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 A Prelude

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PostSubject: A Prelude   2010-12-06, 11:21 pm

The Multi-Verse was made of many realms, countless realms that some would never see. The mass majority of them were the result of Lady Anya, or as some called her 'The Great Mother'. There were, however, realms not of her own design. The Abyss was a primary example, created by groups of fallen Gods who got corrupted by their own power and greed. Many of the 'Gods' there had warped into Devils, no thanks to all the negative energy there. It was an place of constant conflict, and all the creatures there were warped and twisted by the energy there including the demons that resided there.

While there had been multiple occasions of them trying to gain access to Earth, and in turn the other realms, they had never gotten far. There had been a time where they had gotten close to severely damaging the Earth Realm but were defeated and were back to what they always did; fighting among each other and scheming on the top. It was only their hatred for Lady Anya's creations, or fear of earning the wrath of their superiors that brought them together.

One of the other main antagonist realms was the 'Warped Realm' a rather generic name, though a fitting one. No one knows how it was formed exactly, though its theorized that it was the resting place of the left over negative energy from 'dead realms'. In a way, realms were much like a living organism in the sense that even one day they would come to an end. While the Warped Realm wasn't created like the Abyss, it was by no means an friendly place. Though, unlike the Abyss, the creatures that lived in there seemed to be of much larger variety.

Both realms and other hostile realms not of Anya's creation were closed off long ago. Normally, they couldn't as much leave their realm, much less interact with each other. This was due to the 'Key's' located in key realms. Not in the physical sense, but rather more of a metaphor. Certain realms helped keep places like the Abyss closed among them were Earth, Gaia, Spira, and a few others. If said realms ended up dying, then it would simply transfer to somewhere else, which is why beings of the Abyss and Warped Realm sought to destroy them.

That was the common purpose that brought a few beings of both the Abyss and the Warped Realm together in a room of a castle of sorts. It was dark and hard to see, but they needed to meet on more neutral territory in one of the small 'pocket' realms as neither really trusted each other. Among them was a very beautiful woman that seemed a bit bored. Just on the other end was a strange creature in humanoid guise.

"You look as beautiful as ever Mikata. I only wish your personality was half as appealing." The strange creature noted, as if it wasn't an insult but stating the fact.

"I could say you have the charm of a diseased pig with broken legs, but then that would be too generous." She sighed. "Unfortunately, I didn't come here to insult you Animus, as much as it gives me a great sense of joy."

At this, Animus relented a bit. "The only thing we can agree on. Did your vassals pick anything of interest as of late?" Mikata, unlike Animus had a bit more access to the 'prime' realms by luring suspecting mortals of promises of power and the like. From there, Mikata could use these 'contacts' giving her eyes where she normally couldn't see and sense things she otherwise wouldn't be able too. Animus, being an being from the Abyss was more or less cut off from effecting such realms at all.

"I do." Mikata frowned. "There's been not one, but four exceptionally powerful beings that appeared through some dimensional rifts. The curious thing, is they all seem to be of other Multi-Verses.."

"Go on." Animus was now intrigued.

"One of the first I sensed through one of my vassals seemed to be a god of some kind. However, it was short lived as the connection was severed. It must have been Anya." She hissed at the name, a great deal of hatred showing for some reason or another. She calmed, then continued. "The other two, it was brief but seemed to be a human and an Alusarian. The last one, I was unable to tell or discern at all what matter of being they were. They trouble me."

"The human and Alusarian are of no threat to us." Animus said with finality. "Though, the fact four beings you described all ended up on earth when they arrived makes me feel like that meddling old fool Marcus was involved. Tell me about this last one."

Mikata looked at him with disdain. "Don't be a close minded fool, Animus. Even though I know its hard to think out of your mental capacity. From what I felt even relaxed, they were incredibly powerful then most of the average beings on that rock called earth. More so then their races have the right to be. This other.." She paused. "I cannot tell what it was I briefly felt, but it was powerful and foreign."

"An unknown, then." Animus seemed to be thinking. "Then you'll have to observe the situation further. Once the creations of ours are complete, I doubt even they will be able to match it."

"Perhaps." Mikata answered skeptically. "How are those Zodiac Gems coming along?"

"It's of no concern." Animus waved it off. "All you need to know is their effects are effecting the mortals in the realms they currently reside in. Given enough time, they will all arrive."

"Unless they are taken by the residents there." Mikata commented dryly.

"Are you concerned when you step on a patch of grass to see if hurt it? That's about the same amount of worry I have about that." Animus added. "Then we have the 'Great Mother' though we can't kill her but perhaps a second option, such as suspended animation somehow, much like what happened to the Supreme Dragon God Lo, long ago."

"I still say we should play it cautiously so the Seraph's don't get involved." Mikata smiled. "Tell me Animus, why do you think Earth is so hard to invade?"

"Do tell me if you think you have the answer."

"I call it the four ties." Mikata said. "Celestia, The Demon Realm, the Netherworld and Alus. The thing they all have in common is they're powerful allies of earth. Even with just earth itself, the fact the various races work more together then against, hinders any invading force."

"Yes. An effect from that insufferable Dragon Reifer and his bitch of a wife among others."

Mikata held up a hand which showed a small building. "What happens when you take the foundation of a structure off? It's very strong together. But if you take all the main parts beneath.." She began to demonstrate before the building image toppled. "Take the ties away, and make relations strained or broken and it becomes that much easier. A building cannot hope to stand up on its own. What I propose is a slow building campaign to subtely damage relations."

"An clever idea. Though you will have to do it, as a being of the Abyss can't directly interact with earth." Animus said. "Or many of the other main realms."

"Yes, I knew you were useless, no need to remind me." Mikata smiled. "You just let me handle my end of things, and you handle yours. Remember the deal, Animus." A black portal opened behind them and they stepped through.

Animus watched them for a while before backing away, seeming to fade away into the darkness.
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A Prelude
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