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 Kisaragi Momo

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PostSubject: Kisaragi Momo   2015-07-18, 7:42 pm


True Name: Kisaragi Momo (Tr: February Peach)

Nickname: (Old Lady, by Hibiya,) (Captivating-Eyes, by Clear-Eyes)

Fandom: Mekakucity Actors / Kagerou Project, Canon

Image Song 1: Kisaragi Attention, by Jin
Image Song 2: Otsukimi Recital, by Jin


Age: 16
Date Of Birth

Birthday: February 14

Mekaku City, Japan: A moderately large city by the coast, in Japan.


Vanilla Human

Physical Statistics

Height:  5’4”

Weight: 94 lbs

Gender: Female
Physical Description

(Credit to Pixiv Id 5880741 according to zerochan.)

General: A young teenage girl with medium-length yellow-orange hair kept in a side-tail by a white, red, or blue ribbon. When she goes out she’s usually wearing a pink hoodie, with the hood up to try and prevent people from noticing her. While in the reference image above, her eyes are red - they’re actually the same color as her hair. It’s simply that her eyes turn red when her power is active.

Known Relatives

By Blood: Kisaragi Hitomi [Mother, Alive], Kisaragi Daiki [Father - Deceased], Kisaragi Shintaro [Brother, Alive]


Chaotic Good

General Summary: Earnest, excitable, and generally possessed of a cheerful disposition, Momo is a very easy person to get along with. When someone is in sad and depressed she doesn’t hesitate to brighten their day - whatever the cost - even going so far as to buy them full-course meals and drag them all over town, as she is a very kind person. However, due to her fame and her supernatural ability to attract attention, she is very self-conscious and self-critical, and doesn’t believe she truly deserves even a fraction of her success as an idol.


Acting (Limited): As an idol used to going on stage in front of large amounts of people, Momo is practiced at keeping her cool and putting on a performance to entertain the masses. Recently, she's started appearing in various dramas as well, though she's still new to that genre and her skills are limited.

Dancing: As an idol, Momo’s practiced various kinds of pop-dances. However, she’s fairly clumsy - even tripping over her heels on live television once - and not particularly skilled at it. As a result, her choreographer tends to keep things simple.

Singing: While Momo lacks confidence in her ability, she is a genuinely skilled singer and can perform well when asked to. Additionally, she doesn’t have very much trouble coming up with songs, though she has a tendency to make them ‘too stylish’ (in her own words) because of her lacking confidence.


Captivating Eyes: Momo’s eyes can draw people’s attention, regardless of their preferences in tastes or interests. Her control over them is poor as they only have an ‘on/off’ switch and she cannot reliably control their range or area of effect - or even whether they are ‘on’ or ‘off.’ The maximum range is quite large, able to allow the entire city to hear her sing even from within a soundproofed building. Additionally, it can act indirectly and make her achievements more noticeable - such as when she painted a picture which won first place despite being only mediocre in quality. This power, due to its unreliable and ‘cheating’ nature, causes her much distress.


Summary: Momo is, for all intents and purposes, an ordinary human girl.


Fear of Large Bodies of Water: Due to an incident when she was small, Momo developed an intense fear of large bodies of water such as the ocean and particularly large lakes. If it’s a body of water large enough that the opposite shore is barely visible, or behind the horizon line, then she will be unable to approach it. By extension, she’s afraid of going to the beach, as well as swimming in general.


Idol: Due to her ability, Momo was scouted when she was still in middle school and became an extremely popular idol. However, because she’s aware that there’s something supernatural about the way she attracts attention, she’s extremely self-conscious and conflicted by this. She genuinely is a talented singer and idol, though, even without her ability giving her a boost.

Schoolgirl: While Momo is an idol, she’s still in school and as a result operates primarily out of her hometown, though her manager has her tour about Japan on extended holidays. The logistics of this, in addition to her own… questionable… academic talent, result in her doing - at best - just below average in school.


General Synopsis: When she was young, Momo consistently felt overshadowed by her elder brother Shintaro due to his status as a natural genius, while she was consistently only average or even below average, which resulted in her desiring to ‘stand out’ and ‘catch others’ attention’ in the same way he did by simply being.

One day, she and her family went on a trip to the beach. While there, she (nearly?) drowned at sea despite her father’s efforts to save her and both of them were drawn into the alternate reality known as the ‘heat haze.’ There, the snake of captivating eyes chose her as its host and enabled her to escape, though her father was left behind.

The experience left her traumatised and afraid of water, though she managed to become mostly functional in normal society and returned to schooling normally. The ability of ‘captivating eyes’ given to her by the snake which had possessed her resulted in her every action seeming interesting and noteworthy, whether she liked it or not.

When she was scouted and presented the offer to become an idol, she took it in order to support her family. However, due to her power’s existence and the esteem issues caused by it, she ended up feeling like a fake. And to worsen the issue, now she was even more noticeable when she went out, attracting large crowds wherever she went, prompting her to start wearing hoodies to try and hide her face when in public… with limited success.



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PostSubject: Re: Kisaragi Momo   2015-07-18, 7:44 pm


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Kisaragi Momo
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