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 Alissa Balran

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PostSubject: Alissa Balran   2017-12-13, 9:35 pm

Character Name:  Alissa Balran
Alias: None
Apparent Age: 19
Race: Acorian
Height: 5'9
Weight: 132
Gender: Female
Physical Description:  Her clothing varies, but for an general idea of what she looks like see the picture.

Known Relatives:

Pyria Balran- adopted baby sister

Esta Balran-Mother(Unknown, but presumed deceased)

Eldrin Balran-Father(deceased)
Religion:  She's no longer a believer in anything.
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills, survival skills, cooking skills, decently, basic hand to hand. Farming related skills. Can use a computer and knows how to make one. She's very mechanically inclined and can fix various mechanical things but nothing fancy like ships.
Abilities: Standard racial ones
Alignment: Good

Alissa normal personality is one of a confident and more up beat young woman who sets forth to do the best in any challenge life tries to throw at her. She tends to get flustered more easily when it comes to things intimate related in regards to herself.

Since her home and people or more or less gone, she's been naturally more withdrawn and even more protective of those close to her.
Powers: Standard ones
Restrictions: See racial profile
Weapons and Precious Items:
Phobias: Something happening to her sister, as far as she knows its the only family she has left.
Illnesses: None.
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Vagabond

Like some of their kind, Alissa's parents decided they wanted away from the main world and to live somewhere a bit less advanced. It was there they ended up living on a world known as Teonus. They got rid of their ship and lived a peaceful life among the friendly locals.

Alissa never knew about things beyond her little bubble of the world as her parents wanted to put that part of their lives behind them, only talking about it in bits if needed. To her, the only thing she knew was her own home and the world around her.  However, much to their dismay she took more and more of an interest of the world beyond them as she got older.

Her peaceful life was shattered when great ships from the sky that seemed to block the sun began raining down some type of terrible power around them. Entire buildings and areas seemed to be vaporized along with any people unfourtnate enough to be nearby.

Even when they attacked from down below, the strange invaders with their odd armor seemed to be more then an match for anything that was around.

The people who died early were the lucky ones.

In just an week the once beatiful world and people were in tatters with the survivors scared of their own shadow did their best to remain hidden. Alissa was among one of them along with her sister, doing their best to survive.

They were eventually captured, as the remaining few survivors were to be sold for profit by the 'Quarskin' as their invaders were known as according to their father. While aboard the strange ship to be shipped to whatever, her father who was also there managed to cause a big enough ruckus for a distraction.

During the chaos, Eldrin managed to get both his daughters to safety in a pod, giving them something called 'credits' they would need for currency. They were unable to go with them and were soon cut down not to long after.

The pod sent them somewhere seemingly random before they landed.  Alone with only her child sister in a strange and cruel universe she doesn't understand, she decides to do the only thing she can do if nothing else for her sister's sake:

Adapt and survive.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Alissa Balran   2017-12-13, 9:35 pm


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Alissa Balran
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