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 Ruvand Cromwell

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Ruvand Cromwell   2017-04-21, 11:07 pm

Character Name: Ruvan Cromwell
Fandom: Disgaea Series
Alias: Lord Durand
Apparent Age: 26
Race: Netherworld Vampire
Height: 6'0
Weight: 163
Gender: Male
Physical Description:  Black hair and grey eyes. For the rest see picture

Known Relatives:

Karine Cromwell-Younger Sister

Cara Cromwell-Mother

Charles Cromwell-Father(deceased)
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Kanka Control; Large amount of magic and supernatural knowledge, Sonis family fighting style. Melee weapon skills, political science, ball room dancing
Abilities:  Enhanced senses. Flight
Alignment:  Good

Ruvan is a polite gentleman, but he doesn't shy away from conflict when the time comes and its needed. He's a believer in the old wisdom of teaching people to fish then giving it to them so they can take of themselves. Overall he knows the world is complicated and nusance so he tries to keep a open mind and grow from there. Willful ignorance then just honest mistakes are one of the few things that annoy him.
Powers: Super human stats. Regen/healing
Restrictions: For stats, see stats. He can regenerate lost limbs and such but each time takes up energy, if he doesn't have the energy at the time he won't be able to. The same applies to his healing.
Powered Up Level: Fully powered up, he has a power level of one hundred thousand.
Special Moves:

Energy Sense: The ability to sense energy, it can be hidden from though hers is a bit sharper then normal.

Empower Body: Allows him to empower himself physically as well as fly this is via Kanka control. Kanka(of high enough levels) allows the user to survive in space.

Dark Lancer: Creates a large energy lance which can be used for melee, or tossed at foes to pierce or explode on impact.

Bloody Hole: Creates a dark ball of energy that sucks up nearby opponents(similar to a black hole) before crushing them. Its completely dependent on his own strength if they can even pull them in and how effective it will be.

Concealment: Similar to the standard hiding energy but more advanced and much harder to pick up on.

Rage: Not so much a technique as something that ‘happens’. When truly enraged he experiences a short but powerful burst in power like an adrenaline shot.

Dark Void: Creates a large ball of energy being summoned and then launched downwards towards his opponents.

Mortis Blades Creates a cross shape blades of energy that travel fast but in a straight line to cut things and people in half.

Teleport: Can teleport anywhere he has been or knows the location of provided it isn't blocked. Has a few minute cool down.

Disas Shot: A straight forward beam of dark energy, nothing special but can be charged.
Super Moves: Malefis Mortis: Around their opponent, almost magic-like circle engulfs her opponent with giant swords sticking up at the end, which don’t do anything. It soon explodes around the area, doing a decent amount of damage of what it hits.

Strength: Tier 7

Speed: Tier 10

Durability: Tier 10(Star)

Stamina: Tier 2

Soul: Tier 5

Kanka(Damage Output): Tier 8
Super Forms: N/A
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: Basic items
Phobias: Ever since drowning as a child, he's been uneasy about the ocean
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation:  Overlord

If asked, Ruvan has mixed feelings about his childhood. His parent's weren't strictly unkind at balancing between being rulers of their home world and parents so much as being stressed.  He currently is a simple Overlord and co ruler along with his sister in their world called Sentos.
Status: Alive .

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PostSubject: Re: Ruvand Cromwell   2017-04-21, 11:32 pm


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Ruvand Cromwell
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