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 Morning Entertainment

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PostSubject: Morning Entertainment   2011-10-02, 5:59 pm

(Don't ask me to explain this, I don't know. Useless fluff, lol.)

Rick awoke early Christmas morning. He felt curiously sated and hard at the same time. He'd spent most of the night exercising Karin's control over how loud she was, and despite his high stamina, he didn't feel like moving any time soon. Even if he still wanted Karin as if it was still their first month together. Of course, the kids downstairs didn't care.

A few minutes after he managed to roll to his side and drape himself over Karin comfortably, the door opened. Knowing everything of importance was covered, he merely blinked blearily at Erika.

"Rick? Karin?" Erika took a few steps into the darkened room. "It's Christmas. Mom said everyone has to get up and have coffee before we can open presents."

Karin groaned as she opened her eyes. She lay on her stomach, face pressed into the pillow towards the door. She gestured wildly behind her. "Blame him. I can't move."

Erika frowned at Rick, her face turning worried. "Rick, what'd you do?"

Rick blinked at the ten year-old, caught by her accusing tone. Karin snorted into her pillow, turning her head to muffle her laugh. Clara appeared then and took in the couple's current position and Erika standing amidst it and hurried over to the little girl.

"Erika, how bout we let them have a few moments to wake up, okay?"

Erika turned to her as she pointed at the couple. "But Mom, Rick did something to Karin." Rick felt Karin shaking with laughter as Clara slowly pulled Erika from the room. "She said she can't move. Why would he do that?"

"I don't know, sweetheart."

"He ruined our Christmas."

"Erika, he did not. Now come on."

"But if Karin can't move then she can't come down the stairs and have coffee and then we can't open presents." The door closed on Clara's exasperated face as she closed it behind her and Erika.

Karin laughed outright then. Rick gave her an annoyed look. "Troublemaker."

She rolled onto her back to grin up at him. "Maybe she'll send Aiko up to save me from you and your evil, Christmas-ruining ways."

Deciding he could move, he shifted up above her. Tweaking her nipple, he quickly rolled off the bed as she sat up, indignant. "Rick!"

He smirked as he grabbed his pants and started pulling them on. "Oh, look. You can move." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Guess Christmas is saved." He lifted a brow, waiting for her reaction. She relaxed though, her face taking on that dreamy quality she got at random times when looking at him.

Her lips quirked then as she shifted up onto her knees. "If you want, we can ruin it again in the shower?"

Amused, he lifted a knee onto the bed as he leaned towards her, chin resting on his fist. "I think Erika might bust in if she realized you could make it as far as the shower."

Karin sighed. "When I have kids, they're going to know their place. Which is silent and unseen until sent for." She was kidding, but that wasn't the point.

He straightened as she rolled to her feet on the other side of the bed. "Kids?"

Karin froze. She turned to give him a wide-eyed look. "I mean, not that I need them…there are kids all over the place around me. Our friends, the ones I teach, the ones I pass on the street and see on TV and..." Rick had slowly moved towards her as she rambled and stopped right before her. She normally wasn't shy and now was no different as she stood naked before him. Picking up the sheet, he wrapped it around her as she started to shiver. Pulling her against him in the same move, he held her gaze.

"You want kids, Karin?"

"Uh…maybe." She drew out the word 'maybe'.


"Well, it kinda depends on you, I guess. You having the…sperm and all."

He grimaced, looking down. "Well, that's the thing, Karin. I guess I should've mentioned it earlier…" He looked up to meet her questioning gaze. "After all, I'm a clone, and while I'm going to live out a normal lifespan now, I don't know if I—"

"You can."

Rick blinked. "Excuse me?"

She nodded. "You can. Have children, I mean. You're capable, that is." At his confused frown, she continued sheepishly. "Ignis…she, uh, had you tested when she made you have that physical. She was getting sick of your 'bitchy emo funk' over things, so...don't worry though, I reamed her out for it. She was trying to help, but should have asked..."

Rick stared at her, before lowering his eyes. She fidgeted as she watched what she said sink in. "So, uh, do you…want kids?"

He looked at her at that. "I'd want yours."

Even though she lit up in joy, she quirked a skeptical brow. "Really?" He nodded. "How many?"

"I'm not sure..."

"Maybe three?"

"How 'bout one."


"One and a half then?"

"Sounds good. Though I wouldn't mind more."

His lips quirked then. Pulling her close, he kissed the top of her head. "I'll shower first. Guard the door in case Erika decides to take her revenge."

Karin giggled and nodded. "Though I'm sure if you put your mind to it, Rick, you could take her." She turned to search for her clothing.

Rick snorted as he opened the door. "A ten-year-old on Christmas morning? A lose-lose situation if I ever heard one."


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Morning Entertainment
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