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PostSubject: Anneve   2015-02-07, 5:43 pm


True Name: Anneve

Nickname: ‘Gatekeeper’

Fandom: Original Character, Original World [Ages Pass]

Apparent Age: ~20 (+/- 2).
Actual Age: ~700.

Date Of Birth

Birthday: Seventh Day of the Seventh Month, Year 1000 AC.


The Memory Well


Dragon / Familiar: One of the six familiars created by Myrion, which were made in the form of dragons. Each has a specific elemental affinity and assigned task. Their exact shapes and abilities vary widely, though each can be said to have approximately 1/7 of Myrion’s aggregate arcane power. Of them, Anneve’s affinity is ‘Nullification.’

Physical Statistics
[True Form]

Height: ~5’5” [~10 feet in her true form, with a length of ~15 feet]

Weight: ~120 lbs [~70 tons].

Gender: Female.
Physical Description

General Tells: White hair, slitted blue eyes, the sensory horns on the sides of her head.

Human Form: A lithe young woman with long, white hair and similarly pale skin. She has a naive, careless air about her, but with the required observational skill one may discern that she is in truth extremely alert and aware of her surroundings at all times. A pair of hard, ovular shapes protrude from either side of her head - almost like stone or ceramic ear muffs. Her eyes are usually closed, but if one were to see them they would be an extremely vibrant blue, with slitted pupils.

True Form: A white scaled dragon. She walks on four legs and has no wings. Aside from the ovular bones on the sides of her head, she lacks any visible spines or horns. Her form is very slim and streamlined. Peculiarly, her eyes are also typically closed in this form as well, though their shape and color remains the same. Her size ranges from that of a small car to that of a small house.

Known Relatives

Creator: Myrion [Mother-Figure].
Siblings: Aedi, Ithilwen, Lim [Sisters], Terros, Obscuras [Brothers].

Chaotic Good

General Summary: Even after seven centuries, a child devoted to her mother; Anneve took to her task of guarding the ‘Sacred Gate’ within The Memory Well easily and with fervor, despite its monotony and solitude, as it was what her mother asked of her. Outside of things relevant to the defense and upkeep of her charge, however, she has no clue. Or in other words, in regards to the world outside she’s completely naive and has absolutely no skill with interpersonal interaction. Due to her nature as ‘one who waits and fends off intruders,’ she has a tendency to be reactive rather than proactive with regards to others. Despite her naivety, she isn’t ‘stupid’ - merely unaware; in truth she is quite clever, though she has a simplistic way of thinking.

Inherent Traits

Breath Attack: A wave of pure, chaotic magic that disrupts spells. It’s colorless and appears as shimmering air. She can use it in all her forms, but its potency increases in tandem with her size.

Sensory Horns: A pair of bone-encased organs on the sides of her head. These are well protected by their hard casing and more difficult to penetrate than her scales. Through use of these, she has superb hearing to the degree that she can successfully map the area around her via a single sound from any source in her range. However, these sounds require some focus to properly translate; thus she usually keeps her eyes closed to avoid unnecessary distraction.

Eyes of Uncertainty: Aside from distracting her from her Sensory Horns (which were more useful to her in the dark, empty stone halls of The Memory Well than eyes), Anneve’s eyes themselves have an innate spell within them which is cast upon eye contact with a target. Their effect is ‘Uncertainty’ - essentially a minor form of paralysis that causes the target to experience doubt and hesitate when power is channeled through them. While active, the eyes are luminescent. The strength of the effect is proportionate to the amount of power used. At full power, the target should be fully paralyzed, in both thought and body, while eye contact is maintained. Its minimum effect, either when used with less strength or greatly - but not quite - resisted, is an instant of indecision.


Shapeshifting: Unlike her kin, Anneve is capable of changing her physical form. She can adopt a wide variety of forms from a variety of sizes ranging from small cats and dogs to the immensity of her true form. Changing form for her is cheap and easy in terms of power, but the smaller her form the less of her full power she may use, relative to her true size. I/e: At 1% of her true form’s size she may only use 1% of her full power. She has full mastery of this power, and is capable of shifting small portions of her body independently of one another.


Strength: Generally; she can lift ten times her weight.

Speed: Normal speeds for the form she has adopted. Her true form can easily travel upwards of 100 km/h sprinting in a single direction, but this is primarily due to its size.

Magic: In terms of raw arcane power, she could normally obliterate a city. However, due to damage sustained during her confrontation with Thaelatin, she could perhaps muster enough to destroy a trailer-truck.

Magic Resistance: When in her dragon form, at full size and strength, one can say that she’s effectively immune to most magic. The amount of power required to penetrate her defense could raze countries. As it is now, her resistance will deflect ~50% of the spell when at full size in her true form. At its minimum size, only 1% would be deflected (essentially making it irrelevant.) In her human form, there is none.

Physical Resistance / Durability:  While in “human” form, her body is considerably sturdier than a true human’s would be - her bones would only break under truly extreme forces, and her skin is equitable to crude iron armor in terms of effectiveness. Her scales in any form are more durable than steel; breaching them requires a blow of immense strength. For comparison; a shell fired point blank from an anti-tank rifle would warp some scales and shear some others off entirely, leaving a vulnerable point, but ultimately be deflected.

Mental Resistance: Effectively, she is immune to mental interference from beings below ‘God’ level.

Stamina: Assuming she doesn’t sustain any wounds, her physical stamina is essentially infinite. Similarly, she does not grow tired mentally either. However, she can only actively use magic until it exhausts her reserves, which could be said to recover at a rate of “one point per hour.” Thus if she used her full “ten” to destroy something such as a trailer truck, it would take ten hours to recover. Effectively, she can’t use magic for any practical purpose outside of a single use per day.

Illnesses, Wounds, Deficiencies

Arcane Wound: When she was defeated by Thaelatin and cast across The Eternal Sea to another world, Anneve lost most of her power permanently - for as a familiar she cannot mend the damage to her core herself. As a result, her current level of arcane power could be said to be ~10% of its original state.


General Synopsis: Anneve was one of Myrion’s dragon familiars created to protect the key locations of The World Seal. As a result of that duty, she resided within The Memory Well beneath Mt. Etherea, a self-expanding labyrinth with murals that depict the history of the world, in front of The Sacred Gate which would allow passage to and from other worlds. It was a generally uneventful and solitary existence, though she never once thought of complaining as, her mother waited just behind the doors she guarded, maintaining the core of The World Seal. Eventually, roughly seven centuries after her creation and assignment, she was defeated by the ancient magician Thaelatin and cast across The Eternal Sea, the void between worlds, to a fate unknown.


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PostSubject: Re: Anneve   2015-02-08, 3:14 am

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