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 Mitsu Umeko

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Mitsu Umeko   2018-05-19, 11:06 pm

Character Name: Mitsu Umeko
Alias: .
Apparent Age: 20
Race: Acorian
Height: 6'3
Weight: 171
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
She has long, blue hair with a curvy but slightly toned figure with large breast. For the rest of more a image, see picture.

Known Relatives:

Kozato Umeko-Father
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic, domestic skills. Survival skills, cooking skills. Piloting(small ships)  Skiled in Solas Fist. Melee weapons skills. Ki kowledge and control.
Abilities: Standard natural ones.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Mitsu has a decent head on her shoulders, generally more straight forward unless she has a need not to. She's fairly and perhaps surprisingly shy when it comes to the opposite gender, for those not intimidated by them.
Powers: Standard racial powers. Solas Fist: By tapping into the energy of Solas Fist, she is able to exceed her racial normal physical limitations, growing in physical strength through training and fighting as well as the manipulation of light. (It's basically Ki with some light elemental properties )
Restrictions: Her physical stats are 45x that of a normal person. Her light manipulation is in the shape of special moves.  It being light means its ineffective vs glass of any kind. Use of said moves tires her, with over use using her life energy which can be fatal.
Stats: (Note, these only apply when activating Ki otherwise it uses her base stats)

Strength: Tier 2

Durability: Tier 3

Speed: Tier 5

Soul: Tier 3

Stamina: Tier 2

Ki: Tier 3
Special Moves:

Light Warp: Can teleport short distances(sixty feet max) in any direction as long as she see and knows where she is going.. Has a minute cool down.

Ki Sense: The ability to sense life energy, further distances requires her to concentrate longer.

Light Aura: When active, it gives a moderate increase to her physical melee attacks. Slowly drains on her energy.

Light Weapons: She can create solid weapons made of the same energy, they are only strong as what her personal energy is at the time.

Lumous Beam: A moderately powerful beam of concentrated light, nothing overly fancy about it.

Invisibility: By bending the light around her, she can become invisible. However, the effect goes away whenever she makes an attack as she can't have it and fight at the same time.

Super Moves:

Abrus Strike: Taking cues from previous techniques , she forms an large aura before launching a powerful punch that does a large amount of damage on impact. It takes a large amount of energy so the amount of times is limited.
Super Forms:---
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items:
Data Pad, basic items.
Phobias: Completely losing her memories
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Risk Breakers

Through trial and experience, there comes a point where natural ability by itself isn't enough a lesson where earth probably learned the most and why they have as many learnbale energies as they do. Acor in its distant past before they became the world they are today wasn't too much different in that regard.

Solas Fist was of such schools and currently the only art left of a similar vein that has known living practitioners to it. In their time where they among the most common they looked at with respect and admiration. This was something that lasted until a host of bad apples and uneasy political times made them among the favorite scape goats for normal people. It became law that no one else be taught and such users be on stricter limits.

This lead more political upheaval and civil war, with a combination of many things ultimately led the schools all dying out until the Solas Fist was the only one left; even if it was a shell of its former glory.  

Mitsu's father taught her what little he could of what was left, but ultimately if she wanted to continue or do something else was up to her. While Acor had greatly changed and the art had't been under the law for a bit, he still felt it prudent to raise his daughter elsewhere which may be more conductive to that environment; Alus was a perfect pick.

She loved growing up there, and what was more it was a chance for her father to have the same art by others to be given a second chance to start anew. Eventually, when she began of age Mitsu decided it was time to take her own journey into the stars to expand her horizons.

Since then she's being going on adventures on her own, up to meeting Alasha and making a unlikely travel companion and friend. She knew her life was going to change.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Mitsu Umeko   2018-05-20, 6:25 pm


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Mitsu Umeko
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