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 Brandon Spencer, The Warden

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Brandon Spencer, The Warden   2017-11-20, 6:52 pm

Character Name:  Brandon Spencer
Fandom: Bloody Roar, original character
Alias:  The Warden
Apparent Age: 27
Race: Altered Zoanthrope(Demon Beast)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 206
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Beast Form

Human Form
Known Relatives: Unknown
Religion: None
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Skilled mixed martial arts, acting skills. Stealth skills, tracking and proficient with fire arms. Knows French, English and Japanese
Abilities: Enhanced senses and flight(transformed state only, weak to the opposing effects) can get stronger by fighting or training; but only if his condition is cured.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Despite his past history and what you expect, he's not an overly dark or brooding person though he does have his moments. He knows there's nothing that can be done about the past, but he also knows that sitting down wasn't an option.

Brandon is friendly enough, but is more of a loner though he can work for and with others.
Bradon can focus his 'Beast Drive Energy' and change into his beast form at will. When in beast form, all his physical stats (including his senses) get a x120 boost to his current weight. Due to his nature, he has limited enhanced strength stats in human form.(about 16 times a normal person)
Restrictions :The more hits he takes, the less BDE he has to sustain his beast form with and will eventually change back to normal).
Special Moves:

To note, he can only perform these when transformed.

Charge Cannon:  In his tranformed state, he can fire a moderately powerful dark beam from his mouth.

Rend: He can charge his claws with the same energy to slightly increase damage, but it drains on his Beast energy when in use.

Terror Sphere: Brandon charges a ball of dark energy to haul at his opponent, it does about moderate damage.

Super Moves:

Eclipse Sphere: Brandon charges a large ball of dark energy that does a good amount of damage to the opponent and the immediate area, however it causes him to revert back to human form. It can be considered an upgraded version of Terror Sphere.
Super Forms:

Rave Form(locked)
Class: Zoanthrope
Weapons and Precious Items:  Basic items.
Phobias: He's honestly not afraid of much of anything these days
Due to some kinks in the experimental nature of things, Brandon is slowly dying and his powers getting very steadily weaker.
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Nobus

Years ago Brandon thought he was doing the right thing by working for Tylon; the money was good and he felt he was doing something with his life. He eventually worked himself up the ranks as time went on and was offered a job to 'keep in line' other experimental Zoanthropes who were deemed an threat and trying to escape. Brandon even willingly was all right with 'enhancement' to further help him, even though his Beast Form was based off some unknown mythological being, the extra indeed helped.

This continued for some time, with him getting the nickname 'The Warden' due his job and power, but one day he found the ugly truth about what was truly going behind the scenes. Disgusted and no then a bit angry he ended up leaving the Tylon corporation and keeping a low profile because he knew too much.

The later years didn't satisfy him, and though he did do his part for helping experimental Zoanthropes keep hidden he didn't feel it was enough. Brandon also knew he was running out of time, he was slowly dying, getting weaker and wasn't as powerful as he used to be.

When a friend named Torias talked him into this 'Nobus' thing, he decided it would be a good send off for his life. Either father time, Tylon or something else would get him so he may as well go out on his terms and doing something good for others.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Brandon Spencer, The Warden   2017-11-20, 7:25 pm


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Brandon Spencer, The Warden
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