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 Twilight Moon

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PostSubject: Twilight Moon   2011-09-22, 1:07 am

*Role Play is for Johnny, Steph M, and Steph F. Possible Mature content 18+ to read, there is no original characters this is complexly our own only things the same is location/setting*

I was finally a day without rain, in fact for the past month it was rain free in the lovely forest covered town of Forks Washington, the weather had cleared up instead of being a cloudy dark day the sun was warm and high and not a cloud in the sky and the smell of salt water from the beach even carried all the way to the school.

With not a cloud in the sky a rather cheerful teenager walked down the street caring a bag over her shoulder, as her red hair blazed like fire in the warm sunlight that ran against her skin. She sighed happily and continued to the school, it was a simple day just like all the other days and well even though the sun was shinning it would still not change the fact that school was boring as hell and NOTHING every seemed to change that fact here in little forks.

The girl would continue onto the school rounding a corner and heading down the parking lot that was just outside the school as students where heading to it as well so again same old things that just continued to repeat themselves. Shacking her head she just chuckled and started up the stairs and through the doors moving to her locker so that she could dump some things into it course she would let her eyes go over the people that walked down the halls, some people where in their only clicks already she had hers which was the more athletic group such as the track runners and the swimmers.

Some of the girls from the same click as her came over and they chatted nothing out of the ordinary as they headed towards their classes and hers happened to be History, oh the joy of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight Moon   2011-09-24, 10:14 pm

Corinne walked into the school through the side door off the parking lot. She looked around the school with a sigh. But not one of either sadness nor disgust or even elation. The school was much smaller and seemed less active then her last school back in Seattle.
Her first day.

"Well...should be alright." She said and walked further in and looked around for the office to get her schedule.

But when failing to find it on her own she walked up to a group of girls that looked rather athletic. "Excuse me..can you help me. I cant seem to find the office...its my first day and I am sort of lost.
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Twilight Moon
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