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 Sumia Towell

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PostSubject: Sumia Towell   2018-07-25, 1:04 am

Character Name: Sumia Towell
Fandom: Original, to this setting
Date of Birth: May Eighth
Alias: ----
Apparent Age: Mid-late twenties, but is notably older.
Origin: Eldar
Race: 1st Generation Biodroid
Height: 5'9
Weight: 160, a bit heavier due to what she is.
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Sumia has a kind-looking face with blue eyes and black short hair. She has taken an odd fancy to maid-like clothing probably due to her background.

Known Relatives:

Saria Valra-Mother


Silvia Towell-Daughter(deceased)

Darius Towell(Husband, deceased)
Religion: The Great Mother
Skills: Basic skills, domestic. Highly advanced hand to hand to form her own style, weapon skills.
Abilities: Standard racial ones
Alignment: Good

Sumia has a generally more positive and easy going personality. While generally having a more composed air about them, it has been known to break at times with bouts of clumsiness. While Sumia would be considered one of the more mature members of a party, she has been known for good natured teasing.
Powers: See racial profile
Restrictions: Ditto

Strength: 4

Speed: 7

Soul: 3

Stamina: 3

Magic Tech: 4

Durability: 9.

Special Techniques:

Her special techniques are based on her magical skills, along with the 'weapon ability' her kind has.

Teleport: Forming a magical rune symbol beneath her feet she can teleport from short and long distances. However, she has range limits to it so she, at least at the moment can't teleport to other dimensions/time lines. It works by drawing a map in her head and knowing where she's going, extremely long distances have a naturally long cool down; a few hours to a day on average.

Energy Sense: She can sense energy, getting a idea of how strong someone is and the type of energy they give off,

Ion Sword: One of her in born weapons, the sword itself has no special properties though it is very durable which grows more as the user does, being an extension of herself.  Picture

Energy Revolvers: Another one of her in built weapons, she creates two powerful energy revolvers from her magical energy. The damaged is based off her current magical score and while it doesn't do damage in a extremely large area, its effective for doing said damage in small, concentrated areas. An good an assassin or single target weapon. It has elemental properties, being able to switch between them on a whim if they do more damage. Picture

Sniper Rifle: As the name implies, a weapon used for long range and especially useful when she wants to remain stealthy. As with most her weapons, its energy based she's been able to hit things at around two thousand yards.

Daggers: Two daggers, unlike most of her weapons they don't have much special properties .They can be thrown and summoned back making a ranged weapon, if need be. Picture

Deflector: Creates a bubble-like shield for defensive purposes, though true to its name , it can also reflect back projectile attacks as long as they aren't too much stronger then herself. Can't move when its active.

Super Techniques: n/a
Super Forms: N/A
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: Some more mundane items and pictures of her family and friends.
Phobias: What they fear the most
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual
Occupation: Former Sisters of Grace/ Care Taker

Sumia early life was a simple one. growing up on Eldar with her parents though as a child she has aspirations to move into the stars and see what else is out there. Out of all the things she had taken an interest in, what surprised her folks was the draw to the Sisters of Grace. The idea of their normally gentle daughter wanting to fight, much less of that sort was a worrying one as they cautiously and gently tried to coax her out of it to no avail.

When she became of age, she joined making a name for herself and even meeting a man she fell in love with having a daughter which she couldn't be happier with. Unfourtnately, both died in a incident she doesn't much talk about and since then she's been doing her own thing and finding her place in the world.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Sumia Towell   2018-07-25, 10:14 pm


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Sumia Towell
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