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 Alicia Stone

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Alicia Stone   2018-06-20, 1:48 pm

Character Name: Alicia Stone
Fandom: Original
Date Of Birth: June 12th
Alias: ---
Apparent Age: 17
Origin: Toshima
Race: Acorian
Height: 5'9
Weight: 129
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

She has blonde hair and resembles more a mouse, far as general looks go. Most of the time she wears more simple clothes such as jeans and various shirts. Generally shy enough she doesn't show off as much skin, the picture is more a general look.

Known Relatives:

Ariel Stone-Adopted mother

Liam Stone-Adopted father(deceased)

Leah Stone-Adopted little sister.

Religion: N/A
Skills: Elemental Ki manipulation, domestic and basic skills. Thetsu(Family martial art) Cooking.
Abilities: Besides her standard racial powers, none. Her Ki training does mean she's stronger then a normal Acorian, when using it though.
Alignment: Good

Alicia is somewhat shy about putting herself out there despite her martial arts training making her far less of a 'shrinking violet' then she was in her much younger days. One thing has remained a constant was her love for things like comic, books, and video games, since they acted as an escape hatch from less comfortable aspects of her life. This development in life made her something more of a nerd; she'll be many times more open about it if introduced to such subjects even to strangers.
Powers: Standard racial powers
Restrictions: Ditto

Stats: (Note, these only apply when activating Ki otherwise it uses her base stats)

Strength: Tier 2

Durability: Tier 3

Speed: Tier 5

Soul: Tier 3

Stamina: Tier 2

Ki: Tier 3
Special Techniques:

Ki Sense: The ability to sense Ki energy, or the life force of others. For much longer distances, she has to concentrate.

Empower Body:  Physically empower herself with Ki energy to push her physical limits higher then what they would normally be, in other words the basic on and off switch of most Ki users of any kind.

Electric Strike: An empowered attack with electric Ki styled attack. It's basically a straight forward beam, though yellow due to the element. A variation of it is slamming her fist into the ground, with the attack coming from beneath her opponents feet.

Elemental Ball: Like a standard Ki ball, with the main difference she can charge it with one of the basic elements(fire, ice or electricty) which explode on impact doing moderate damage.

Cycle Surge: Alicia charges herself with Ki of the element of her choice in a straight lunge.

Shield: Alicia creates a dome Ki barrier which to protect herself from attacks, she can't move when its active.

Super Techniques:

Elemental Gale: A tornado constructed of pure energy, like the moves above she can change the elemental nature of the technique hence the name. Elemental Gale covers the opponent before exploding. Though since its a more powerful and advanced technique, it takes more of her energy.
Super Forms: N/A
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: Besides basic items, nothing special.
Phobias: A rather common one, Arachnophobia
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual, but more partial to males
Occupation:  Former Student

Alicia grew up a more or less a normal life as she was born without knowing her biological parents but she'd never trade her adopted parents for the world, and in truth she had little interest in going to Acor but space was another story. Growing up she had to deal with more the normal everyday problems, one of them being bullying partially because of what she was.

These experiences helped shape her growing up as an person, one of those things is she decided to ask her father for training to better defend herself if she needed to though she got to a certain point where she was satisfied and didn't improve too much from what she was before.

 Since graduating she's been trying to find her spot in life while working along side her mothers dojo.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Alicia Stone   2018-06-20, 2:59 pm


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Alicia Stone
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