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 Emanulle Santos(Alternate)

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Emanulle Santos(Alternate)   2010-09-29, 4:28 am

Character Name: Emanulle Santos

Alias: "Manny" or "Em"

Apparent Age: 23

Origin: Halzara

Height: 6'1

Weight: 211

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Emanulle looks completely human and could pass for one unless one has other abilties. He has a nice toned build to him. Long black hair and eyes though they turn red when angry. His clothing consist of dark trenchcoat or just dark clothing in general.

Known Relatives: Orian Santos-Father

Terra Santos-Aunt

Race: Apocalypse Demon

Religion: None

Skills: Various Martial Arts skills. Basic skills. Large amounts of knowledge history and lore.

Abilities: Heightened senses. Night vision. Combat instincts. Flight on wings(When transformed)

Alignment: Netural Good

Personality: Very calm, straight foward and frank. Some people are intimidated by him, but he's a decent fellow once one gets to know him.

Powers: Super human stats, standard race powers.

Restrictions: For stats, see stats.


Strength: 14

Speed: 25

Durability: 15

Stamina: 10

Natural Ability: 33

Special Moves:

Dark Void:
A blast of energy(in the shape of a beam) with giant red circles around it. They explode on impact.

Creates a barrier of energy(bubble shaped) for damage. It can be spread to cover larger areas, but too large and it loses its strength.

Teleport: By using his demonic energy, he can teleport. Short and moderate distances only however.

Aura Burst: A energy attack that travels along the ground, the energy, ripping it apart as it travels with high speed. It does moderate damage.

Dark Shroud: Creates a dark vapor-like clouds that
makes it very hard to see for enemies, but for Emanulle(and his allies
if chosen) can see perfectly fine. It acts as a cover. This gradually
drains on his energy, and while he can expand the range, the bigger the
more taxing it is.

Super Moves:

Howling Gail:
A twisting beam of energy, almost in the shape of a tornado(which is aimed at them made of energy of course). It does heavy amount of damage.

Class: Supernal

Weapons and Precious Items: None, besides his mothers necklace which he keeps hidden.

Phobias: Something happening to his loved ones.

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preferences: Straight

Occupation: Former Prince

History: This is an alternate Emanulle, who's past is very similar to the one who was born here. The main difference is that he's from another dimension(having come from the same place as Matrix or Eternal) after realm traveling for a while. Other then that, its unknown how different in terms of past the two are.

Status: Alive

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Sion Reaver

Posts : 7339
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PostSubject: Re: Emanulle Santos(Alternate)   2010-09-29, 4:29 am

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Emanulle Santos(Alternate)
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