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 Sheera Holara

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PostSubject: Sheera Holara   2018-04-25, 9:03 pm

Character Name: Sheera Holara
Alias: Monarch
Apparent Age: 18
Race: Elf
Height: 5'9
Weight: 129
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Normal State

Known Relatives:

Leena Holara-Aunt
Religion: None
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Magic related knowledge. Advanced hand to hand.

She can survive in space and tolerate the cold of it(when transformed) has a natural affinity for magic. Low light vision.
Alignment: Good

Leera has what can be described as an 'big sister' sort of personality, she's above her years in some ways while being a bit more of a tomboy then anything else.
Powered Up Level: 5(Normal) 300 transformed.
Special Moves:

Flight: She has the ability to fly under her own magical energy when transformed.

Energy Sense: Sheera can sense energy of a general idea of how strong someone is. Its more intuned with magical or supernatural energy however.

Magic Aura: An purple, magic-like aura comes around her moderately increasing her melee attacks and slight cushion to damage.

Hide Energy:  By concentrating, she is able to hide her own energy. It still can be sensed with enough effort.

Glyph Shield: Creates a shield which can deflect attacks back at the attacker or just held like a normal shield. Strength is dependent on the user.  Picture

Light Release She gathers energy around her, building it up to a AOE explosion around her or she can hold it like a barrier.

Eprium Its another porjectile almost in the shape of a clover, not too powerful and does moderate damage.

Light Cannon: An concentrated beam of light is launched at the enemy, its moderate but can be charged as in the case with most of her techniques.

Magic Circle An magical circle will appear around herself, allowing Sheera to teleport to any place she's been before. It has a one minute cool down; others can come with her provided they are in the circle.

Super Moves:

Prism Cannon A powerful straight forward magical beam that hits in a straight line doing a large amount of damage to any opponent or area it hits.  This is an upgraded version of the Light Cannon.
Super Forms:

Monarch: Its the transformed state as seen above, giving her the superhuman physical stats and growth to compete with Z-fighters. It technically can be considered her base, in that sense. This form gets stronger as she does, but her base doesn't.
Class: Z Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items:

[url=]A interesting/url] pendant, it has sentimental value but nothing more.
Phobias: Claustrophobic
Illnesses: N/A.
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Centurion/Time Patrol

Among the many various universes were countless possibilities and wonders, some were very similar to the prime world, others completely different and some having slight differences. Universe Thirty takes place on earth where the two main races are besides humans are elves; the later is actually in this world just a evolutionary magical sub race of humanity.

Due to this particular earth having a much higher concentration of magic in one place, it served to make some notable changes in the paths of history, technology and ultimately how their civilizations would look like. Sheera grew up without knowing her birth parents but was raised by her aunt Leena who was the leading scientist when it came to innovations regarding technology so her along with her company were well regarded.

Humanity had expanded among the stars in that time frame, making many friends but some enemies, still it was nothing that couldn't be handled. This was, of course, until there first heard whispers of something called the Planet Trade Organization. At first whispers, but it soon became a quick horrifying reality of strange beings fighting in a way the people of earth or its few allies had ever seen before.

The people were impossibly strong, rendering traditional methods of fighting more then useless.  In a desperate bid, Leena began furiously studying what she could to figure out how these people were able to fight like they could, learning it was something called advanced Ki control. It proved useless, as this particular version of humanity was unable to properly use it.

So taking the next best thing, she decided to see if it was possible to simulate such powers with their own twist and make it their own. This was known as the 'Centurion Project' which had to scout out people for the process of turning them into one that would be able to fight their enemies.

Unfortunately, only those of high enough magical potential could endure the process, as it turned out to either kill the target, turn them ill for a bit or do absolutely nothing if it failed. Out of that potential, even including those of other colonies only ten percent were viable candidates to become an Centurion.

It was small group, but ultimately it would have to be made do with what they had for the war effort. The Centurions surpassed all expectations of enemies and allies alike, becoming a thorn to the former and giving others hope who had seen there were other ways which to stand up to them.

Eventually, the Planet Trade was defeated and while the Centurions didn't do it alone they played a crucial role in bringing them down, including their former now deceased leader. This left a lasting impression after the war, with them becoming something of folk heroes, while also having others wanting to flock over to become one themselves.

After much debate, it was decided the program would continue only after it was safe since the only reason they had more risky methods was the desperate war effort and facing extinction otherwise. The Trade may have been gone, but being a big universe there would no doubt be others who fought similarly that weren't friendly.

Sheera grew up hearing stories of them, so of course when old enough she wanted to become a Centurion herself when she was of age. Though while in the process of training she was approached for a rather interesting offer she decided to accept.

She had the shoes of giants to fill and she didn't want to do any less.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Sheera Holara   2018-04-25, 9:10 pm


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Sheera Holara
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