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 Kisaragi Shintaro

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PostSubject: Kisaragi Shintaro   2016-02-22, 3:58 am

“Even by myself, I still know all the answers to those problems...”

True Name: Kisaragi Shintaro (Tr: February… Hard to qualify but something like ‘Steel First-Born’)

Nickname: (Loser Onii-chan, by Momo), (Master, by Ene)

Fandom: Mekakucity Actors / Kagerou Project, Canon

-Ambient: Story Burned Into My Eyes, by Jin
No, really, these songs can spoil some things.:


Age: 18
Date Of Birth

Birthday: April 30


Mekaku City, Japan: A moderately large city by the coast, in Japan.


Vanilla Human
Physical Statistics

Height:  5’8”

Weight: 127 lbs

Gender: Male
Physical Description

(Credit to ‘104,’ according to zerochan)

General: A scrawny, average-heighted boy with messy black hair and a consistently sharp, unhappy expression. He’s usually found wearing a black shirt and brown slacks - though on the occasion he goes out he wears a red jersey - regardless of the season and weather.

Known Relatives

By Blood: Kisaragi Hitomi [Mother, Alive], Kisaragi Daiki [Father - Deceased], Kisaragi Momo [Sister, Alive]


Chaotic Good

General Summary: An aloof guy who “can’t live without” his computer. Shintaro is very poor at interacting with others and naturally introverted. However, this isn’t to say he’s cold-hearted and he cares greatly for his sister, Momo. Further, he’ll usually help if one truly needs it and has a strong sense of justice. While he states that he prefers to be alone, he’s really just too scared to be the one to make an overture to others. While the loss of his friend two years ago left him extremely depressed, one almost wouldn’t be able to tell - provided he’s been forced to get out and interact with others. However, he is by no means ‘cheerful’ or ‘excitable’ at any time.


Academia: While Shintaro hasn’t been in school for several years, he has a perfect memory and recalls everything he learned nevertheless. His knowledge reservoir doesn’t extend very deep beyond high school, however inside that scope he’s within the highest percentile.

Art: When lacking inspiration to work on his song itself, often Shintaro would draw out sketches that he felt would go along with it. They’re far from the best work out there, but an almost obsessive amount of effort and fine tuning has resulted in a collection of pieces accurate enough to portray what he wants.

Songwriting: Shintaro has spent a significant amount of his free time for the past two years writing songs on his computer and has gained skill in that regard, though he’s only recently completed a song that he actually feels is complete.

Inherent Traits

Perfect Recall: Shintaro has an eidetic memory and can recall anything he’s read or been taught with 100% accuracy. This ability extends only to knowledge - he still has to practice repetition to learn any physical task.


Summary: Shintaro is, for all intents and purposes, an ordinary human boy.


Hikikomori NEET: For the past two years, Shintaro hasn’t left his room and existed as a neet.


General Synopsis: As a loner who gave everyone around him the cold shoulder, Shintaro had no friends until he met a girl named Ayano. Ayano persisted endlessly in interacting with him and - despite his claims - he didn’t mind the company. One day when he and Ayano were touring the school festival, he beat one of his kouhai - Takane Enomoto - in a shooting game which led to her following him about as well due to a bet they had made and her own pride. Thus, she and her friend Haruka joined his circle.

However, the spring following the festival, Ayano committed suicide for unknown reasons. Immediately after that, Takane and Haruka were placed into the hospital due to their health deteriorating drastically. They entered a vegetative coma and did not awaken.

Having lost his entire social circle overnight, and suspecting that he was at fault for Ayano’s suicide due to her parting words that day, Shintaro secluded himself in his room for the past two years and refused to leave his house for anything, ordering everything he needed online, with his only companion being ‘Ene’ - an artificial intelligence (or cyber-girl, as she calls herself) who mysteriously appeared in his inbox and uploaded herself onto his computer one day. Recently, however, circumstances seemed to conspire to force him to leave. This resulted in him meeting the ‘Mekakushi Dan’ and now, slowly, he’s reaching into the outside world once more.



“...but in the end, I couldn't solve a single thing.”

"Graduation Day (2116): Dairoku Eien, Iyoku Seimei, Tachibana Miyori, Issun Keishin"
"Some things are worth preserving, even if they'll one day fade."

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PostSubject: Re: Kisaragi Shintaro   2016-02-22, 4:06 am


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Kisaragi Shintaro
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