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 Morgan Brinstorm

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PostSubject: Morgan Brinstorm   2011-04-24, 2:47 am

Character Name: Morgan Brinstorm
Alias: The Last Dragon
Apparent Age: 23
Origin: Unknown
Race: Dragon Demon
Height: 5'11(30'8 high and 60 feet long, dragon form)
Weight: 132(10 tons dragon form)
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Human Form

Dragon Form

Known Relatives: All deceased, that she knows of
Religion: N/A
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Advanced hand to hand and swordwoman skills. Survival skills. A lot of knowledge of supernatural elements.
Abilities/Supernatural abilities: Enhanced senses(weak to the opposing effects) Flight on bat-like wings and eyes like most her kind turn red when angry. Ability to get stronger(by training/fighting)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Calm, logical and a bit on the cold side at times. She respects strength and disdains weakness for the most part. She is very independent and prefers her own company then anyone elses. However, Morgan does have a sense of honor and she always repays her debt, honors her word and never picks on the weak or helpless.
Powers: Super human stats. Enhanced healing and electricity manipulation which is red in color. Dragon form
Restrictions: Her healing depends on the wound(cuts takes minutes while something broken takes hours)

She can shoot lines of electricty or compressed into a ball that has kinetic force behind it. She can also create a 'shockwave' from her person of a twelve feet radius. Use of her electricity will tire her person with over use. Dragon form doubles her stats.

Strength: 32

Durability: 35

Speed: 15

Soul: 24

Stanima: 17

Natural Ability: 34
Special Moves:

Lighting Breath:(True form only) fires a powerful stream of lighting.

Weaver Claw: A claw made of electricty, which explodes doing moderate damage on impact.

Silver Impact: A bust of lighting fired from her person 360 degree's(area of effect) standard is ten feet but depends on how much power she puts into it.
Super Moves: Chain Lighting: As the title says, a move that chains together lighting if the targets are close. It will 'bounce' to the nearest enemy(assuming its close enough) but they have to be within five feet within range of each other.
Super Form/Alernate Form: N/A
Weapons and Precious Items: Her claws, basic items.
Zenken: The large great sword in the pic, its actually an sentient blade. .
Phobias: Being powerless
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Straight; though she takes little interest in that sort of thing.
Occupation: Mercenary/Wanderer
Rank: Inuyasha
History: This was completely and utterly degrading.

Not only had Morgan had needed help in some battle with some creature(She didn't know what it was, but it wasn't a demon) but it had been from two humans. A Miko and some human who used some strange magical cards for odd effects like cutting through things.

She had taken quite the beating, and if the pain in her ribs along with the fact she was bandaged had anything to say about it, it would take a bit of time for even her to recover. Morgan, irritated about her inability to get out of bed simply laid back down. She didn't know where she was, but she guessed judging from the relatively plain room it was a village of some sorts.

Just as well.

However, loathe as she was to say it since they had saved her life she owed them a life debt. That wasn't something that could easily be repaid back without saving their lives in return so she might be at this for a while; something she wasn't too happy about.

The door creaked open and from it stood a old woman, in human years she guessed around sixty but she had aged well. The priestess robe lead Morgan to believe she was also a Miko of some kind. There was also the younger Miko she had encountered, along with the strange male human that used those playing cards of his.

"I see you're awake child." The old woman said in a kind voice. "How are you feeling?"

It was too noisy. Morgan just wanted to sleep but she wasn't completely without manners. "I'll live. Thanks for helping me."

The old woman chuckled. "I'm afraid that honor goes to my student Kaori here and the young man Lex. My name is Aya child, may I have your name?"


She wasn't going to give away her last name that easily.

Sensing or rather feeling Morgan wanted to be left alone for now to lick her wounds, Aya decided it was time for them to leave. "I'll leave you be then. Come then Kaori and Lex, we have work to be done and it isn't going to finish itself."

The Dragon Demon watched them leave and then slid back into the bed. Sighing.

How troublesome.
* *

About three days had passed since Morgan had ended up in this village and she was well enough to walk around but she wasn't at full strength yet for a serious fight. She had learned Aya was a extremely powerful Miko and Kaori though younger wasn't a slouch, as she was her granddaughter after all. As she expected, powers like that were passed down and couldn't be taught. If they had, demon hunters would have tried to learn it in droves.

Lex was a strange one. The human liked to talk. A lot. About nothing in particular really but she guessed that was how she was. She had been curious what sort of trick the cards were, but Lex had said simply that it was a family ability and she left it alone at that. It still seemed strange to her to use normal-looking cards to fight, even said person could slice through a tree with them.

Morgan had reluctantly told them it was a matter of honor she'd repay them somehow for saving her life. She didn't like 'owing' people anything but a person to her was only as good as their word. If your word didn't mean anything, then in her opinion the person was worthless.

In the mean time, she simply did some light practicing. She couldn't go full out and train, not how she usually did and wanted until she recovered. But there wasn't much else to do in the village that was located not that far from a temple close by(it was within walking distance)

So instead, she opted to meditate in her guest room. It would give her some needed mental exercise and begin to think.

Not for the first time, the Dragon Demon pondered how things had ended up the way it was. Humans were weak and cowardly for the most part, so how did it then, that had become the dominant species on the planet? It was long ago that demons were the ones that were dominant, so how did, was it that humans had ended the dominant race on this earth?

It puzzled the demoness. Now a days most demons kept a lower profile, at least the smart ones and many of the ancient blood lines were gone; she wouldn't be surprised if she was the last or at least one of the last of her kind. Humans were weak, had no real special abilities usually and weren't abnormally intelligent so..what was it then? What had they possessed that let them come on as the top species on earth?

Perhaps her kind had developed hubris. After all, they had been more then powerful enough to easily dispatch humans like flies. A single Daiyōkai was capable of laying waste to very large groups of humans by themselves even when vastly outnumbered. But during this, the demons didn't had lost sight of fact the humans were rapidly advancing in numbers and technology.

The price was the time of demons coming to an end as the dominant race on earth.

It didn't sadden her, it was their own fault. Now the smarter ones simply blended into the background to survive in a rapidly changing world. However, there were very few Daiyōkai left, herself included. She wasn't all that strong for one, but that really was because she was young, even by human years.

Still, she doubted she'd find all the answers right now but it was something she had pondered about more then a few times.

Slowly, she got up, ignoring most of the people in the village as she tried to track down where Aya was. It wasn't really hard to find the old Miko in her own small house that was located just of the far end of the village. As she predicted, the old woman was there but she wasn't busy for once so Morgan got to talk to her alone.

"Can I help you young one?" If it weren't for the fact Morgan was, in fact younger then her in both human and demon years, she'd find the statement amusing. It surprisingly didn't annoy her, same with being called 'child' by her. Why that was, she didn't know.

"I want to know when Kaori and Lex will be heading out." She said simply, to the point. "If I don't travel with them at this rate I'll be stuck with my life debt forever."

Aya just smiled, turning away and looking out the window. "Ah, I see. So you want be free to do your own thing."

"I thought that obvious." Morgan wasn't sure what the strange old woman was getting at, she confused her on more then one occasion.

"Can I ask you something then child?" Aya asked, still looking out the window. "You once said you seek power, but why so eagerly?"

"It's simple. Might controls everything. Without power you can't do anything."

"Hm. I see. Though, if its power for the sake of power, what's after?"

Morgan frowned at this, trying to think. What would she do? "I suppose I'd continue to live on until I'd die from natural causes or met my end by the hands of another."

Aya didn't answer right away. "That's interesting. You know, there is many different kinds of strength and some isn't just about how strong you are in battle. Look." She indicated out the window. Outside were children playing. "Some get their strength when protecting others. Some don't have any battle power to speak of, but have an indomitable spirit and will. I'm not saying your view is wrong, just to think about what I said."

"Hn." Morgan decided that was enough for the day of the 'lecture' for now, but she'd store it away for later. "I'll be leaving but I will..think about this. I won't promise anything else." Maybe she'd find the answer she had been looking for in her mediation when their journey began.

Aya watched her leave and sighed, though seemed content. She just hoped it turned out all right in the end but only time would tell.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Morgan Brinstorm   2011-04-24, 1:50 pm


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Morgan Brinstorm
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