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 VX-6, Arianne

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PostSubject: VX-6, Arianne   2016-01-18, 7:59 pm

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’m not gonna do something stupid, alright? We’re all that’s left.”


True Name: Arianne

Other: “VX-6,” [‘Serial number’] “Aria / Ari” [(AR-ee-uh) (AR-ee) shortenings of her name.]

Fandom: Original Character, Multiverse Project

Apparent Age: Mid-Late 20s.

Date Of Birth

Birthday: December 20.

Maxell Enterprise, Izzalof: A company that aspired to create a series of extremely human-like androids. It was seized by Vertex Corporation who wanted to use those androids as assassins. That the evil which holds her now was not the source of her birth is a thought Arianne holds staunchly close to her heart.


VX-Series Android: A series of androids originally intended to be household helpers and child caretakers, when their AI ended up complex enough to be truly sapient during their creation, the project’s goal shifted instead toward the creation of an android as close to simulating a living being as could be managed. Unfortunately, this resulted in their parent company being bought by Vertex Corporation who saw potential for them as assassins. A fondness for domesticity, children, and life in general still remains within their hearts, though the blocks and command-codes written into them by Vertex Corporation prevent them from expressing that as was originally intended.

Physical Statistics

Height: 6’1

Weight: 270 [disproportionate due to her composition]

Gender: Female
Physical Description

General: A broad-shouldered woman with dull crimson hair held in a ponytail by a small, simple hairpiece. Her eyes are an intense gold in hue and, combined with her abbreviated eyebrows, give her a fierce expression. As a result, she tends to avoid opening her eyes fully so as to avoid looking hostile or upset to others. Her preferred attire is a dress shirt and slacks, over which she wears an open suit-coat and tie. Like other VX, when angered her eyes may turn red due to an after-effect of Vertex's meddling.

Known Relatives

--Dr Lorenzo Maxell. Deceased. “Who…?”
--VX-1 Lynne, Sister. Presumed Deceased. “Reliable and intense. Kept everyone together…”
--VX-2 Fulvia, Sister. Status Unknown. “Tried to be ‘cool.’ Hair-trigger temper.”
--VX-3 Arlene, Sister. Status Unknown. “Complete troll. Was good to collaborate with, or against.”
--VX-4 Asta, Brother. Presumed Deceased. “Tried to get him to open up more, but Akantha’s scary.
--VX-5 Akantha, Sister. Presumed Deceased. “Quiet with her nose in a book. Stay on her good side.”
--VX-7 Avril, Sister. Presumed Deceased. “My only little sister. Fun to tease. Lucky Seven, so why…”
--Mae, Foster Mother. Alive (?). “She didn’t deserve this, but… I’m glad she was there.”
--Annalise, Foster Sister. Alive (?). “Kinda odd, kinda quiet, but she’s a nice girl. No, really.”


Chaotic Good

General Summary: Decisive, forward-thinking, and more reckless than any of her sisters, Arianne was often impatient and restless when she was on a mission, distracted both with her desire to and her desire to be back with her sisters, to the point that it affected her even through the locks Vertex put into place to shackle her. When interacting with her sisters off-mission, she was energetic and lively, teasing the others, [particularly Avril] and in general working toward lightening their hearts. Refusing to allow her situation to get to her, Arianne forced herself to remain stubbornly optimistic, as strenuous as that became at times.

Close-Quarters Combat, Armed and Unarmed: Well trained and practiced at fighting close quarters using her hands, sword, and hand-blades. Not supernaturally skilled by any means, but not to be underestimated when combined with her superhuman strength, perception, and speed.

Domestic Skills: Like all VX, Arianne has an almost instinctive knack for various domestic tasks as a result of her true origins.

Firearms: While not her preference, Arianne is practiced with and competent at using a wide variety of standard firearms. She prefers heavy-hitting rifles due to their… reliably consistent damage.

Stealth: Arianne was far from the best VX at stealth due to a combination of her temperament and natural tendencies, but she is capable of it… so long as she doesn’t lose her patience.

Inherent Traits

Evolution: A trait shared by all VX - the ability to grow, adapt, and evolve one’s abilities at a superhuman rate.

(Read full descriptions for restrictions. If unclear, ask and I’ll elaborate.)

Dimensional Storage: A sub-reality ‘pocket’ where Arianne stores her equipment when it’s not in use.

Force Emission: A unique ability Aria developed on her own due to her brash nature, she can emit force away from her body in any direction. Her fine control over this ability is very limited - if she tries to use emit less force than she’s used to she’s likely to not get enough to do anything at all, and otherwise will probably produce far too much. Her equipment makes use of this ability in a more controlled fashion, but it’s still unstable.

Shapeshifting: Like all VXs, Arianne has the ability to shapeshift into any form that shares her relative mass. This ability extends to her clothes.


Durability: Tier 6 (7, with armor.)

Soul: Tier 4.

Speed: Low Tier 3.

Stamina: Immune to fatigue.

Strength: Low Tier 4.



  • Disruption Blade: A sword capable of gathering and magnifying kinetic energy to release in a dangerously unstable blast of force. Due to the recoil of the blade and chance of being caught in the blast itself, it’s very risky for Arianne to use it outside of her armor.
  • Hand-Blades: Simply put, Arianne shapeshifts one or both of her hands into a highly durable, bladed shape with a persistently keen edge. Arianne doesn’t usually leave her hands in this state, preferring to shift them into and out of bladed form as needed so that she can retain her dexterity and ability to grapple.
  • Disruption Rifle: A rifle powered by the same principle as the Disruption Blade. An advanced turbine within the stock of the weapon generates force, which is then magnified and released in a line from the weapon. Its effective range is only ~700 meters, but targets within that distance are hit with a devastating amount of force comparable to a tank’s shell. Like the Disruption Blade, the recoil and chance for detonation make it dangerous to use outside of armor.
  • Disruption Bomb [Expended]: A fail-safe kill-switch “given” to Arianne due to the increasing number of VXs going rogue or disappearing, designed to both ensure that she can’t simply rebel and start slaughtering Vertex personnel indiscriminately and that, should she fall while on a mission, nothing would be left of her to implicate Vertex or otherwise be scavenged by their enemies and competitors. It has a very small blast radius of ~5 meters, but within that area nothing identifiable of Arianne would remain should it explode - even her armor would be blasted into innumerable, miniscule fragments from the inside by the blast.


  • Force Armor: A suit of comprehensively protective armor, given to Arianne as a result of the higher-risk nature of her missions. So long as it retains power, it generates a reactive kinetic barrier around Arianne’s body which deflects most small arms fire entirely. If she sacrifices mobility and remains still, the strength of the barrier can reach the level that most conventional weaponry fails to penetrate - however it is not impossible to wear down and, of course, Arianne is incapable of acting while in ‘lock-down.’ The metal plates themselves are only around as durable as a light vehicle’s armoring.



General Synopsis: Arianne’s natural lack of subtlety inevitably resulted in Vertex utilizing her only rarely, for high-risk tasks where subtlety didn’t matter so much as success, or sending a message. As a result, she ended up with more ‘free’ time than other VXs, which frustrated her as she’d have rather been sent out more often if it meant her sisters could stay behind. To use that time productively, however, she reigned in her temper and impatience and did her best to explore the the facility they were housed in, remaining carefully neutral-minded so as not to trigger the fail-safes hard-coded into her as she looked for weaknesses in the facility that could be exploited to escape… or, if nothing else, cause the most damage to Vertex possible.

Even after they planted the Disruption Bomb inside of her and her life was quite literally vulnerable at the flick of a switch, she continued, determining that if they were going to make her explode, she would explode at the most inconvenient place possible. So long as she could do something - anything - to make Avril’s freedom possible, she wouldn’t have cared, having already failed all her other siblings. Then, while she was away on one of her rare missions, Avril was labeled ‘Presumed Deceased’ like their other siblings. No longer caring about consequences, on her return she discretely informed Mae during their visit that she was going to provide her and Annalise an opportunity to escape. Then she severed all power connections the facility had with the outside world and - as Vertex realised that she was betraying them - entered the backup power room, taking it with her when they activated her failsafe and destroyed her.

Nothing was left of her body but fragments, and yet, against all odds, she awoke in a forest, far removed from Izzalof in a realm she’d never heard of before.



“Sorry. Guess I lied.”

"Graduation Day (2116): Dairoku Eien, Iyoku Seimei, Tachibana Miyori, Issun Keishin"
"Some things are worth preserving, even if they'll one day fade."

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PostSubject: Re: VX-6, Arianne   2016-01-18, 8:03 pm

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VX-6, Arianne
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