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 Beyond The Star Sea

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PostSubject: Re: Beyond The Star Sea   2018-10-28, 12:05 pm

Galan caught the hidden extra meaning by her but to his credit he didn't blush much or anything as much as he thought as he played it off. Right now he was trying to think of what he could make Lina as he was a good cook on his own while he had to keep in mind her own diet. Meat wasn't really a thing for them unless it was artificial which was a quirk based on the animal she took after. This also meant Carlie was more a meat person as well.

"I've been doing all right Carlie too. We've been pretty bust like normal going to different places, so after some talking me and Sumia got her to slow down a bit at least for a short bit. Sumia is.."
He paused slightly after placing some juice down on the counter along with the other food to get ready. "She's better. Still has her moments. Right now she's on a baby sitting job she took because she likes children and she wanted to get out the house even if she doesn't need the money. You know the merc by the name of Arkay? That's Carlie's bodyguard right now and the one she's on a date with."
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Beyond The Star Sea
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