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 THe dark side of the Universe

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PostSubject: THe dark side of the Universe   2011-06-10, 1:01 am

(This is an RP for The Chronicles of Riddick. This takes place after the events of last movie)

In the dark corner of the Pub of the growing City of Helion Prime, The jewel of the Helion Quadrant, a woman sat alone Sipping from the drink she had been given. She kept her eyes to the table and away from the lights that shown through out the pub and even the city, her hood giving her more cover of the light and only adding to the mystery of the woman that some patrons watched in passing curiosity. Simply listening to the shattering and laughter of all around her.

"Strange that you should where a hood inside." Said a man as he came and sat across from her.

"not that it is a matter of your stranger. Move on." She said with out even giving him a glance and sipped her drink again.

"Come now. I'm not hear to cause any trouble...but to merely make a...transaction."
This caught her attention as her head gave a slight turn toward him.
"I'm listening." She said.

"You know of the Necromongers don't you?"
"You would have to be an idiot if you didn't."
"yes...well. A few of us...need their leader disposed of...though they have left us in peace these few years since the man took the life of the Lord marshal, many fear their return."

She chuckled, "And Hear I thought you were a peaceful people....I'm Impressed. How much?"

"How much do you want?" The stranger asked.
"Oh...never lay out blank deal if you cannot fulfill it later." She warned, looking at him and watching his face for any tell tail signs of laying. But she only saw signs of Nervousness and fear.

"I'm letting you name your price. What ever it is, it will be payed as long as the new Lord Marshal Riddick is killed."

She smirked and swallowed the rest of her drink. "Deal." She stood and leaving a but of money for the pub girl to collect for the drink. "I didn't catch your name miss." The man said as he too stood as she stepped away from the table, her back to him.
"Its Griffyn." And she walked out. The man released a breath he hadn't realized her had been holding, but he only sucked it back in as a rather larger and broader figure came up to him. "Has she excepted?"

"Y....Yes...shes on her way." He said shakily as the shrouded figure placed a hand on the smaller mans shoulder and lead him out of the pub. "M..May i have my payment now? I have done what you asked, Lord Vakko."

Vakko removed his hood once they were only in the empty side street outside the pub. "Yes." He said before he plunged a Knife with sharp and jagged edges into the other mans stomach. "Your payment."
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THe dark side of the Universe
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