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PostSubject: Mary   2014-10-12, 4:01 am

Character Name: Mary

Fandom: Ib (Canon Character; ‘Welcome to the World of Guertena’ Ending)

Alias: ‘The Painted Girl,’ ‘The Lost Portrait’

Apparent Age: ~8-9.

Date Of Birth: Unknown.

Origin: Guertena’s Fabricated World

Race: Living Portrait

Height: ~4’

Weight: ~60 lbs.

Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Credit to the artist responsible (Chi Yu, according to zerochan.)

Mary is a small child with long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes (emerald in the image above due to lighting.) She wears an emerald dress with white frills along the sides, matching cuffs at the ends of the arms, and a plain white collar. Beneath her collar is a blue ascot. She wears light brown mary-janes on her feet, with plain stockings that match her dress.

Known Relatives: Weiss Guertena (Father - Deceased)

Religion: To sum it up, “What’s that?”


  • Art Appreciation: As a portrait made by a famous artist - and surrounded by many paintings and written critiques - Mary has a good eye for what is and isn’t made by a skilled hand, and is well-versed in various styles of arts and techniques used to create it... thus she’s well aware of how poor an artist she truly is, and blissfully uncaring of the fact.

  • Art Crafting: Mary’s loves drawing and has used whatever she can get her hands on in the gallery - from crayons to pencils to charcoal to paints - to make pictures. However, she’s not very good at it and the results are about what you’d expect from a child of her apparent age.



  • Communication with Portraits: As a living portrait, Mary is able to communicate with and understand other living portraits. For non-living portraits, however, she’s only capable of receiving basic impressions: (This work of art is unloved, great care went into it, people often pass it by, etc.)


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Mary is a child who simply doesn’t know how to act around others and never learned how. As a result she’s impulsive and cares little for any sort of rules at all - be they moral or legal. This is not necessarily her nature so much as it is a result of her isolation and lack of any sort of parental figure.

Personality: A cheerful girl with a sunny disposition, Mary is very affectionate and attached to those around her. She’s very culturally estranged and doesn’t quite understand ‘right’ from ‘wrong’ or any rules of the world outside (among other things, she has asked in the past if cherry trees tasted particularly sweet.) While she is quite capable and practiced at entertaining herself, she grows easily lonely if left by herself and that loneliness can turn to paranoia with the right trigger. Mary may be a broken child, but she’s still good at heart.


  • Art Initiates Life: Within the Fabricated World, Mary’s art comes to life like all other pieces there, though - of course - it’s as extremely susceptible to fire just like everything else.



  • Art Initiates Life: Only works within the Fabricated World, and, as mentioned above, the art is very flammable.

  • An Existence Said to be Fantasy: As Mary is a living painting, and not a human, there are several notable differences between herself and a human. She's highly flammable, cannot sleep, is nigh-impervious to physical damage (but can't heal if she IS damaged), lacks any sort of biological indicator (blood, DNA, etc.) and could, to sum it up, be considered a very convincing golem for all intents and purposes.



  • [Palette Knife] - A simple palette knife. She uses it to paint - and - if sufficiently pressed - to stab. Of course, it is hardly a useful tool for stabbing, and its use for such reflects the immaturity of its wielder.

Precious Items:

  • [Diary] - A simple book with a black cover and the word 'Mary' written on it in yellow, with a child's handwriting.

  • [Blue Doll] - A blue doll with large red eyes and a toothy mouth. It’s wearing a pink dress over its stubby, fingerless limbs. A disturbing thing to look at, but Mary treats it with the love and care any child gives her favorite toy.


Phobias: Her nature as a portrait being revealed; Being burned; Solitude.

Illnesses: --

Sexual Preferences: --

Occupation: --


"The hands that reached into that world..."

The last painting Guertena created before he died, no evidence of her existence can be found in the real world aside from some notes of Guertena’s detailing his plans. This is because Mary’s painting itself has been mysteriously moved to the Fabricated World, where it - she - came to life. She spent an unknown amount of time within the painted world with nothing but its peculiar denizens for company before the arrival of Ib and Garry. She traveled with them for a time, but eventually the many terrifying encounters the pair encountered resulted in Garry losing his mind and Ib entering a catatonic state upon being unable to stir him. Too fond of Ib and Garry to simply abandon them, and unwilling to kill one if she couldn’t leave with the other, Mary stayed behind with them in the Fabricated World as they slowly wasted away in spite of her (admittedly unskilled) efforts to take care of them.

"...were just too far."

Status: Alive.

"Graduation Day (2116): Dairoku Eien, Iyoku Seimei, Tachibana Miyori, Issun Keishin"
"Some things are worth preserving, even if they'll one day fade."

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PostSubject: Re: Mary   2014-10-12, 11:38 pm

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