Admari received word of a massive army marching towards the eastern Equestrian border. Upon arriving in Equestria, he found it besieged by an army so massive that it’s battle lines extended across the entire eastern border and into the gryphon territory to the north. At it’s exact center was a giant mobile fortress.

The leader of this army was an individual named Leo. A lion, Piece, and self-proclaimed King of the Eastern World, Leo had the power to command loyalty in any woman that heard his voice. Using this power, he had amassed an empire covering the entire eastern half of the world, with the sole exception of the Minotaur Territories (who have no women, and carve their sons from clay). In addition to his staggering army, Leo controlled no less than seven other Pieces, five of which he kept as personal bodyguards with the other two sharing joint command of his forces in the Gryphon Kingdom.

Admari was contacted by a Piece under Leo’s control, a female anubis named Nyota, gifted with futuresite and a resistance to mind-affecting magic. While she could not directly go against Leo’s orders, she was able to see through the false loyalty his magic pushed her towards and could act on her own. Collaborating with Admari, she sabotaged the other Pieces in Leo’s bodyguard, slipping poisons into their food and sabotaging valuable relics and equipment. Meanwhile, Admari managed to secure the support of Locus’ golem army and brought the Company into the conflict as his personal taskforce.

Admari’s preparations paid off. The Company broke through Leo’s lines and, with support from Locus’ golems, rushed the mobile fortress. Nyota’s sabotage paid off. Admari dispatched the indoctrinated pieces with ease, unfortunately including Nyota herself. Admari defeated Leo with ease. With Leo’s death, his spell lifted from many of his subordinates and his army disintegrated. Soon after, Admari learned that Filch had perished in combat in the Gryphon Kingdom. He had managed to eliminate the joint commanders of Leo’s northern forces before succumbing to his wounds.

The last conflict in the Equestrian world Admari took part in came to be known as the Shadow’s War. A particularly powerful Piece by the name of Nak’thiz had established control of a region named the Crystal Wastes, a vast obsidian desert near the southern edge of the world. There, he amassed an army composed of creatures Equestria had never seen before, but who were very well known to Admari and Locus. Orcs, elves, goblins, and all the races like them composed Nak’thiz’s army. Or, more accurately, the army was composed of their shades. Nak’thiz had strained their spirits from the temultuate energies of the Great Depth and bound them to his will.

Admari and Locus, now united in their cause to see the Game ended, discovered Nak’thiz’s plan and moved immediately to stop him. Locus perished in the battle with Nak’thiz’s army, but Admari was able to defeat Nak’thiz in single combat, securing his own place as the victor in the Game.

For his reward, Admari was allowed to return to his old life and granted the power to shift into his Rook form on whim. To his surprise, he returned home to find Jovious and rose Quartz waiting for him. Jovious had pulled some strings to allow Rose Quartz a second life, giving her and Admari a chance to remain a family, free of the perils of the Game.

Jovious bid farewell shortly after. Admari returned to his parents’ home to try and get back on his feet.
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Approved. Looks good man.
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Admari, the Rook
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