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 Chisei Kage

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PostSubject: Chisei Kage   2014-10-25, 1:19 am

Puppet Name: Chisei Kage
Puppeteer/Owner: Iyoku Seimei
Height: 7” / 4’ / 12’
Physical Appearance:
Weight: 1 lbs. / 220 lbs. / 640 lbs.
Power Systems: Either the puppeteer’s physical manipulation or by magic.
Type: Puppet
Abilities: Capable of becoming temporarily autonomous via the Life Imbuement ability of its owner/puppeteer. Additionally capable of shifting between three forms - a 7” tall dall, a 4’ “little girl,” and a 12’ armored colossus. These forms are detailed more on its owner’s profile.
Speed: 1/100 / 10 / 10
Defensive Systems: In its doll form it’s very fragile. In its ‘child’ form it’s very durable and solidly built (50), and in its colossus form its extremely difficult to damage at all (500.) All of its durability comes from its natural construction and its design. Even the ‘armored’ colossus is less ‘armored colossus’ and more ‘solid armor.’

Crew: One. It can be manipulated from within by Seimei, though anyone not of her relative height - and/or lacking the skill to manipulate it - could not ‘pilot’ it.
Weapon Systems: In toy and doll form it carries a proprotional croquet mallet and a disproportional warhammer, respectively. Its colossus form has no actual weapons - its fists are very inflexible and solidly built, thus serving as its main method of attack.

Maximum Effective Range: Melee.
History: Interestingly enough, Seimei never carved Chisei Kage’s doll form. It was with her upon her resurrection as a Milletian. It’s always been a doll she’s quite attached to, and whenever she gazes at it she gets the sense that it wants to be stronger, to protect her. Thus she carved its child form, and then its colossus form, and carved the kanji ‘Strength’ into the colossus’ chest.

"Graduation Day (2116): Dairoku Eien, Iyoku Seimei, Tachibana Miyori, Issun Keishin"
"Some things are worth preserving, even if they'll one day fade."

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PostSubject: Re: Chisei Kage   2014-10-25, 1:23 am

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Chisei Kage
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