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 Key the android

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PostSubject: Key the android   2015-01-16, 1:11 am

Character Name: Key
Date Of Birth: 12/12/2014  9:53 AM
Alias: S/N 7-33867-D-275
Apparent Age: mid-twenties
Origin: 1142 E. 30th Avenue Anchorage, Alaska 99503; Alaskan Robotics Corporation Factory, Third Production Line.
Race: Series 7 domestic android.
Height: 6
Weight: 300 lbs (Appearing average)
Gender: Male
Physical Description: An average height, blonde male with bland facial features and brown eyes. The exterior is quite human-like while concealing the mechanical mechanisms within.
Known Relatives: Over two hundred and seventy four ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ to date.
Skills: An abundance of domestic skills, First aid, basic illness diagnostic, cleaning, cooking, etc.
Abilities: A very well made learning program. Other abilities such as strength speed are human equivalent.
Alignment: Neutral, depends on owner. Is equipped with a law enforcement program that alerts the local authorities if the android is used to break a law.
Personality: A fairly advanced A.I. programmed with an advanced human-relations program. He can easily hold an intelligent conversation. His learning program allows him to learn and adapt from every interaction.
Restrictions: Battery life is only about four hours.


Hello and allow me to introduce the Alaskan Robotics Corporation, Series Seven domestic Android. The best domestic android available to retail outlets the world over. The Series Seven is over five times more intelligent than its closest competitor, easily capable of passing any Turing test. With the Series Seven you'll never worry about the everyday tasks of running your household again.

Need those dishes washed, how about the floors, or laundry? The Series Seven is capable of all manner of domestic tasks.

Little Billy scraped his knee? The Series Seven has you covered with its mastery of basic first aid, and with its advanced human-relations programming it even has good bed-side manner.

Have a task the Series Seven is not programmed for? With its advanced learning program it only takes a few minutes of observation to fulfil any need.

Isnt he a handsome devil? The Series Seven’s name and appearance is procedurally generated for every order. Sex, hair and eye color, even skin color is chosen at random. Would you like a custom appearance? Custom orders can be made on A.R.C’s website for a small premium.

Not sure you can afford our product? A number of financing options are available. Still not sure? A.R.C. has given you a chance with our international Series Seven giveaway. Seven addresses will be chosen at random and sent a free Series Seven domestic android.

A.R.C. Bringing life’s little problems a solution.
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PostSubject: Re: Key the android   2015-01-16, 1:56 am

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Key the android
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