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 Aleka Cardan

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PostSubject: Aleka Cardan   2018-11-16, 11:06 pm

Character Name:  Aleka  Cardan
Alias:  ----
Apparent Age: Early/mid thirties.
Race:  Acorian
Height: 6'0
Weight: 161
Gender:  Female
Physical Description: Black hair, green eyes with a notable curvy figure. For the rest as always see picture.

Known Relatives:
Sylmare Cardan-mother.
Gorwin Cardan-Father
Jazmin Cardan-Daughter
Kona Cardan-Husband(deceased)
Religion:  None
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Cooking skills, survival skills. Ship piloting. Advanced hand to hand. Ki Control.  Some dancing and singing;
Abilities:  Just the standard
Alignment:  Good

Aleka has a somewhat teasing and filrty streak to her, but otherwise she has a good head on her shoulders. Though taking her duties and job seriously, she isn't one to pass by a good time in her mind. Life is too short, so live well and laugh well. If you want something, you should either work for it or see about getting to it in her mind. A side quirk is unlike many of her kind she actually enjoys fighting to an extent and pushing herself.
Powers:  See racial profile
Restrictions: Same as above
Special Moves:

Ki Ball: Standard Ball of Ki, can be charged.

Ki Shield: Creates a bubble shield for defensive purposes, strength as normal is based on her current strength.

Ki Sense: Can sense Ki energy, though of course its not restricted to just that.

Hide Ki: The ability to conceal her own energy, people with energy sense can still pick it up if its sharp enough or concentrating.

Multi Form: Creates tangible copies of herself to be at more then once place at once. The draw back is the more there is out, the weaker herself and the clones are. She can have at most three at a time.

Ki Ring: Creates ring of Ki, useful for binding an opponent. They are only as strong as she currently is however.

Photon Bullet: Creates small miniature Ki attacks in the shape of bullets that zoom on the target, they don't do a lot of damage by themselves but are fast and can be fired rapidly.

Ion Blast: A fairly standard beam of moderate power, but like with others more power can be put into it.

Energy Disk: Creates energy disk to cut at opponents, a maximum of two at one time. She can control and angle these as they wish and as expected they can cut at the opponent and their attacks. If the opponents power level is notably higher then hers, then it simply bounces off.

Space Aura: It has been noted that at least for some Z-fighters they can learn to channel their aura in atmosphere so they can temporary fight in space if need be. This goes under that similar vein, she can keep it up as long as she has the energy to do so,
Super Moves:

Hell Geyser:  A fire elemental Ki attack, it attacks from below and above the opponent in two beams in a attempt to crush them. Its very draining so she can't use it too much at one time.
Stats: The high numbers of course only apply when using Ki

Strength: 6

Speed: 9

Durability: 10(Large planet level)

Stamina: 2

Soul: 4

Ki: 7, on the high end
Super Forms: None at this time
Class: Z-Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items:
The bodysuit she wears typically has some moderate protection against slashing and piercing attacks as well as low level of energy attacks. It's of course useless against anything of Z-fighter level or anything remotely close but useful for more normal foes.

Advanced Scouter: As she has custom made scouter, this one can read much higher levels then the standards. Other useful features is drawing up maps and making waypoints, a translator as well as what came later the standard of knowing one's race if the energy is in the data base. She doesn't use it anymore but its a nice item that she has a somewhat emotional attachment to it.
Phobias: Dying alone
Illnesses: None.
Sexual Preferences:  She prefers men, but can go for either.
Occupation: Former Bodyguard/Fitness trainer

Aleka's story starts on Acor with her parents who were simple life as small business owners, though her mother had a more colorful past of being a former Royal Guard before she retired to live a more simple life. This lead to Aleka and at the time a young Keya becoming close friends though the later didn't get to spend as much time with them or others as she would of liked due to her position.

While life was peaceful Aleka craved for others things outside in the galaxy that her home world couldn't provide, specifically she knew of stories of Ki users which she was always interested in. Seeing as Acor didn't have much of any in the way of that, when she became of age she left Acor to further that goal eventually becoming the strongest known Acorian on record and a good bodyguard for high political figures.

For her own reasons, she did retire from that life style likely in part due to her child and now lives a more or less quite life..for the most part. She still has a mischievous streak and has been known to play match maker with people. No one for the most part would assume she was anything out of the ordinary unless she flexes her older stuff, but its definitely there.
Status: Alive .
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PostSubject: Re: Aleka Cardan   2018-11-16, 11:10 pm


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Aleka Cardan
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