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 Within The Moment

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PostSubject: Within The Moment   2017-12-12, 12:40 am

It was always the smaller things Emanulle Santos overlooked when he got busy with other matters, but he couldn't deny that had its moments when focusing on the bigger picture. Unfortunately, at times when he truly got on that focus some other things slipped his mind, whether he'd ever be able to do both consistently he wasn't entirely sure.

Michru was fast asleep and it was in the middle of the afternoon; he at the moment had nothing else to do but get caught up on things. It had been a while since he last talked to Terri and he was wondering how she was doing and holding up. They were pretty much always traveling so where they could be at the given moment was anyone's guess.

If he was lucky, she'd be around Japan but he doubted it. Either way, he got his cell and dialed.

"It's often the ones close to us that we remember in the end of our days. Choose your friends and allies wisely."
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Within The Moment
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