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 Allen Pafford

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Allen Pafford   2010-12-12, 12:12 am

Character Name: Allen Pafford
Alias: "Wonder Boy"(he finds this annoying but it stuck)

Apparent Age: 17

Origin: Tokyo

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 173

Physical Description:

Known Relatives:

Serinity Pafford-Adopted Mother

Milla Pafford-Younger Sister

Race: Alusarian/Human
Religion: None
Skills: Basic skills, hand to hand(no real training, kind of self taught) domestic skills.
Abilities: Ki control(unknown skill) Heigtened sences. Eyes flash white when angry. Combat instincs
Alignment: Lawful Netural
Personality: He isn't the most social person and avoids crowds like the plague. Once a person gets to know him, they'll learn he's actually pretty nice. His family comes first though. And by family, it doesn't always mean his actual family, but people close enough him they might be considered as such.

Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, stanima and endurance. Bonding Effect.

Restrictions: Can't lift more then 900 lbs. Normal blows don't hurt him but knifes and guns do. Hes. five times faster then a normal person. Bonding Effect has the same drawbacks as the full-blooded counter part of his kind.

Weapons and Precious Items: A few misc items.

Super Levels: N/A for now

Special Techniques:

Empower Body: He doesn't realize he uses it. But using this makes his over all phyiscal abilties increase as well as fly.(Has a power level of 100)

Energy Wave: He's only been able to do this certain times, and each time not knowing how. A strong beam of ki is fired from both hands.

Ki sense: This is something that seems to turn on and off for him. He can "feel" how strong someone is but can't really controll it.

Super Techniques: N/A
Class: Dragon Ball
Phobias: Hospitals after a certain accident
Illnesses: Doesn't seem to have any
Sexual Preferences: Straight
History: Allen comes from Tokyo, and there his life went from normal to very strange, very fast. He and his family ended up in the company of demons. Eventually, though they ended up becoming part of a strange, close and odd family

It's unknown how, but he along with a few others ended up here. That's where his story continues into the unknown.

Status: Alive

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Sion Reaver

Posts : 7339
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PostSubject: Re: Allen Pafford   2010-12-12, 12:13 am

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Allen Pafford
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