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 Ethelwyn of Berenike

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PostSubject: Ethelwyn of Berenike   2014-11-27, 3:42 am


True Name: Ethelwyn; ‘Ethel’ for short (Tr: ‘Ethewlyn = Noble Friend,’ ‘Ethel = Noble)

Nickname: --

Fandom: Dark Souls - Prepare to Die (Original Character)


Apparent Age: ~50

Date Of Birth

Birthday: --

Berenike: As a Knight of Berenike, it is clear what country Ethel hails from. Beyond that, however, he has not stated.


(Assumed) Cursed One/Undead: As he is in Lordran and not dead, it is assumed that Ethel is one of those taken by the Dark Sign, who were once human, but upon death - by twist of fate - were branded by its mark and rose from death once more as Undead, forever cursed to rise again and again after death, losing some small piece of themselves every time, until eventually their will and minds have wholly broken and they are nothing more than withered husks eternally raging at the tragedy of their fate, ever yearning for the humanity they have lost.

(True) Human: In truth, however, he is a living, mortal, (albeit extraordinary) human man who arrived in Lordran for his own purposes of his own accord.
Physical Statistics

Height: 8’6”

Weight: 410 lbs. without armor. ~800 lbs with.

Gender: Male
Physical Description

Without Armor: A strong, broad shouldered mountain of a man. His hair is a dark, matted brown with visible silver patches, and his eyes are too dark to discern any true color. Despite his intimidating girth, he’s rarely seen outside of combat without kindness visible on his face.

With Armor: See pic above. It’s immensely heavy steel armor with a rounded breastplate and similar joint-guards. It has no visible weak points save, perhaps, between the legs where there is instead a chainmail skirt beneath a tabard, in the center of the fauld.

Known Relatives

By Blood: --

Neutral Good

General Summary: A noble man with a strong sense of honor, chivalry, and justice. He’s quite amiable and polite outside of battle, and makes a point of treating those around him fairly. He grieves greatly for his fellow Berenike Knights that have hollowed; and insists upon dueling them fairly despite their condition, out of respect for who they once were. Peculiarly, during ‘quiet’ hours, Ethel spends a fair amount of time fondly reminiscing - a trait peculiar among the ever-hollowing undead.

Weapons Mastery: Ethel is as familiar with the weight, balance, size, and general handling with of his weapons as he is his own hands. He’s extremely skilled at using them, and capable of deftly shifting their great bulk with surprising alacrity.

Inherent Traits

The Might of Berenike: The Knights of Berenike were widely renowned as ‘The Mightiest of the Mighty.’ And with good reason. They were quite strong and sturdy, even for their generally enormous frames. A Knight of Berenike can fight for far longer, and far harder, than a normal human.

Strength: 30.

Speed: 1.

Soul: 100.

Stamina: 168 (or approximately one week of constant fighting.)

Durability: 30 (with armor.) 5 (without armor.)


  • Steel Greatsword of Berenike: A gigantic straight greatsword, approximately 7’ in length and 6” in width. Very few have what it takes to wield this heavy slab of sharpened steel. A favored weapon of Berenike Knights as a whole. The blade is quite wide and flat, and it does not have a true crossguard so much as it has a reinforced block of steel to keep the great blade attached to the hilt. The sharpness of Ethel’s blade is well maintained, but its true power lays in its immense weight and mass.


  • Steel Armor of Berenike: Armor of the Berenike Knights, widely known for their great strength and heavy equipment. Its plates are quite thick and cover nearly all of the body. Despite the rigid steel, it’s layered expertly in a truly masterful way as to allow the arms a full range of movement so that it does not hinder the knights in combat.


Berenike Knight: An errant Knight of Berenike. He traveled to Lordran alongside his brethren to assist them on their quest.

General Synopsis: Ethel traveled to Lordran after many other Berenike Knights, seeking to perhaps aid them on their quest, only to discover that they had all long ago hollowed. Thus, he instead chose to travel Lordran putting his brethren to rest.

"Graduation Day (2116): Dairoku Eien, Iyoku Seimei, Tachibana Miyori, Issun Keishin"
"Some things are worth preserving, even if they'll one day fade."

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PostSubject: Re: Ethelwyn of Berenike   2014-11-27, 2:41 pm

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Ethelwyn of Berenike
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