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 Harp, Aspect of Courage

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Aeir / Number III


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PostSubject: Harp, Aspect of Courage   2016-01-11, 6:27 pm

"I am the wind at Mankind’s back and the hand which clasps its shoulder.
-I am the doomed man, who stands regardless of who stands beside him.
-I am the reckless man, who charges forward regardless of who charges alongside him.
-And I fear no darkness, for there is no shadow which can withstand the light."


True Name: Aspect of Courage

Assumed Name: ‘Harp’

Titles: ‘Star of the Ancients’

Fandom: Ages Pass (Original Story, Original Character)

Leitmotif: A Place in Heaven
Other (???): Little Star
Other (Battle): Starlight of Ancient Times

Physical Age: ~20
Actual Age: --

(As an Aspect, and a venerable one at that, Harp’s actual age is beyond counting. He’s older than living memory, at the very least, but that doesn’t begin to compare to his true age.)

Inapplicable. Strictly speaking, all aspects are related to one another in some way, so to list them all would be too much trouble. However, the Aspect of Courage was born from the greater force ‘Saelon of the Flames’ making her a sort of mother. Following that, ‘Yemere of the Twilight’ and ‘Temene of the Truth’ would be aunts. All of the aforementioned went missing ages passed.


Realm of Ethera, World of Aristin: The ‘Heavenly Plane.’ The portion of existence directly between Aristin and the Void, where true ‘deities’ dwell.


Aspect: In essence, an Aspect is a concept made manifest. A living idea. So long as the concept exists, then so to does the Aspect. In that regard, Harp, as the Aspect of Courage, will never fade so long as ‘Courage’ exists.

Physical Statistics

Height: 6’1” [‘human’ / incognito], 7’7” [raiment / true form]

Weight: ~300 lbs.

Gender: Male
Physical Description

Mundane Appearance: A tall, athletic man with short, vibrant blonde hair and amber eyes. His skin is healthy in color, but not particularly dark or light. While in this form, he usually wears a tattered robe with a hood that completely covers his head and face. He’s quite broad shouldered, though his limbs themselves are slim. He carries a “harp” on his person, held in place by a thick rope, just large enough to be held in the crook of one arm.

(Artist Unknown, but certainly not myself.)
[Placeholder Image]

Raiment: His armor resembles polished steel. It’s very practical and lacks many extraneous designs or motifs. It consists of full plate mail that’s very slim and aerodynamic. His helmet’s visor is fixed - it consists of a slit in front of his eyes, which can be seen glowing with power behind it. The armor is completely comprehensive - no part of his body is exposed. In fact, it would not be inaccurate to say that the armor is all that there is of his body while in this form - there is nothing within it and it is animated by his will alone.

Chaotic Good

General Summary: Harp is valorous, honorable individual that cannot abide by suffering. Similarly, when he gives his word he will keep it to the best of his ability - without fail - to the spirit of the oath, and not just its wording. A virtuous being whose primary character flaw is his single-minded determination - if presented with an impossible problem then he will search endlessly for a solution. Of all Aspects, he was the most sympathetic to the plight of mortals and - despite being a warrior - dislikes violence and war, though this could be because it is accepted that war is unavoidable and it is in Harp’s nature to ‘challenge that which can’t be changed.’ Peculiarly, despite his martial traits, Harp is a remarkably gentle individual. He would much prefer to sit beside a troubled man on a bench and give simple words of encouragement than lead that man into war.


Martial Experience: Harp is a venerable warrior with untold years of experience, both on the battlefield and simply honing his skills in solitude. As a result, he is extremely proficient in combat - against one or against a thousand.

Musician: When not practicing his skill at arms, Harp plucked the strings of his namesake instrument. It had once been challenged to him that he could not learn a skill of peacetime, and he enjoyed the sound of music, thus he learned to play the most ‘peaceful’ instrument he could think of. He is not a particularly creative or stellar musician, but what he can play he can play well.

Inherent Traits

Aspect of Courage: So long as there is ‘Courage’ in the universe, Harp will never be slain. He can be bested, beaten, and greatly reduced, but he will never fade, and he will always return eventually to his previous glory. Depending on the severity of his wounds and defeat, it may take seconds, or days, or years upon years, but he will recover. Furthermore, the more desperate the situation, the more strength he is able to put into his blows - as he is a being representing ‘defiance’ itself.

(Read through the full descriptions of each power for its restrictions. If it is too vague, please ask for elaboration. However, some powers by their very nature have few if any upper limits.)

Creation: A common power among Aspects is the ability to Create using the power of their soul, or more specifically the weight of their existence. As ‘absolute existences’ they are capable of exerting their will over reality, to a degree, in order to Create. As a combat-oriented Aspect, Harp has little use for this power outside of the creation of arms and armor, though he has experimented with other uses.

Creation, Armament: Harp uses his power to create a weapon. As Harp is an Aspect, its durability and cutting power is proportionate to his will. Effectively, this means that their level of potential damage is equivalent to Harp’s “soul” stat.

Creation, “Life”: Harp uses his power to create ‘life,’ or a close approximation. Constructs made in this manner lack souls and could be considered similar to golems. The strength, durability, versatility, and general complexity of these constructs reflects the amount of time spent creating them. In seconds, he can craft a disposable foot soldier roughly approximate to a human, made of steel. With years of effort, he could create a perfect physical replica of himself or a similar being, minus the soul, intelligence, and actual powers/abilities. This is not a power Harp uses often.

Creation, Raiment: Harp uses his power to create armor for himself. As Harp is an Aspect, its durability and strength is proportionate to his will. Effectively, this means that its level of durability is equivalent to Harp’s “soul” stat. See ‘Raiment’ above for a detailed description of the armor.

Creation, Wings: Harp uses his power to materialize wings with which to maneuver. He can form up to three pairs, gaining heightened speed / maneuverability with each set.


Strength: Variable. Minimum of Tier 4. The more desperate a situation becomes and/or the more hopes riding on his shoulders, the stronger Harp becomes.

Speed: Tier 2 (100mph, on foot.) Tier 6-8 (flying.)

Soul: Tier 7.

Stamina: Tier 11 - Provided that there is “courage left in the world” that he’s on.

Durability: Tier 3 (minimum, non-desperate situation, no support) up to Tier 7 (maximum, high-stake situation, large amount of support.)

Arcane Might: High Tier 5 - Tier 6.


Weapons: See Creation, Armament above.

Armor: See Creation, Raiment above.

Precious Items: A hand-held “harp” [it’s really a lyre], just large/small enough to be held in the crook of an arm.


Fear of Uncertainty: A being of truth and courage has only one thing to fear; doubt.


Aspect of Courage: The Aspect of Creation representing ‘Courage.’ Technically, Harp’s only duty is to protect his world from succumbing to The Void, but his self-given mission is to ease mortal suffering however he can. Further, after the destruction of his world, that mission is now all he has to guide him.


Personal Accounting:


“I have had enough of darkness and tears…”

"Graduation Day (2116): Dairoku Eien, Iyoku Seimei, Tachibana Miyori, Issun Keishin"
"Some things are worth preserving, even if they'll one day fade."

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Re: Harp, Aspect of Courage   2016-01-11, 6:50 pm

"Another immensely powerful being from another creation, it certainly become lively around here after Thunder and Eternal. I wonder how the story will end? Approved."-Levante
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Harp, Aspect of Courage
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