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 Erika Penaloza

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PostSubject: Erika Penaloza   2010-09-27, 4:37 pm

Ericka Penaloza
Alias: Like a nickname or something else they may go by.

Sister Superior
Apparent Age: 23
New York, New York
Race: What matter of being are they?
Mostly Human, has some rather diluted demonic blood in her though, to the point where she's about 90% human and 10% demon.
Height: Height
6 feet tall.
Weight: Their weight
167 lbs
Gender: Male or Female?
Physical Description: What they look like. An picture or description will work.

Known Relatives: Known relatives.
Has aunts and uncles and cousins but never sees them. Her parents are deceased.
Religion: Christian
Skills: What learned skills(not powers) your character has learned.
Martial Arts, Sword Fighting, Magic, Gun slinging.
Abilities: Things your character can do naturally or by other means. If its like an power, then it needs to be treated as such.(I.E Flight on wings would require none, but enhanced senses would.)
Sealing Magic and Black Magic
Alignment: Their alignment. Can be good, evil or neutral as well as any combination of the three.
Chaotic Good
Personality: Character's general personality and mannerisms.
Arrogant, Cocky and Rude, she is also a noble warrior who fights for justice.
Slight healing factor
Able to Merge with her sword.
Superhuman Stats
Her strength and durability are limited to 4 tons and she is only as fast as a peak physical human.
She heals three times as fast as a normal human, but can still be injured and fatal injuries are fatal.
Her sealing magic requires preparation and a powerful enough opponent can overcome it, leaving her vulnerable.
Black Magic requires a chant and the more powerful the spell, the longer the incantation.
Merging with her sword exhausts her.
Special Techniques: Special techniques, what their based on depends on the character.
Fire spell, lightning spell, hellfire spell, lightning sword, fire sword.
Super Techniques: Like above, only much stronger.
Xandrler Bite: Her sword opens it's jaws wide and the teeth grow before it bites on the opponent, cutting them in half.
Super Forms: Any super forms a character may have(I.E. Super Sayain, Devil Jin and Shin Akuma)
Xandrler Merge: Erika holds up her sword Xandrler's eyes glow as it 'liquefies' and merges with her arm, turning her arm into black armor with two of the eyes on it and her left eye turning demonic. Her arm grows long pincers that she can use to attack. She can only use it for 5 minutes, during which the strength in that arm is doubled. When time is up or she releases Xandrler, Erika is exhausted and has trouble walking for awhile.
Class:(Classifcation of the various fighters I.E. Z-Fighter, Street Fighter, Naruto-styled Ninja's etc)
Devil May Cry
Weapons and Precious Items: Characters precious items.
Xandrler, her living sword.

Customized Desert Eagle

The Super Eagle, custom built by her friend Sister Hunadaru. This Desert Eagle had it's muzzle length extended, and the firing pin was energized for maximum firepower. The weapon is platinum plated, thus making the Super Eagle ludicrously heavy. The firepower is enough to break one's arm if used in an ordinary human's hands.
Her Cross/Locket she wears around her neck.
Phobias: What they fear the most
Fear of losing her soul
Illnesses: Illness they may have.

Erika has a drinking problem.
Sexual Preferences: What gender your character is attracted to.
Occupation: What your character does.
Demon Hunter/'Nun"
History: Their history, at least a few lines. No history, no approval.
Growing up in New York, Erika was normal for most of her life. It wasn't until her early high school years that things changed. Coming home from school, she found her parents torn apart by a demon. Too frightened to move, Erika was viciously attacked by the demon before it gave her an ultimatum: Be his slave or be ripped apart like her family. Erika surrendered. She was taken away from her home by the demon and lived under it's rule for a year until the day she found her courage. When the demon was asleep, Erika slipped out of her cuffs and went into the kitchen and she grabbed the sharpest knife she could find and then ran into the room and viciously stabbed the demon. It woke up and attacked her. It was this fight that woke up the smidgen of demonic blood in her. Erika killed the demon but passed out from her wounds soon after.
She would awaken later in a white room surrounded by people in white suits. They introduced themselves as people who had a vested interest in exterminating uncontrolled demons and that since she had killed one on her own at such a young age, they gave her the chance to work with them. Erika agreed. For the next several years she trained and her abilities grew. On her 20th Birthday, she was given a task: Find and seal the power of the devil sword Xandrler. Erika hunted down and confronted the sword, then being wielded by a demon. Erika fought them both and after a vicious battle emerged victorious. She attempted to seal the sword, only for Xandrler to swear it's loyalty to her, explaining it's desire for a strong master. At first uncertain, Erika was soon ambushed. Soon running out of ammo, she had no choice but to take up the sword. The two fought together as an amazing team and slew the attacking demons. Grateful for the sword's help, she returned to the Organization. After explaining things, the organization heads came to the decision to seal the majority of the sword's power until a later time that she was deemed in complete control of it's power. The deed was done but Erika was warned that should the sword corrupt her and cause her to lose her human soul, they will consider her a devil and come after her. Erika swore she never would.
Erika is currently an active demon hunter.
Status: Alive or dead, for now.

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PostSubject: Re: Erika Penaloza   2010-09-27, 4:49 pm

Looks good to me Approved.
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Erika Penaloza
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