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 Zyna Lacan

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Zyna Lacan   2016-03-05, 11:02 pm

Character Name: Zyna Lacan
Alias: Battle Angel Zyna. Project K
Origin: Earth, alternate realm
Apparent Age: 26
Race: Kynloid
Height: 5’11
Weight: 183
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Long blue hair and purple eyes(though red when angry) for the rest see pictures down below.

Normal State;

Combat Mode Activated:

Known Relatives:

Isaac Lacan-Brother

Raymond Lacan-Father/Creator(deceased)
Religion: N/A
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Advanced hand to hand and military training. Air to air and air to ground fighting. Good markswoman and swordwoman.

An advanced, general purpose bio-synethic computer for a brain. As a fail safe for a sapient not to literally ‘think’ themselves to death, they generally only fully activate when completely focusing on a single task. Otherwise, just a minute doing absolutely nothing would be torture for a true sapient mind.

Multi Spectrum sight. Flight.

Bio scanner: Scan someone of their race(if known anyway) or other physical ailments. Enhanced senses(weak to opposing effects) Energy sense(max range of three hundred meters)

Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Zyna has a bit of a cheerful, positive personality if not slightly quirky. She does her best to look after others. Despite her normal behavior though, she has her own fears and insecurities just like most people. It takes a lot to get her mad usually but when she does, its not pretty.
Powers: Meta Human physical stats. Self repair. Energy absorb.
Restrictions:  Her self-repair can fix a lot of damage, including lost limbs in the shape of runes that appeared in the air but the severity of the damage determines how long it takes to repair. It could be minutes to hours. She Can speed up the process, but if its severe it’ll take a toll on her energy reserves.

The energy absorb requires contact with her hands(think android 19) in which she can drain energy from a person or object and store it; either making her more powerful physically or her energy based weapons by fifty percent. It has a number of drawbacks however.

The first is the energy can only be held for fifteen minutes, secondly it cannot exceed her current limit. If she pushes past it, it will cause internal damage which can easily prove fatal to her. Thirdly direct absorption of energy attacks for example can yield similar results since naturally some energy she cannot absorb. As such, doing that would theortically cause her being able to lose to someone much weaker since the attack would then damage her much weaker insides.

She can release the stored energy all at once in a 360 degree’s burst attack, depending entirely how much energy she took at the time.

Strength Tier: 4

Speed: Tier 8

Durability: Tier 7

Soul: Tier 5

Stamina: --(Doesn't tire)

Tech(Damage Output) Tier: 4
Weapons and Precious Items:

Zyna has a variety of built in weapons and the like. It should be noted other weapons or other abilities are disabled as she depowered herself.

Keispar Core: All her physical might and systems are basically powered by this small core in the size of a baseball. In theory the energy is both finite and infinite; finite in the sense she can only use so much and needs to recharge. It’s infinite in the sense it will always recharge and grow with the user. Over use of her weapons will cause a ‘cool’ down time before use again to their fullest.

Shield: Zyna has a active shield that protects her from damage, around the same level of whatever her durability is. When brought down it takes up to thirty minutes to a hour before it comes back on. Unlike a traditional shield, rather then just protecting from ‘direct’ damage it protects against indirect, exotic ones as long as the shield is active.

Ion Blaster: Simply put, blasters using highly concentrated Ion beams in a straight line. They can be powered down to a lower setting for stun in the case she doesn’t want to kill or harm anyone. At the strongest, at current its three city blocks when completely charged which takes time. The longer the charge, the more energy it uses.

Energy Melee: Simply put, a energy based sword. It’s based off her current strength whatever that may be. It can be extended to a max range of fifteen feet; the harder the opponent(or material) the more energy it drains. She can also channel energy through her fist to moderately increase her striking power. It gradually drains on her energy and cannot use ranged energy weapons when in use.

Railgun: Zyna has as the title says a railgun, it comes in a single powerful shot or rapid fire machine-gun like mode. The former uses slower, but stronger shells while the other uses weaker but faster ones. Ocher is the name of the material for the bullets, they are about fifteen times stronger then diamonds. 60 meters in the max range.

Energy Missiles: Zyna has high yield energy based missles to use in combat. They have a range of ninety meters and are best used against armored opponents. They are a bit slower then her blast and such, but can be guided(to a limited extent)

Energy Net: Can create a energy net around a person to trap them, its Half her physical strength and will dissolve in a few hours.
Phobias: Being forgotten
Illnesses: Slight PTSD
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: K.D.I(Kaiju Defense Initiative) Anti Kaiju Battle Android(formally, not anymore)

Far away, in a alternate version of earth was at war with some strange giant monsters known as the Reblos, though they were also dubbed Kaiju later by the Japanese government due to their size and power. No one was quite sure where they came from at first or even what they were; their biology and habits baffled people as did their seemingly mindless attacks.

Raymond who was ahead of his time was contacted to make weapons to counter the Reblos at a later date. At first he was reluctant but as the situation dragged and things got more desperate he reluctantly went with his own projects.

This lead to the creation of the Vaguan mech and its ilk along with something a bit more unique known at first as ‘Project K’. Since Reblos continued to grow stronger and adapt, he needed something that had the potential to grow on its own. In addition Raymond wanted something in smaller size to cut collateral damage as well as fight the rarer but smaller Reblos that were human size but still had power and durability of their giant counter parts.

Project K later to be known as Zyna was the first(and last) of her kind so to speak. While androids existed she was far more advanced then many of them. Since Reblos for whatever reason could only be hurt with people by a soul, for the project Raymond knew he’d have to make a truly fully sapient android and he’d also have to teach moral values to them.

As such Zyna was actually created as a child which gradually grew to her adult form along side her brother until it was time she was ready to actually fight. Raymond was killed before the war concluded, but he knew and worried she and her brother would be used as tools or cause unrest due to their power.

When the war was to be over, Zyna was to voluntarily power herself down from what she was while Isaac’s mech was also powered down as a per caution. To make sure it didn’t get into the wrong hands, Zyna and Isaac used their father’s last creation to a one way trip to the unknown.

Status: Alive.

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Zyna Lacan
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