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 One Phone Call Away

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PostSubject: One Phone Call Away   2011-10-02, 9:04 pm

(This is what happens when Ariana is stuck at home while Gig is off killing things for some reason. The reasons...leave it to the imagination.)



"Wah…Gig? What the hell are you doin', callin' me in the middle of the night?"

"Hellcat, it's three in the afternoon."

"Yeah, for you, maybe. Anyway, how are-hey! I'm supposed to be mad at you, bastard! Why the hell did you call?"

"Heh, idiot. You're still angry about that?"

"Well, who wouldn't be? God, I thought I was going to see you soon."

"…You know I can't, Hellcat."

"I don't care. You said you'd be back in a few months and it's two weeks past your due! You promised you'd be here for Christmas…I was up all night, waitin'."

*sigh* "Ariana…you know that if I could, I'd be back there in a second. But shit here hasn't exactly been looking up. The food supply is short and I think some of the men is sick. They need me. You know that. These dumbasses would get slaughtered if not for me."

"I know, I know…You could have at least called. You have no idea h-how w-w-worried…"

"Hellcat, please don't- "

"Shuddup, bastard. I'm not cryin'."

"…Hn. Please, I can practically hear you bawling."



"God, why the hell do I even put up with you?!"

"You know exactly why."

"…So how are- "

"How's things there?"

"Don't change the subject- "

"Are those kids still pranking you?"

"Hey! You have no idea what it's like to put up with these brats everyday! I give them a good education in combat and they think settin' shit on fire is funny!"

"…Hn. Reminds me of you."

"What was that?"


"...So anyway, nothin' big's been happenin' here, really. But hey, Moka's pregnant and guess who she asked to be the godmother?"

"Big mistake on her part then. We all know the kid'll be fucked up with you around."


"I heard there was a blizzard moving around down there. Watch the ice."

"Gig, I'm a grown woman. I think I know how to take care of myself. And can just melt the fuckin' ice."

"Says the woman who fell on her ass, tripping over air."

"I swear to God, there was something there!"






"I miss you."



"Yeah, I'm here. Don't say such embarrassing things."

"Ah, you bastard! Here I am, strippin' myself of my fuckin' dignity and tellin' you that I miss you and you- "

"Ariana, if you keep saying that shit, I'll lose control over what I do; my urge to see you will only strengthen. I'll have to hurry back home, and that'll cause trouble. Now stop making me say sappy shit."


"It'll only take a while for things to start looking up again. I should be back in a month or so."

"…Another month, huh? Why the hell did you go – "

"You know how things are, Hellcat."

"Yeah, yeah. Big badass Gig. Whatever."

"Well, anything else to report?"

"Not really. Thing's are pretty slow."

"Then hang up. I'm getting charged by the minute here, which is fucking ridiculous."

"…What?! You bastard, you call me and then tell me to hang up?"


"Gah! No, you hang up."

"…Not this again."

"You heard me. Hang up."

"Just hang up, Hellcat."

"No, you hang up."

"Ariana, hang up."

"No you han- "





"Back for me already, Hellcat?"

"You asshole! I didn't mean hang up on me."

"Same thing."

"God, you fuckin' suck!"

"Is that an invitation of some sort?"

"Ah, you pervert! I am not having phone-sex with you again. Not after what happened last time."

"The fire was eventually put out."

"Yeah, but you kept distracting me!"

"Only an idiot would leave the stove unattended in the first place. Let alone have trouble with fire when they have control of fire."

"…Stupid Gig..."

"I heard that, Hellcat."

"What the fuck is with you always callin' me that?"

"Admit it. You love it when I say it."

"…I love you, Gig."




"Good morning, bastard!"

"Ariana! Do you know how much trouble it could cause for me to be talking to you at a time like this?"

"Yeah, well, your boss needs to go to the nearest hospital and get that stick lodged in his ass surgically removed."

"...Ariana, I don't have a boss down here. I'm the one leading the men."

"So you are your own boss, correct?"


"So go and deal with that stick already."


"Stop with that fuckin' whisperin' already. No one's probably even listenin'. Besides, I called for somethin' important."

"…Ariana, before you do, I have something important to say too."

"No, whatever it is, it can wait."

"Hellcat, you don't understand. Five hundred of our men were killed yesterday, and I don't have a fucking clue how it happened or what killed them. My stay here's going to last a few more months."


"Ariana? Hellcat, please…you know this isn't my fau-"

"H-happy anniversary, G-Gig..."

"…Shit, Aria-"





"Ariana, please talk to me-"





"Hellcat, please!"





"Gig, you asshole, it's fuckin' midnight! This time, I know you planned this-"

"Happy birthday, Ariana."



"Thank you."

"Listen, you know I'm not good at this shit-"

"Understatement of the fuckin' century."

"Listen, Hellcat." *sigh* "I am so, so sorry for what's happened. I know that if I really wanted to, I would be with you in a second. And believe me I really do. But I have obligations. And while you're still my first and foremost, there are other's who need me too."

"I know that…Gig if this is another extension to your stay, just say it. I swear, I won't be mad. After what happened on our anniversary, I kind of stopped havin' expectations, you know. So it won't hurt as fuckin' much. I forgave you long ago, so it's okay. "


"Really, Gig, it's okay."




"Haha, there's my bastard!"

"So what do you want for your birthday?"

"…You. Just you. Keep talking."

"I didn't know you found my voice that sexy."

"Shut it!"

"Hm, you sound frustrated. In more ways than one. Is this what sex-deprivation does to you?"

"…Who said I was deprived all this time?"

"…This better be a joke. Because if it's not, I swear to God, I'll gut whichever bastard-!"

"Ahaha! Alright, alright, I was just kiddin'. Calm your possessive ass down."


"I mean it, really. As if I'd sleep with someone else other than you. You know how I am, and you know that I'm completely devoted to you, as horrifyin'ly sentimental as that sounds. And don't think I forgot what happened last time someone tried to grab my ass."

"That asshole was asking for it."

"Gig, you broke every bone in his body."

"It was a good thing that guy was so durable and had a high healing rate...and that Salem stepped in."

"Just goes to show that you need to control your fuckin' temper."


"Hey…are you in a car or something? I think I hear the radio."


"Oh. But…wait. Why are you-"

"Hellcat, were you having a moodswing recently? That must be it. Otherwise, why the hell would you repaint our garage door neon green?"

"Wait! How the fuck do you-"




"Hold on a sec, Gig. Someone's at the door…Who the fuck knocks at midnight...G-Gi…Gig?"

"I promised, Ariana. I told you I'd be here and now I am. So close your mouth before you attract any flies, hang up, come over here and mmmfft!"






"I promised, Ariana. I told you I'd be here and now I am. So close your mouth before you attract any flies, hang up and come over here and mmmfft!"

When Ariana saw the tall silhouette standing not two feet from her on her doorstep, her mind drew a blank and her body immediately launched itself at the figure, cordless phone forgotten in the faded carpet.

She didn't care that she was only wearing a tank top and panties. She didn't care that they were both sprawled in the four inches of snow on the porch. She didn't care about the taxi driver giving them a strange look before driving away. She didn't care that Gig would probably be starving and craving some heat.

"A-Ariana…" Gig gasped when the redhead finally released his mouth for some air.

Ariana didn't pay attention. Instead, she tackled the man back into the ground and held him, hugged him, squeezed him for all she was worth and more. "G-Gig. You're b-back! A-after, a whole fucking year. You asshole!"

And when Gig felt Ariana's tears seep through his clothes, smear against his cheek, mix with his own -which he pretended didn't exist and would have to kill anyone who saw-, he couldn't help but hold the woman in his arms even tighter.

"Happy birthday, Ariana. I love you."


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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One Phone Call Away
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