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PostSubject: Griffyn   2011-06-09, 10:30 pm

Character Name: Griffyn
Alias: None
Apparent Age: 20 -30
Origin: Furya
Race: Furyan
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 170
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: None. All were killed in the destruction of her Planet Furya
Religion: None
Skills: She has learned many different styles of fighting and managed to turn them into something all her own. She specializes in fighting with Blades. Knives, swords Etc.
Abilities: All Furyan's are born with a palm print some where on their body to show where they come from and who they are. It glows when a natural energy burst that builds up as a last defense that takes down all enemies around one's self. Also have heightened sense of sight and hearing, strength and agility.
Alignment: Neutral, but leans mostly to good.
Personality: Sarcastic. Rough around the edges and dosent do anything unless it comes for a price or provoked.
Powers: None
Restrictions: None
Strength: 2

Speed: 2

Agility: 5



Physic: 3

Durability: 2

Stamina: 3

Natural ability: 1
Weapons and Precious Items: Small knife that she tucks into her belt. Two Twin curved blades. One side arm.
Phobias: Fire
Illnesses: Frequent and worsening vision problems.
Sexual Preferences: Males.
Occupation: Mercenary
History: She remembers very little of her Family, but she knows well who her people were. Great warriors of the Galaxy. She was found and saved as a child from her burning home and put on a small ship that saved very and precious few of the Furyan people. At least those of her clan and she hopes that she is not the last.

She was raised by an elderly Furyan that had lost his arm in the fight for their Planet and he taught Griffyn what he could and what he could, she picked up. After his sad death, she went out on her own at age 14. Quickly she learned to fight and defend herself and that when on your own, she had to look out for herself cause no one else would.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Griffyn   2011-06-09, 11:16 pm

Welcome to the group, always nice to see a new member. I see nothing wrong with it, so Approved.
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