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 Daughter Of The Sun

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PostSubject: Daughter Of The Sun   2017-10-12, 5:34 pm

The Netherworlds.

To the ignorant they are concentrated places of evil and violence, and indeed as the nature of all things that may be true in some Multiverse. Everything that exist or doesn't has been observed to exist somewhere, even if we cannot ourselves see it. It's an belief that holds more true when one has enough experience observing what is already commonly known.

In truth, they are as varied as any other world but there are some almost universal traits.

The first is they are heavily populated by demons and other supernatural beings who for the most part have adopted to to the heavily concentrated mana of that world, thus giving them incredible power. The second part is they are often violent, but its more then not just more contest of strength, and oddly or not how they bond.

This story takes place in such a Netherworld called Sentos. An world that would ultimately change by the presence of a young woman. An daughter from Krypton.


Karine found herself a bit annoyed by the usual prattle that went about during the meeting, it droned on and on and while she could overwrite it, it wasn't how things were done. Sure in many Netherworlds it was usually an scuffle in some form with the losers taking their loss afterwards, the culture here was a bit different.

Netherworlders here still had outlets for their fighting impulses as she and her brother made sure of it; it was just a bit more..constructive. Still it was important to keep their edge as not all Netherworlds were friendly, and some took the desire to darker extremes. Some Overlords ravaged whatever they happened to come across, not caring of the damage they did.

She made her way deeper into the castle of the infirmary where her guest was waiting, there laid an young woman with blond hair, currently still asleep. They had been that way since they had found them, which had been an week or so ago.

Physically, they seemed fine but something about their mana. As if they were drained. The healers weren't sure what to do, and since the woman was obviously not of any race they were used to dealing it, it left many unaswered questions.

"Has there been any changes?" Karine asked her brother, who was in the room as well.

Ruvand seemed a bit pensive. "No. At least we know the physical part is fine, but if the healers are right they should wake up on their own. I'm not sure what caused such an drain on their energy that they would be out like this. When they come to, we'll have to ask them."
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Daughter Of The Sun
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