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 The Update Board

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PostSubject: The Update Board   2011-02-17, 1:55 am


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Thread(Link to relevant thread)

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I'll keep it short and sweet. If you've come this far, then you've likely read about the stats, how they work in game and the guidelines for them. That said, here is where you go to update them. Once your character has earned points, you simply post an update here.

Character A:

Strength: 1 Speed: 1+1=2

Agility: 1 Durability: 1+2=3

Natural Ability: 1

Since this character has no Ki, magic or physic I don't include that in there. As you can see I simply added my collected points, I got three total and spread them through the stats. Anyway, after a manager looks over it they'll approve it you're free to go edit the new stats. This is simply done so the bio's don't get cluttered.

Online Calculator

That link above is if you need help figuring something out. That or simply ask. Keep in mind, threads in this section will be deleted after a long enough period to keep it clean.
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The Update Board
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