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 Kobe Naosuke

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Kobe Naosuke   2017-02-16, 5:57 pm

Character Name: Kobe Naosuke
Alias: --
Apparent Age: 27
Race: Nosferartu
Height: 6'0
Weight: 191
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Kobe has silver hair and mercury eyes. He could be considered very handsome in the traditional sense, thanks to his vampiric nature.


Known Relatives: His biological family is deceased
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Mugen styled Ninjutsu. Situational awareness, stealth. Melee weapon skills and acting skills. English and Japanese language.  Survival and hunting skills.
Abilities: Just his normal standard ones
Alignment: Lawful Good

Kobe normal personality is that of a light hearted, easy going man but he has his moments where he suffers from depression. You'll often see him interacting with groups of people, making sure they're comfortable and at ease, and other times where he thinks he's alone or safe they'll be a slight air of melancholy about him.

He tries to see the good in people and give the benefit of the doubt, but also knows a lost cause when he see's one. When in a teaching setting he's stern, but fair.
Powers: Standard racial powers
Restrictions: Ditto

Strength: Tier 3

Speed: Tier 6

Durability: Tier 4

Stamina: Tier 2

Soul: Tier 3

Damage Output: Tier 4
Special Techniques:

As he's the one who taught Natomi how to fight, their techniques in many respects are similar.

Shadow Melee: Title is self explanatory, creates weapons made of his vampiric shadow energy. The durability and strength is based on his own. He can also empower his bare handed melee attacks with the same energy.

Shadow Trap: A ball of energy is launched, if it connects it will trap the opponent. They can either be stuck there or crushed if that's what he wanted. No techniques or anything else can be used when this is active.

Teleport: As he has his own Shadow Walk, he honestly doesn't need it and hasn't been able to do it over extreme distances like Natomi. Using his own energy he can teleport over short distances(fourty feet in any direction) and has to wait thirty seconds before use again. More useful for a re-positioning then anything else.

Shadow Dome: He creates a dome-like shield to protect himself and others. It can be expanded to cover more area but at the cost of strength. Like his melee, its strength is based on his own.

Tendrils: Creates shadow tendrils which to grab things, can be stretched to twenty feet. Again based on his current strength. If natural shadows are around the opponent, he also attack from that angle if he's within twenty feet.

Surface Walk: He can walk on surfaces using the same energy, just as long as he's concentrating.

Super Techniques:

Dark Enhancement: It's a direct upgrade of Shadow Melee, the only difference is his melee attacks are stronger and his shadows wrapped around him like a cloak giving him an aura almost. It's strictly for his bare handed attacks in this case instead of like the above.
Super Forms: N/A
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: Some basic items, mainly pictures and the like. A box of pills for his medical needs. Picture
Phobias: He fears his efforts not truly amounting to anything to help anyone in the first place.
Illnesses: He has nerve damage so he takes pills for the pain.
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Former Ninja Instructor

Certain parts of Kobe past he doesn't talk too much about save for a certain few he trust enough and is comfortable enough to share his story with.

That aside, Kobe has been instructor of students in the Mugen clan for a decent amount of time, one of his best students were Natomi and Kusa Mugen.  When she was framed for a crime he was one of the few who didn't believe she had done anything wrong despite the supposed evidence. It was partly thanks to him Natomi was able to clear her name and otherwise simply live in peace.

He became a bit dissatisfied with number of things and taking a cue from his student decided his time with the clan was over and it was time to part ways.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Kobe Naosuke   2017-02-16, 8:02 pm


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Kobe Naosuke
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