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 Dysis Funanao

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Dysis Funanao   2011-04-11, 6:37 pm

Character Name: Dysis Funano
Alias: N/A
Apparent Age: 19
Origin: New York
Race: Dhampir(Nosferatu)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 172
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Silver hair, blue eyes. For the rest just see picture.

Known Relatives: Ameila Miranda Funano-Little Sister
Christopher Funano-Father, deceased
Daniele May Funano-Mother
Religion: He used to be a Christian but over time he's been questioning if there really is such thing as god with all the bad things he's seen.
Skills: Basic and domestic skills. Mixed martial arts,skilled with melee weapons. High school education. College education.
Abilities: Nosferatu abilities.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Dysis far and large is a loner, more comfortable hitting a book in a quite library then being in the middle of large social gatherings. He's usually reserved but has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Often times its kept to himself but when especially annoyed bits of it will come up. Somewhat distrustful towards humans besides his mother.

Though a bit distant to strangers at times, if he warms up to you then you couldn't ask for a better loyal friend.
Powers: See Nosferatu Profile
Restrictions: See above.

Strength: 8

Speed: 12

Soul: 12

Agility: 10

Durability: 10

Stamina: 7

Natural Ability: 15
Weapons and Precious Items: Just some everyday items. A picture of his family.
Phobias: Something happening to his sister and mother.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Bouncer/College Student
History: Dysis and his family tried to live a somewhat normal life, as well as ones such as them could at any rate. His father was killed years ago by hunters and ever since then he's had to step up to the plate more and help around the house. His mother at the time had a small family business selling clothes that was drying up at the time due to a combination of stress and other things. Dysis at the time did what he could to help, going as far to take odd jobs as long as it got ends to meet.

In the present time, Dysis works as a bouncer to a somewhat popular club which he dislikes as well as trying to get himself through college so he could do what he really wanted to do: Teach. He's also been keeping up his training as well, just in case he ever had to protect himself or his family, something he hopes doesn't have to come to pass.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Dysis Funanao   2011-04-11, 7:10 pm


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Dysis Funanao
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