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 Corinne Carson

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PostSubject: Corinne Carson   2011-09-22, 4:14 am

Character Name: Corinne Carson
Alias: Cori, Cici
Apparent Age: 17
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Race: Human
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 130lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Slightly tanned skin. Pouty lips that are a gentle shade of pink. Brown hair that stop's about the shoulder blades and is cut into layers and chocolate eyes.

Known Relatives: Father, Phillip Carson. Mother Lily Carson (Dead)
Religion: Believes in all religions but doesn't have a select one she believes more.
Skills: Skilled cook and has a fantastic memory thanks to her photographic memory and ability to retain information.
Abilities: Basic. Very book smart.
Alignment: Good
Personality: A bit of a know it all. She Is is very quiet and shy and keeps to herself with a book in hand. She has one or two friends that she talks to, most of the time about books and school. When she is not reading or at the library, she is at the local bakery, her after school job that she works at.
Weapons and Precious Items: A necklace that has a picture of her mother in it.
Phobias: Heights
Illnesses: none that she and her father know of. but they fear that she may someday suffer from the same rare blood disorder that killed her mother.
Sexual Preferences: Male
Occupation: Part time barrister/Baker
History: Born to Father Phillip and Mother Lily Carson, Corinne had a happy childhood. At the time she was a happy and outgoing child till her mother died of a blood disorder that snuck up on the family. Since her mother died when she was young, Corinne missed out on all the things a mother and daughter go through and so she grew to be a little awkward in certain situations. She drew her self inward and into her books, using them in a way as an escape from the harshness of reality.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Corinne Carson   2011-09-22, 2:04 pm

Normal human from the looks of it. Approved.
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Corinne Carson
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