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 Valkyrie: Gwendolyn

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PostSubject: Valkyrie: Gwendolyn   2011-10-22, 12:26 am

Character Name: Gwendolyn
Alias: Odin's Witch
Apparent Age: 24
Origin: Nebulapolis, Ragnanival, country of Erion.
Race: Valkyrie
Height: 5'7
Weight: 87 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Gwendolyn normally dresses in standard Valkyrie battle armor, which consists of heavy leg armor and a light top with a wide skirt to allow her wings the space needed to allow Gwendolyn to fly. She normally wears a small tiara with what seem to be miniature replicas of her wings on either end covering her ears. Like this, she keeps her white-grey hair in a bun. Occasionally, she wears a formal dress once worn by her mother. While dressed like this, she also leaves her hair down, revealing it to be fairly long. Gwendolyn's eyes are a very dark shade of blue, bordering on black. She also appears to be quite young and very beautiful.

Battle Form

Formal Attire
Known Relatives: Odin - Father and Demon Lord; Griselda - Older sister; Velvet - Half sister; Ingway - Half brother
Religion: Polytheism.

Lancing: Knowing how to use her special spear, used for thrusting, mainly in charge attacks.

Alchemy: Knowledge of which ingredients mix to concoct certain potions. Additional recipes may be discovered.
Current potion abilities:
Antidote, Cooler, Napalm, Warmer, Healing Tonic

High jump: Able to jump twenty feet up into the air in order to get herself aloft.

Glide: Uses her wings to ride the air currents in order to glide, when high enough, Gwendolyn may actually fly.

Block: Uses her handheld shield to block but breaks her combat chain. Also makes her much slower; not very effective when ambushed.

Aerial Dive: A diving attack that thrusts her spear forward for heavy and quick damage.

Alignment: Lawful Good.
Personality: Growing up in her sister, Griseldas', shadow has made her quiet and reserved, but she will stand up against anyone when necessary. She has a strong sense of duty when it comes to following her father's orders. Normally Gwendolyn gives respect where it's due, but she can become fiery with those that insult her or those that she cares for. Blinded by her quest to win his love, she doesn't realize it is futile. Although Ragnanivan men view the Valkyrie as objects, Gwendolyn refuses to allow this to happen to her. Marriage is almost considered a dishonor and thus she fights even harder to keep her pride as a Valkyrie.

Psypher Abilities:

Cyclone: Sends a tall cyclone barreling down the path, damaging everything it touches for multiple hits.

Invisibility: Unable to deal or receive physical damage for five minutes, only Alchemy and other Psypher abilities work. Renders the user completely invisible.

Phozon Burst: Hits for a single, heavy damage hit to all opponents.

Overload: Increases attack power to double.

Phozon Release: Releases a small bit of phozons, works on growing seeds for alchemy ingredients.

Shadow Ally: Creates a shadow of Gwendolyn that mimics her attacks. Great for building heavy combos but requires close combat.


She is extremely agile however her power is slightly weak. Though she is strong enough to take on foes ten times her size, Gwendolyn's best strategy is to hit-and-run. Most of her attacks are great for keeping a small group of enemies at bay, but only when they're directly ahead.

Strength: 7

Speed: 16

Durability: 10

Stamina: 5

Soul: 30

Psypher Power: 20

Magic: 5
Weapons and Precious Items: Psypher Spear, given to her by Griselda.
Phobias: Losing her father's favor.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Opposite.
Occupation: Valkyrie, an honorable warrior in Odin's army.
History: In an Alternate Universe from the well-known story, the war between the Aesir and Venir continues on. Griselda, her powerful elder sister, falls in battle and hands down her Psypher spear. With the spear in her control, Gwendolyn attempts to continue forth and attack the Venir relentlessly until facing Elfaria. Just before she defeats Belial, the Fairy Queen casts a spell that throws her from the world she knew and loved.
Joining many others on a place called 'Earth', Gwendolyn tries to find her way back and discovers that sometimes, fate can be controlled.
Status: Alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Valkyrie: Gwendolyn   2011-10-22, 1:00 am

One of my favorite characters from the game. That aside, you were probably best using the fighter format. The fighter format is basically the samething, except its for characters who have special moves; her powers are really more along those lines.

Also, I'm of the opinion she has superhuman stats. She kind of has to be able to fight the things she does. As for how much, from what I recall from the game it would roughly be..

Strength: six tons

Speed/Reflexs: Catch/outrun arrow speed.

Durability: Blunt damage mostly

Stamina: A few hours give or take

And that's it, edit or modify it as you see fit. Everything else looks fine. Approved.
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Valkyrie: Gwendolyn
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