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 RPG Stat Rules/Guidelines

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PostSubject: RPG Stat Rules/Guidelines   2013-05-10, 12:00 pm

Strength: Physical lifting strength, striking power.

Speed: Characters movement speed and reflexes

Ki: General damage output for Ki-related attack, if any.

Magic: Strength of magic-based attacks/techniques, if any.

Physic: It's self explanatory, one's mental abilities if any. If you don't have any of the three, leave this blank.

Natural Ability: This for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else as far as damage out-put go. For example if you have a character that has energy-based powers and they get stronger, then it would go here. Or some other misc ability, it doesn't always have to be damage dealing. You can, if you wish rename Natural Ability with something else instead(I.E. Mana, Chakra, etc basically anything not listed as your natural power) Add as many as you need too.

Soul: The Soul Stat represents luck, willpower,
determination, and spirit, and can sometimes represent psychic ability,
empathy, and unity with nature. A high rating in the Soul Stat helps a
character focus his or her personal energies or life force to go beyond
his or her normal limits and to fuel special abilities. This is also primary used for defense against exotic attacks(such as being possessed and the like)

Note: This is of course if one has any of these relevant stats besides physical abilties. If not, then they could leave them blank or leave them out entirely.


Basically how long a character can continue fighting. For every point you add, its another hour. For example if you had a character with 2 points, it means they could fight for two hours and so on.

Normally, a character starts anywhere from 40 to 380 points or more. Depending on what you have in mind for a character concept so it varies.


I'll explain in detail and try to simplify things of how the stats work and the scale of things work here. Let's go with a quick run down what the stats mean in simple English/gameplay terms. For super forms, keep in mind they increase whatever in universe amount. So for example if it doubes, it doesn't mean you jump from 1k points to 2k just like that.

Strength is very straight forward, an '0' in the strength stat means you either have normal human strength or enhanced strength below a ton(a ton being average super strength) If its above human but below a ton just put what it is in parenthesis(I.E. 400 lbs, 1000 lbs etc) It scales up pretty easily enough. For example when you have a 2 in the strength stat, that means you can lift two tons, when its three it means you can lift three and so on.

Strength Chart.

To keep it as simple as possible, here's a strength scale.

For example, at seventy points you are officially a class seventy. When you hit the hundred mark, a character is capable of pushing apart and moving medium sized buildings. Before then, its even more simple. For example, if you have a '2' in strength, it means you can lift 2 tons. Three points, three, and so on.

At two hundred, a character is capable of doing things like supporting a very large support structure(like a Aircraft carrier). At the 700 mark, a character can move a moon-sized object's weight. At 800, they can support the weight of a being that's close to the size of earth(but not the planet itself)

At 900, they can support a earth-sized planet with effort.

1000. Can destroy a earth-sized planet with a physical blow.

1100 medium planet

1300. Large planet

1800. Can move a(small) star object

2000. Capable of destroying/and or moving large stars.

From that point onward, its scales somewhat similar to damage output. However, the required strength to effect things don't translate to exact destructive power. For example, the points needed to get to dimension busting doesn't mean one can punch out a dimension with their fist at that same level. It does, however, mean they can hurt someone of that kind of durability and so on.


Speed is the characters movement speed, simple enough. Here's what the levels of speed looks like.

1 to ten point range, peak human to sub sonic

20 to 60 point range: Super Sonic(Mach 1 to 5)

70 to one 100+ range: Hyper Sonic(Mach 5-10)

200-300(High hyper Sonic: Mach 25 to 50)

400-500(Relativistic Speed: Mach 50 to 500)

Keeps going around there until you hit, say 700. Which is sublight speed. 900
is light speed, and from then out just another point faster in that
regard since those type of speeds and above become impossible to exactly

Durability is the damage and amount of it your character can take, on the higher levels its compartmentalized; physical and energy.

0=Normal human
1=Peak Human
2=Enhanced Human(can shrugg off normal blows, but not say a hit with a blunt object like a bat)
3=Same as above except the user can now shrugg off blunt damage from blunt edged weapons if swung by someone with normal strength.
4=Slight resistance to piecing/cutting attacks(like blades) but not immune.
5=Slightly improved.
6=Blade proof, normal blades will break upon contact. If swung by someone strong or they're sharp enough on their own, then its another story

All the way to 10, its slightly more resistance to bullets of heavier fire power. At ten a character is capable of taking hits from heavier round guns, at twenty, a character is able to take medium explosive level blast(cars, large trucks). In the thirty range, its large building. in the 40 range its small village level, 50 large village. In the 60 range, large town. And lastly, on the 80, to 90 range its multiple city blocks. At 100 its City Level. After the 100 mark, it would scale the same as damage output.

Note, this means that a character can survive a attack of that level. It doesn't mean, for example, at 100 durability character can take a city level blast all day, just they have the durability to take it unless notably above it. Damage output and durability scale somewhat similar.
Damage Output

(Applies to Natural Ability, Ki or magic) Characters powers come from different sources, whether it be magical in nature as in the case of a magical girl, Ki or simply the natural ability of one's race. What this is, gives at least a general idea how much damage a character can do and the area of effect. The 'magic' score doesn't apply to spells for the most part since some have a fixed damage output, rather more of a natural magical ability and the like. Keep in mind, it means a character is capable of doing that much damage, it doesn't automatically mean if they have a 100 stat, every attack will be a city buster and such. Generally stronger attacks like that have to be charged

1. Weak, around a firecracker level at best.
2. Around what a standard street fighter fire ball is at.
3. Slightly more powerful then before
5=Car destroying.

At ten, its enough to destroy a large truck(think semi) At twenty its a building, 30 large building, 40 a large village. 50 Forest(Multiple city blocks). Then every ten, another city block. And finally at 100 its the fame(or infamous) city busting very few are capable of. At 200 which is much more rare, is enough force to destroy a country, 300 large country. 400 continent. 500 large continent.

600 Multi-continent.

700 Moon-sized objects.

800. Not enough to destroy the planet earth, but enough to cause enough area of effect to engulf something of that size.

900. Able to destroy a earth-sized planet with effort.

1000. Small planet buster.

1100 medium planet buster.

1300. Large planet buster.

1400. Multi-large planet buster.

1800 Star Buster.(small)

2000. Star Buster(large)

2200. Quarter of a solar system.

2400. Half a solar system.

2600. Solar System busting.

2700. Galaxy busting.

3000. Universal Level.(within a single standard sized universe)

That's the normal chart, after it becomes a bit more hazy to quantify properly.

Coming Together.(Example)

If, after reading it still makes no sense to you. Here's hopefully something to finally make it easier to clarify. A simple example


Strength: 7(In plain English, can lift several tons. If it was six, six and so on. Higher numbers can be referenced on the chart)

Speed: 16(going the chart, peak human at the very low end and sub sonic at the higher end)

Durability: 10(Going by the chart, more resistant to standard, lower calibur fire arms and blades. Don't sweat the small stuff; if you're in between, you're in between its just a good bench mark)

Stamina: 5(five, meaning she can fight for five hours)

Soul: 30(basically durability for exotic attacks)

Psyhpher Power: 20(I renamed the natural ability stat, it can be renamed anything really but idea remains the same. Applies to damage output and the like. Going by the chart, at 20 she can destroy buildings and around that area effect. Then only continues to scale up)
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RPG Stat Rules/Guidelines
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