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 Chalice Dysen

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PostSubject: Chalice Dysen   2017-08-23, 5:46 pm

Character Name: Chalice Dysen
Date of Birth: 08/17
Alias: Alice
Apparent Age: late teens early twenties
Origin: Ateth
Race: Alphalim
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 213 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:
Idath Dysen (Father, deceased)
Aurelia Dysen (Mother)
Aisis Dysen (Sister)
Xelena Dysen (Sister)
Varia Dysen (Sister)
Aisha Dysen (Sister)
Eve Dysen (Sister)
Wenesia Dysen (Sister)
Letum Dysen (Brother)
Zander Dysen (Brother)

Religion: N/A
Skills: Collage level Education, Domestic skills, Mixed Martial Arts Master, Melee weapons expert, fire arms expert, PHD in Theoretical Physics, ability to download information from the internet.
Abilities: All Racial Abilities
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Chalice is shy, a text book, bookworm. She has a great love for knowledge. In today's society there is a lot of knowledge to be found. However she will not hesitate to throw herself in front of danger to protect her friends and family. She's a bit of a geek. She loves video games, comic books and table top games. Her current favorite Dungeon's and Dragon's.
Powers: Hard Light Manipulation. This is the ability to make constructs out of hardened Light. Thus a thought can be made manifest. With HLM a user is able to create anything from a simple sword to a giant robot.
Restrictions: The down side to HLM is limited to your imagination and knowledge on how things work. Also the strength of the object made is only as strong as the willpower of the one using HLM.

Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Durability: 10(matches her destructive output)

Stamina: 4

Soul: 9

Tech: 10

Special Techniques: (Will be added as Set Techniques are established.)
Super Techniques: (Will be added as Set Techniques are established.)
Super Forms: Overlimit
Class: Alphalim
Weapons and Precious Items: n/a
Phobias: Failure to protect those she cares about and... spiders... because they're made of yuck.
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Occupation: Theoretical Physicist and full time geek
History: Asgard, 2000 Years ago. Chalice along with her family were training for the coming war with the Old Ones. Chalice had always been the shyest one of all her siblings especially around people she didn't know. So when her father introduced Athena it took her a long time to warm up to her. However soon she began to open up and confide in her new found friend. Something of a mother figure in her life she became very attached. Then tragedy struck. The war began and suddenly darkness.

Earth 1947. Roswell New Mexico. Chalice's stasis pod landed with a great impact. The small crater was soon taken over by the US Government. At first Chalice was studied. Then she was made an asset. She even helped with the propaganda to cover up the crash. They educated her and soon Chalice had established a life. Finally she was discharged with the option to be reactivated in case her new found country needed her.

Eventually Chalice faded into obscurity. She continued her training as best she could and began to study Theoretical Physics. She traveled and studied more. She learned that her friend Athena was alive and on earth. She continues to search for her. Now almost a hundred years since she landed on Earth Chalice wishes to find the family that was taken from her long ago.
Status: Alive

"When you can't walk... You crawl... When you can't crawl... You find someone to carry you."
-Firefly "The Message"-
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PostSubject: Re: Chalice Dysen   2017-08-23, 5:53 pm

Looks fine to me. Approved.
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Chalice Dysen
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