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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Kail   2016-01-12, 2:14 am

Character Name: Kail
Apparent Age: 17
Race: Sayain
Height: 6'1
Weight: 173
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Kail is decently built for his age, as expected of someone of his race; he has spiky short black hair and black eyes. Typically, he's seen wearing a grey Gi of some kind but its strictly speaking not the thing he wears all the time naturally.

Picture to come(when I find the damned thing)
Known Relatives:




Religion: Agnostic
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Mechanical skills(I.E. fixing machines or ships or at least tinkering with them) Advanced hand to hand, Ki Control and knowledge. Survival skills and a bit of tracking.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Kail truly beats to his own drum and hasn't ever really cared what wider society might think of what he does in his own life. He does like to fight and push himself, but that isn't his whole goal nor does it go strictly to just fighting. If you put a machine he had never seen before in front of him in a room alone, he'll take to it in no time.

While generally easy to get along with, he's not a push over either
Powers: His strength is a bit above normal. Gets stronger from the damage he takes
Restrictions: Strength is ten times his own weight, he has to be near death and recover to get stronger and that's only Ki wise.
Special Moves:
Photon Wave: This is basically a powerful beam technique fired from one hand. It can potentially blind a enemy briefly if charged the right way but will do far less damage.

Zero Cannon: This is a elemental Ki attack, a blue beam of energy that can potentially freeze a enemy on contact.

Light Step: A minature teleportation technique used for combat, the user can teleport anywhere within a short distance up to two times in quick succession but a cool down of fourty seconds after. It requires line of sight to work and has a limited range of sixty feet. It's hard to track and knock out of, but not impossible of course.

Energy Shield: A barrier made of Ki energy to block attacks in the shame of a 360 dome based on their own strength. They can expand it to cover more range depending on the user's skill and level of power.

Burst: A invisble force of Ki will knock nearby opponents away violently in the opposite direction, it does no direct damage what so ever but is useful as a 'get off me' option when dealing with hand to hand and the like.

Ki Blast: A standard, weak ball of Ki energy but it can be powered up to do more.

Machine Gun Blast: Rapid fire burst of Ki energy. not that damaging by itself but has its place.

Ki Sense: Allow him the ability to sense Ki energy

Empower Body: Basically, the standard; it empowers him overall physically as well as fly.

Ki Conceal: Can lower his power level to hide or surpress it from view. Also useful for tricking scouters.
Super Moves:
Hyper Tornado: By spinning, Kail will create a tornado that does a large amount of damage to the opponent and the nearby area. It can also be used to cancel out very powerful attacks his normal Ki barrier wouldn't but that's more a side effect then the goal.
Super Forms:

Oozaru: In this form, he turns into a Huge great ape (with a long tail), and his power, strength, endurance and defense triples that of his standard powerlevel. His speed, however, plunges. He can only attain this form at the light of a fullmoon

Raiken: A power up technique passed down in the family, its a concentrated aura that burst the users power level for a short time. Kail has improved the technique a lot to not only a greater increase but able to be used for a longer period. It multipliers the users power by a factor of ten. He can currently hold it for fifteen minutes.
Class: Z Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items: A seemingly normal screw driver, its actually turns into multiple common tools just of higher quality. A modified scouter that acts as a scanner to help him for as fixing things.
Phobias: Being useless to help
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: If you want to be technical, one can consider him something of a aspiring mechanic slash fighter.

Kail father was killed during the assault on Tralbat, as such he was raised by his mother a bit of help on the side.

While he did like fighting, he discovered that he had a love for building and fixing things a lot more which his grandfather and uncle disprove of but he continued anyway due to his desire and Sayain stubborness when their mind was made up on something. It did help that Hitomi, a young Alusarian girl he befriended was always supportive along with her family.

The young man has made the most of his life but is now trying to go through the typical growing pains of finding yourself completely as you grow older.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Kail   2016-01-12, 9:02 am


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