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 A Little Help From Above

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PostSubject: A Little Help From Above   2011-10-02, 8:56 pm

(This is a rewrite of a back and forth skit that myself and Sion did. I cleaned it up and turned it into this.)

Anya had heard of Krista's desire to talk to her, but the girl's nerves wouldn't allow her to actually talk to 'The Great Mother'. Thankfully, Anya was a patient one, and Levante had no desire to let Krista lose this chance. "Take your time, young one. I'll be around for a bit, and I'll gladly listen to what you wish to say, so don't worry."

Levante nodded to Krista, pulling her out of her hiding place around the corner. "You see? There's nothing to be nervous about Krista. Do you want to regret years from now actions not taken?"

Krista bit her lip, shaking her head slowly. "No.."

"Then, you know what you have to do. I've had plenty of past regets from things I haven't done, I don't want you to repeat them. So," here he pushed the young angel gently toward Anya, "Go. She's shy right now Lady Anya, so just coax her." With a bow, Levante left in a dark cloud of energy.

Krista hesitated, then took a deep breath. "I'm sorry... I just got real nervous, but I'm okay now."

Anya just smiled gently in response. "No need to apologize, I can understand your nerves. People tend to get that way around me. At least you are not on your knees begging for mercy...that always depresses me, as if people think I'm there to bring my wrath upon them or something." She sighed softly, then continued. "Anyway, I'm listening, young one."

"I know this seems small, but someone I know makes me feel funny, and its really hard to think when they're around. I don't think that's normal.. But when I thought about not being around them anymore it hurts," Here she put a hand to her heart, "here. Just a little. I don't know what it is, is something wrong with me? I don't feel that way around my other friends."

Anya just smiled softly, then conjured a door in midair and opened it, revealing a large, beautiful meadow on the other side, a single bench in the middle under an enormous tree and facing a large, clear lake. She beconed Krista inside and closed the door, which disappeared, before going and sitting on the bench, patting the seat next to her. "Krista, sit with me, please."

Krista hesistated before shyly going after her. After she sat down, she looked around. "Lady Anya, what is this place?"

"That lake is, truly, the Well of Souls. It is where souls are cleansed of their sins before being reincarnated into a new body."

Krista looked rather surprised. "Oh, I see... I never thought it really existed until now. So do you know why I feel strange around my friend?"

Anya responded with a warm smile. "Krista, do you know what I am most proud of? What it is within my creations that makes me feel that I have truly done something worthwhile?"

Krista tilted her head, thinking. "..Emotions?"

Anya just smiled again. "Mm, very close. In many ways, you are right, but in some ways, not. Emotions tie in strongly to it though. Compassion, and love, Krista. When things become dire, and I begin to doubt my's seeing the extraordinary amount of compassion and love that some can show to others that makes me remember why it is that I created the things I did....tell me about this friend, Krista."

"Oh, we'll, he's very nice and he was my first friend when I came to earth from Celestia. I..didn't really have any friends before then...except Etna, but I don't see her much. I've known this friend since I came to earth. His name is Sunohara, he lives by himself in a dorm... and Tomoya teases him a lot."

Anya just nodded, looking toward the lake, a small, almost mischievous smile on her lips. "I see. So, is he perfect, or no?"

"No. Nobody is perfect, I'm not perfect. He makes mistakes and I do too. Sometimes he even makes me mad and I'm not sure why but I'm happy to see him. When he's happy I'm happy.."

"Ah. So he is imperfect, and yet you accept his flaws. Do you like him the way he is, or do you wish to change him?"

Krista shook her head firmly. "I wouldn't want to change him, I like him how he is. Because despite his flaws, its part of what makes him Sunohara. I wouldn't want anyone to change me either even if I'm not perfect."

"Mm. So, tell me Krista. When you see him, what exactly do you feel?" She placed a hand over her own heart there. "Here?"

Krista frowned, thinking it over. "It's...hard to describe, but it almost feels like I'm going to burst...or something. I get happy when he's around, but I felt weird when another girl at the beach was talking to him."

Anya couldn't help but giggle a bit at that, and gently ran a hand through Krista's hair. "Do you truly not know, Krista? You are a very smart girl, and I'm trying to give you the clues you need to piece it together. You accept him for his flaws, and don't wish to change him. You are happiest when he is around and you physically hurt when he is not...Krista, what you are feeling is not strange. It's beautiful."

She sighed softly, a serene smile on her lips. "Krista, you have found the thing that some never find. The greatest of treasures that, sadly, many overlook. You have something special, Krista. Something that nobody can take away from you. It is something that I myself long for." She gently cupped Krista's cheek, looking into her eyes. "You, my beautiful little angel, have found love."

Krista's eyes widened as it slowly sank in. "I-I'm in love with Sunohara? I-I'm not even sure if he even likes me that way.."

Anya sighed, but smiled. Krista was just too adorable and innocent. "Ah, how blind the young are.... Krista, maybe you should ask him how he feels about you? See if he'd like to go on a date. Love is precious, and it would be a shame to let it slip through your fingers just because of insecurities. You have found love, now take hold of it. Show him how you feel. I'm quite sure that will be the motivation he needs to admit his own feelings."

Krista slowly smiled, but shyly. "Okay Lady Anya..I'll try. I should get going now, I don't want to wait anymore before I lose my nerve."

Anya again ran a hand through Krista's hair gently, straightening her hair out a bit at the same time. "Go to him, my beautiful little angel. If anyone deserves the happiness that love brings, it's you. Now go." She playfully made a shooing motion as a door appeared. "And be sure to tell me how things go the next time we meet."

Krista nodded firmly, determination shining in her eyes. "I will, thank you!" Krista ran out the door, as a portal appeared, a familiar face stepping out.

"I always come at the most oddest times it seems. Pep talk with the young one I take it? I know you wanted to talk to me about something."

Anya smiled at the door Krista left through as it again disappeared, and Anya sighed wistfully. "I envy her and the others...their ability to find love and happiness so easily. Not like you and me, Marcus. You, some would say you are blessed. Blessed with eternal life. I... I die, only to be reborn exactly the same. We know better though. We are both cursed, in a way, are we not? You are cursed to outlive anyone you may love, and I am cursed to outlive or forget them..."

Marcus sat down on the bench, nodding softly. "Yes, eternal life isn't as glamarous as some would think. I'm not really even old, I just take the shape of an old man because that's how I feel inside." He chuckled a bit at that. "Look at us, we sound our age, reminiscing on things already past...well, in lighter news, things seem to be going quite well in the Earth realm with Reinforische and her sisters looking after it."

Anya nodded to that. "Indeed..." She was silent for a moment, a faraway look in her eyes. "You know, I'm a rather pitiful being, Marcus. Born with the power to create anything...and yet I gave away most of my power, feeling it to be too selfish to create another being who could eternally stay by my side. How could I subject another to this existance? I could reclaim that power if I truly wanted to...but I see no reason to do so."

"I don't think you are pitiful... a pitiful being wouldn't pause to think about such things, they'd take it. That's more then I can say about a lot of my people they lost their way. I don't need to bring up the guardian a version of Terra ran into.."

Anya frowned a bit at that. "Mm, you are right. And he used to have such promise. I don't understand how or why he changed so much to become so...twisted... Marcus, you are retiring soon, correct?"

Marcus seemed a bit surprised by the sudden change of topic. "Yes, I figured its about time for someone with a newer perspective to step up, Seigan is one of the few I trust not get corrupted by it... and of course, Maria will keep him company. His life-span would be extended but he wouldn't be immortal, thankfully."

"They are good for eachother...and Seigan can also be trusted to find his own successor as well... Marcus, your lot is done, you know."

Marcus paused, wondering what Anya was getting at. "What do you mean?"

Anya placed her hand gently on his in response. "Marcus, you have done so much good in your life, but you have also suffered. You lost all you ever loved, and are doomed for it to happen again, just as I am.... but I see no sense in both of us suffering when it's within my power to make your dream come true. Marcus, I'm going to give you the life you always wanted. Once more, you are going to live the life of a normal man. You will start as a child, and continue on until you are a wizened old man... and then you will pass on, your extraordinarily long life finally coming to a peaceful end."

Marcus just stared in awe for a moment, before gratitude showed through. "...Thank you... You have no idea how much this means to me. I have no love for being in this position any longer but I admit to being reluctant to part with all the memories I made, starting over again. Even if some of them are painful..."

"I can easily alter things as you may wish, Marcus, my friend. If you wanted, I could simply alter the flow of the energies within you so that you would have a set life-span but would keep your memories, if that is what you would prefer. It's up to you. Either way, I'll make sure you life long enough that you'll be able to see your grandchildren growing up before you pass on."

Marcus smiled softly. "I would like that. I'll have to let you know when I retire. Making a small suggestion..I don't think any new souls should be born in that 'True' dimension. It seems a rather unstable place, in a number of ways. Seems someone used powers like yours to create these 'Mystics' but I wouldn't call them perfect. That aside, thank you again Anya... Hm, maybe I should hang around Hades before then..."

Anya was silent for a moment, and the two friends just enjoyed eachother's company...until Anya spoke up. "...Marcus, would you mind if I made a selfish request?"

Marcus just raised an eyebrow. "Of course not."

Anya hesitated, then sighed. "'s alright with you... I would like a small taste of the life I'm giving you... One of my 'clones'... do you think you would be opposed to me as your partner in life? Even as a clone, it's still me. I'd grow old and die with you...we could have a family. I know it's selfish, but..." Anya closed her eyes, as light tears ran down her cheeks. "I'm...I'm so very lonely, Marcus..."

Marcus looked on sadly, before gently putting his hand on Anya's. "You're not selfish and I don't want to hear that from you again. A selfish being would have bended things to their will or how they see fit just because you could, but you don't. As for your question, we'll, not much would make this old man happier."

Anya responded with a warm smile, wiping at her eyes briefly. "Thank you, Marcus... w-well, I shouldn't keep you any longer... you have a bit more work to do before you retire, namely preparing Seigan for his work. Meet me back here when it is time, Marcus, and we'll take that journey into our new lives, okay? We'll pick a realm to live in and everything..."

"All right, I'll be going... besides, Lexington still owes me money. I'll be back soon Anya." He opened a portal, leaving through it.

Anya sat back and closed her eyes, smiling softly as Marcus left. "Thank you as well, my friend...I look forward to our life together, however brief... and I wish I could say I'll be able to cherish the memories, but with how I am..." She sighed heavily. "At least I can enjoy it while it lasts..."


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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A Little Help From Above
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