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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Sydney   2010-09-23, 3:35 pm

Character Name: Sydney Pandra

Alias: N/A

Apparent Age: 4

Origin: New York

Height: 3'0

Weight: Average for her age

Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Known Relatives: Tiara(Tiamat) Pandra-Adopted mother and the rest of the Pandra family.

Race: Human/Demon

Religion: N/A

Skills: Basic skills

Abilities: Slight enhanced senses

Alignment: Netural Good(though really, she's to young to know better either way)

Personality: Sydney is very quite, and usually very closed off. However, she'll open up if someone actually spends some time with her. She is however very sweet.

Powers: Healing, empath

Restrictions: She can only heal minor wounds(I.E. Cuts, bruises) Can only feel the emotions of one person at one time, and they have to be close by.

Weapons and Precious Items: None

Phobias: Crowds, for some reason if she's in a large crowd of people she'll hyperventilate and start to get scared. It's assumed because of something that had happened in her past.

Illnesses: N/A

Sexual Preferences: N/A, too young for that sort of thing

Occupation: None really


Sydney story is a rather sad one, but only a few people know the details. She was born unwanted, neither parents really wanted anything to do with her. Her mother which she gets her human side from blamed all of her problems on her, abusing her verbally and emotionally but never physical. One day, it became to much and her mother killed herself in a depression by overdosing on pills.

After that, she ended up in Alden's orphanage and met a kindred spirit in Zoe and the two hang around each other often. Eventually, later along the line she was adopted and felt she finally had another place to belong.

Status: Alive

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Sion Reaver

Posts : 7339
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PostSubject: Re: Sydney   2010-09-23, 3:36 pm

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