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 Nao Mariota Pryderi

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PostSubject: Nao Mariota Pryderi   2014-10-28, 5:01 am


True Name: Mari Gwyddion

Assumed Name: Nao Mariota Pryderi

Titles: ‘Guardian of the Soul Stream,’ ‘Mother of Milletians’

Fandom: Mabinogi (Canon Character)

Physical Age: ~20
Actual Age: ~40 (30 as ‘Nao,’ 10 as Mari)

Date Of Birth
Date of Birth (as Mari): U/K
Date of Birth (as Nao): March 20

Kingdom of Aliech, World of Erinn: Nao (as Mari) was born in the Kingdom of Ailech to the hero Mores and his wife, Shiela, but beyond that she simply doesn’t remember as her memories of that time and place were lost to her.


Deity (Falias): Nao is a deity, though she was not born such and was - rather - recreated as one by Morrighan after she was killed by the Dark Lord Morgant. She was given the power of a deity of Falias, which was taken at the cost of that deity’s life, though this is a fact which Nao is unaware of.
Physical Statistics

Height: 6’2”

Weight: ~150 lbs.

Gender: Female
Physical Description

Appearance: Nao is a beautiful woman with long white hair held in two twin tails that fall in elegant streams. Her eyes are deep azure reminiscent of the sea, and her skin is very pale. She’s usually found wearing black, silken dress with intricate floral patterns woven into it, which she claims to have sewn herself. Additionally, she carries a shepherd’s crook with her and wears a golden ring torque around her neck. She also wears a rope-belt around her waist that’s tied into a knot - a buckle shaped into the form of her symbol can be found on it.


Chaotic Good

General Summary: Nao is a very giving goddess who does her best to assist anyone in need of her however she can. She’s also quite willful and stubborn - as evidenced by going against Morrighan’s wishes to continue rescuing souls from the Void and reincarnating them as Milletians, and descending to the world to save them if they’re in dire peril or simply wish them happy birthday. That same stubbornness also manifests if one tries to pry very far into her past, as she simply avoids answering any questions about the subject. Notably, she’s also very gentle with children - and indeed considers all Milletians as such, in a way - and has a fondness for animals that’s best exhibited with the care she gives her messenger owls.


Animal Husbandry (Owls): The first thing any Milletian entering the Soul Stream sees is Nao’s enormous flock of owls roosting on the scattered pillars and flying about overhead. They serve as messengers for Nao and she’s well-practiced at tending to them.

Archery: Mari was an extraordinarily talented archer, particularly for her age, and had been taught by Duncan who himself was a skilled bowman. Nao is Mari no longer, but the skills from that time remain with her - though she no longer has the bow Duncan had gifted her.

Aura Searching: Nao’s capable of extending her senses throughout space and searching for ‘auras’ - spirits. Given that she lacks the skill to ‘read’ Auras and can merely find them, it’s very limited in utility. Generally, she uses it to watch The Void for wayward souls to rescue and reincarnate as Milletians.

Divine Casting: As a deity, Nao has access to a greater innate ability to cast magic than any mortal being of Erinn could ever hope to compare to, though the Milletians ‘potential’ exceeds even this. Nao herself knows very little of magic and is only capable of some simple spells outside of healing, but they’re far more potent. Where a normal caster of ‘Icebolt’ - for example - can cast up to five instances, Nao can cast twenty; or five that are twenty times as powerful, instantaneously. The only spells she knows are ‘Icebolt,’ ‘Healing,’ ‘Group Healing,’ and ‘Shockwave,’ however, thus limiting the utility of this power.

Flight: Nao’s capable of flying, though it’s not a skill she uses often. While in the air she can accelerate quickly in a single direction, but she cannot stop without gradually slowing and bleeding away speed. Additionally, she cannot make sharp turns in the air unless moving at a relatively slow speed. Morrighan, while instructing her, attributed this to Nao’s lack of wings.

Healing: Nao’s “healing” is extremely potent, as it falls under her purview of ‘life.’ She can heal even the most grievous of injuries, remove harmful effects and substances, and even mend the soul with usually no more than a wave of her hand, though the latter requires concentration and potentially weeks of effort depending on the scope of damage.

Reincarnation: Nao is capable of reincarnating the fallen as Milletians, and assisting Milletians in reincarnating themselves. However, she’s been expressly and strenuously forbidden from resurrecting any soul not in the Void as a Milletian, and from reincarnating anyone that’s not a Milletian in general. Including herself, though she’s only speculated such a thing is possible.

Teleportation: Of a sort. Nao shares a bond with all Milletians she’s reincarnated that allows her to teleport to their side with a simple flex of will, and she’s similarly bound to the Soul Stream and capable of returning to it with no more difficulty. The ‘soul stones’ she gives Milletians simply serve as a sort of ‘emergency beacon’ that brings them to her attention as a call for aid - if she were “watching” them beforehand it would be unnecessary.

Strength: 100.

Speed: 1 (on foot) / 100 (while flying). Her perception of events is ‘100.’

Magic: 500.

Soul: 1500.

Stamina: 3000.

Durability: 1000.



  • Shepherd’s Crook: A simple wooden shepherd’s crook. There’s nothing particularly extraordinary about it, but she carries it and uses it to cast her spells nevertheless.

Precious Items:

  • Ring Torque: A plain torque made of gold that Nao wears around her neck in memory of her parents.


Fear of Abandonment: Having spent most of her life as Mari under the impression that her parents had simply abandoned her and given her up to Duncan, then losing her friends to Cichol, Nao has a well-nurtured, well-hidden fear of being left alone and forgotten. Despite her skill at concealing this, however, Milletians seem to instinctively sense it, almost - likely due to the same bond that allows her to go their aid - which lead to the creation of the “Church” of Nao, described below in the Divinity section.
(Very Resistant to Physical Disease)


Guardian of the Soulstream: Nao’s original task - and the reason she’s bound to the Soul Stream. She was ‘given’ Guardianship over it by Morrighan, though to what end not even Nao knows as only Milletians and Deities can access it in the first place, and Cichol is far more powerful than Nao is.

Patron of Milletians: Nao, as the creator and ‘mother’ of Milletians, was thus given them as a responsibility as a mild punishment and reprimand from Morrighan for going against her wishes. She is responsible for answering their prayers, aiding them in times of need, and generally taking care of them. It is a task she has taken to well, and they love her for it.


General Synopsis: Mari was the child of the hero Mores and Shiela. One day, while Mores was away, the fomorians orchestrated an attack on his family which prompted Shiela to send the infant Mari to Duncan and entrust her to his care, before she was slain. Mari took well to Duncan’s care and was happy with him, though her unknown past gnawed at her and drove her to undertake the quest to save Morrighan alongside the other two missing warriors, Tarlach and Ruairi, in hopes of finding answers. The Dark Lord Morgant intervened before they could reach Morrighan herself and slew her. Morrighan interceded before Mari’s soul could move on to the afterlife and merged her with the power and body of a goddess via Lia Faill, thus creating Nao as she is currently.

Divinity Information

Rank: 2 / Minor Goddess.


Nao’s divine insignia is a simple white circle, slit in half by a bar. Within the world of Erinn, however, she’s also represented by owls.

Immortality/Life Cycle

Type A / Physical Goddess: Nao, like all deities of Falias, is capable of dying. The power required to do so, and the exact means of it, are unknown however. No instance of a deity being slain has been recorded throughout history - save for when the unknown deity who was used to ‘create’ Nao was sacrificed.

Domain and Portfolio

Guardian of the Soul Stream: See ‘Guardian of the Soul Stream’ above.

Life/Rebirth: Nao is, foremost, a goddess of life and rebirth. As a result her power is strongest when healing injuries, illnesses, and reincarnating others. See ‘Healing’ and ‘Reincarnation’ above for more details on her powers related to this purview.

Patron Goddess of Milletians: See ‘Patron of Milletians’ above.


Church of Nao: An unorthodox organization created by the Milletian Sebastian Bradhart Gallahadi to, in essence, keep Nao happy and thank her for her efforts. It’s less a gathering of worshippers and more a group of friends that have random parties (they draw lots every year to guess at Nao’s birthday, then celebrate on that day) and generally enjoy life. Rather than an actual organized church, it would be perhaps more appropriate to call it a cult, but to call it such would be disrespectful. Nao finds this mildly embarassing, but also quite touching and makes a point of sending a thought projection to attend the party, whenever it happens to be that year.


Falias: The Deities of Falias are simply referred to as ‘The Gods’ by the denizens of Erinn.

Extra Information

Incomplete: As Nao was not a naturally born goddess, and has no true followers who worship her as such, Nao’s divinity is incomplete. This is represented by her lack of wings. Her powers are very limited in scope as a result and - unlike other deities of Falias - she can be slain through sheer martial prowess.

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Nao Mariota Pryderi
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