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 Cyra of the Great Swamp

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PostSubject: Cyra of the Great Swamp   2014-11-27, 3:46 am


True Name: Cyra of the Great Swamp

Fandom: Dark Souls - Prepare to Die (Original Character)

Apparent Age: ~30
Date Of Birth

Birthday: Unknown. Cyra has forgotten.

The Great Swamp

Cursed One/Undead: Those taken by the Dark Sign were once human, but upon death - by twist of fate - were branded by its mark and rose from death once more as Undead and forever cursed to rise again and again after death, losing some small piece of themselves every time, until eventually their will and minds have wholly broken and they are nothing more than withered husks eternally raging at the tragedy of their fate, ever yearning for the humanity they have lost.

Physical Statistics

Height: 5’9”

Weight: ~140 lbs.

Gender: Female
Physical Description

Normal Appearance: Cyra’s frame is relatively slim and covered in wiry muscle. Her hair is deep red and her eyes are dark brown. She possesses sunken facial features and dark rings have become a permanent fixture beneath her eyes. Her face is also quite thin. She often appears listless outside of combat.

Known Relatives

By Blood: --


Chaotic Good

General Summary: Generally kind, if somewhat taciturn, Cyra’s time alone within the realm of Lordran has eroded her ability to empathize with those around her, and the fading of her memory has left her emotional range somewhat flat. Her mission to rekindle the First Flame is the only purpose she has left.


Swordplay: Cyra is intimately familiar with her side sword and able to maneuver it through and around most opponents’ defenses with ease.

Field Repair: Cyra maintains her own weapons and armor via a rudimentary tool kit. She has become adept at field repairs, to the point where she is capable of restoring any of her arms or armor that have not been completely destroyed to serviceable condition.

Pyromancy: The art of controlling and manipulating fire. Cyra is remarkably adept in this school of magic, having mastered a spells from every school of thought and power level. Working the flame is a constant struggle, however, and requires focus to control it lest it consume her as well. Thus Pyromancy is powerful, but mildly taxing on the mind. To cast pyromancies, Cyra must be holding her Pyromancer’s Flame in either hand.

Eternal Resurrection: Like all Undead, Cyra will simply rise again once slain - undamaged and unharmed - again and again in an endless cycle until her mind has completely broken and all traces of humanity have left her. Essentially; until her very soul has withered away.


Strength: 0

Speed: 1

Soul: 100.

Pyromancy: 30 (capable of affecting an area roughly the size of a city block.)

Stamina: 504 (or three weeks of continuous fighting.)

Durability: 5 with armor, 2 without, for a maximum of 105 when under the effects of Iron Flesh.

Flame Attunement: 360 (This represents the attunement Cyra has with her inner flame, and thus the amount she can use Pyromancy before becoming too mentally fatigued to harness it safely. Sort of like Stamina, for Pyromancy. This value replenishes at a rate of 1/sec outside of combat, meaning Cyra will be fully refreshed after six minutes of rest. Castings can be considered to have a casting time of one second per instance; i/e a fireball costs one second - a single pillar from firestorm also costs one second, even though it consumes 10 flame attunement.)

Named Spells and Techniques

Standard Pyromancies:

  • Combustion: A quick burst of intense flame is conjured by a snap of the pyromancer’s fingers. Consumes 1 Flame Attunement.
  • Great Combustion: A large burst of intense flame is conjured by a snap of the pyromancer’s fingers. Consumes 4 Flame Attunement.
  • Fireball: The pyromancer hurls a fist sized ball of fire, which explodes on impact. Consumes 1 Flame Attunement.
  • Fire Orb: An advanced form of Fireball, Fire Orb’s blast radius is roughly twice as large and potent as that of its predecessor. Consumes 2 Flame Attunement.
  • Great Fireball: An enormous fireball, roughly four times as potent as the original. Consumes 4 Flame Attunement.
  • Fire Surge: A constant breath of flame emitted from the pyromancer’s palm. Consumes 1 Flame Attunement per second of use.
  • Fire Whip: A whip made of flames that can be used to hit multiple opponents directly in front of the caster or to hit a specific target when precision is needed instead. Consumes 1 Flame Attunement per target it strikes. It dissipates after contact if not maintained.
  • Firestorm: The pyromancer calls forth a storm of fire around them, which materializes into several pillars of spiralling flame that burst forth from the ground. Costs 10 flame attunement per pillar.
  • Fire Tempest: The same as firestorm, but the pillars are twice as intense and cost 15 Flame Attunement per pillar.
  • Iron Flesh: Uses pyromancy to manifest the ‘strength of their inner self,’ providing an amazing boost to the pyromancer’s defense as the cost of mobility. While this effect is active, the pyromancer’s limbs might as well be encased in leaden weights, forcing them to move slowly and with a distinct lack of grace. In effect; this adds the Soul Stat to Durability while active. It costs 10 Flame Attunement per second of use.
  • Flash Sweat: The pyromancer forces their body to produce a prodigious amount of sweat, reducing their vulnerability to fire. Consumes 2 Flame Attunement per second of use.
  • Power Within: The pyromancer spurs their body into a frenzy, increasing their strength, reaction time, and defense at the cost of their own health. Consumes 3 Flame Attunement per second of use and causes minor damage to the pyromancer every second.

Chaos Pyromancies:

  • Great Chaos Fireball: An immense ball of chaos-empowered flames. Identical to Great Fireball except that it leaves behind a pool of lava equivalent to its blast radius on the ground (and whatever it came into contact with). It consumes 18 flame attunement per use.
  • Chaos Fire Whip: Identical to Fire Whip except made of lava. Consumes 4 flame attunement per target it strikes.
  • Chaos Firestorm: Similar in function to Fire Tempest, but the pillars are geysers of lava instead. Consumes 30 Flame Attunement per pillar.



  • Flame Imbued Side Sword: A long sword that tapers gradually into a point, making it ideal for thrusting - but still capable of slashing attacks. Dark metal ripples through the sword’s otherwise steel blade, and flames dance about its edge and cling to the wounds it deals.
  • Ascended Pyromancer’s Flame: For a pyromancer, the flame is precious thing indeed, representing their inner ‘spark’ of life. Sharing it creates an eternal bond between the practitioners. It manifests as a warm, glowing ember in the palm of a hand. This flame was strengthened and ‘ascended’ by Quelana of Izalith, “mother” of Pyromancy, making it significantly more potent.


  • Weathered Leather Mail: Cyra’s armor consists largely of hardened leather, which offers her moderate protection while allowing her to maintain her mobility. Her torso is protected by an additional layer of chainmail, which she covers with a sheet of cloth to shield it from Lordran’s intense and ever-present sun.
  • Mask of the Child: A silver mask crafted to resemble the face of a laughing child. It is warm to the touch and imbues its wearer with the ceaseless vigor of youth.
  • Grass Crest Shield: A worn metal kite shield decorated with a vibrantly painted pair of vines. Magic within the shield allows the bearer to overcome fatigue.
  • Ring of Favor and Protection: This ring marks the bearer as blessed. Any who wear this ring receive a moderate boost to their vitality and endurance, allowing them to shoulder greater burdens and endure where others would fail. The ring splits in half if it is ever removed.




General Synopsis: Cyra was driven to the realm of Lordran shortly after being branded with the Darksign. Trapped within the confines of the Undead Asylum and left without purpose, she resigned herself to the fate of all undead, to succumb to madness and become Hollow. While languishing in her cell, Cyra was rescued by Knight Oscar of Astora who was fatally wounded before they could both escape. Before Oscar died and went Hollow, he told Cyra of his mission to ring the Bell of Awakening within Lordran so that he might discover the fate of the undead. Alone and lacking further purpose, Cyra took Oscar’s mission upon herself and fled the Undead Asylum. She wanders Lordran now, searching for items of power that might aid in her quest to absolve the undead of their curse.
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PostSubject: Re: Cyra of the Great Swamp   2014-11-27, 2:37 pm

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Cyra of the Great Swamp
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