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 Galena Hunter

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Galena Hunter   2011-01-14, 2:01 am

Character Name: Galena Hunter
Alias: 'The Wicked Wire'
Apparent Age: 19
Origin: New York
Race: Vampire
Height: 5'6
Weight: 111
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: Saika and Eirin Hunter, Sisters.
Religion: N/A
Skills: Basic and domestic skills. Highly skilled in hand to hand(mostly stuff she picked up and made together as her own style) melee weapons. Also competent with fire arms. Channel Magic(see abilities)
Abilities: Enhanced Senses, night vision.

Channel Magic:
The ability to channel elements through weapons. It usually includes other things but Galena wasn't taught the full thing, instead the basic fundamentals allowing her to make her own style. She can channel her string with electricty or fire but only for a limited period, then has to have a cool down period before use again(10 minutes or so) She can also channel magical energy through it; making it not only more durable but able to make a blunt weapon cut as well. This applies to all weapons she can use.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Galena is a very lazy-minded person and is seen often lounging around when she's not on a job so to speak. Despite this, she is a very well-respected bounty hunter as she gets the job done when its all said and done. She can give insightful and intelligent advice if she bothers but most don't think she can, as she's far smarter then she lets on.
Powers: Enhanced healing.
Restrictions: Her 'healing' means she has an accerlated healing factor, roughly three times as much of a normal human.(I.E. if it takes a month to heal one injury, for her it would take a week or shorter)
Strength: 5

Speed: 20.

Agility: 15

Durability: 5

Natural ability: 5

Weapons/Precious Items:Hand cuffs. A 'Bingo Book'(list of criminals and the like)
Phobias: Losing her family
Illnesses: Chronic Laziness(Hey, she claims its an illness)
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Part Time Nobus member
History: Galena doesn't talk too much about her past, but that can be argued because she doesn't want her enemies using it against her or her sisters, or maybe she's just not much for revealing things. What is known, is the fact her and her three sisters are part of the bounty hunter business and sometimes help Nobus. Most people who meet Galena wonder how she had survived this long in such a dangerous profession since she seems incredibly lazy and carefree but its quickly forgotten seeing her in action.

It's theorized its a ruse to have people lower her guard.

In reality she's just lazy, but still making a pretty good living off a dangerous profession
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Galena Hunter   2011-01-14, 2:11 am


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Galena Hunter
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