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 Marina Lambert

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PostSubject: Marina Lambert   2018-04-25, 9:07 pm

Character Name: Marina Lambert
Apparent Age: 19
Race: Acorian
Height: 5'8
Weight: 132
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:

Diana Lambert-Mother

Flora Lamber-Sister

Marius Lambert-Father
Religion: None
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Cooking.skills. High school education. Artistic skills. Tattoo artist.  Undisciplined hand to hand
Abilities:  See racial profile
Alignment: Neutral Good

Marina can partially be described as a 'goth rocker chick' but that would only be part of her personality. She's fairly nice but often times it doesn't seem like she gets overly excited about things, except  for a few things that really get her gears running. Very protective of her family and friends.
Powers: See racial profile.
Restrictions: See racial profile.
Weapons and Precious Items:
Phobias: Besides something happening to her family, heights
Illnesses: None.
Sexual Preferences: Straight.
Occupation: Student

You want to know a bit about me? All right, not sure why my life been kinda boring but okay I guess.

As far as I'm concerned, there is just my mother and sister far as biological family far as immediate family goes. I don't really count our sperm donor as my dad was...

We'll, put it this way; he was there physically for a time but that was about it. I really think he's another part of the reason my younger sister has her slight confidence issue to this day. You see they wanted male heirs to carry on some things for him and when they didn't get that part of the mask I guess fell off. I'm not sure how mom didn't see through it, then again its probably wanting to see the best of people and that big heart of hers

And before anyone ask, I know the other big thing other people are thinking of. Get enough jokes about it as is.

Besides my mom, there's my younger sister I mentioned. Flora was born with a stuttering problem people said it was genetic but its not too bad but it did cause slight issues growing up. Nothing major besides a few bouts of bullying, things like that.

All that aside, nothing terribly exciting been happening on my end but I like it that way to be honest. Other people can have all the craziness and such they want but I like my stuff simple and routine. It was pretty much the only reason I agreed to come on this trip, just hope its something I look back fondly of when I'm older.
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PostSubject: Re: Marina Lambert   2018-04-25, 9:12 pm


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Marina Lambert
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