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 Girl X

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PostSubject: Girl X   2011-10-26, 11:05 pm

Character Name: Girl X (Riona Xanatos)

Apparent Age: Late Teens Early Twenties

Height: 5'3”

Weight: 169 lbs (because of her metal bones)

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Slender and athletic she is the perfect pocket firecracker. Her most distinguishing characteristics are her pointed ears and the marks on her face. They look like tattoos but are a natural mark.

Race: Human (Mutant)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Skills: Basic skills, Domestic skills, high school graduate, Expert hand to hand combatant, Gymnastics expert, demolitions expert, expert detective, Computer expert, Weapons expert (Hand Claws)

Abilities: She has an animal like sense for evil.

Alignment: Hero (Neutral Good)

Personality: She generally happy-go-lucky. Has to be the center of attention and loves to have a good time. When she's has to she can be serious and is quite focused. She rarely gets angry however when she does her temper can be quite feral.

Powers: Impervium Bones and claws. (Impervium is a metal stronger than Adamantium and lighter weight.) Her claws are razor sharp and able to cut through most anything.
Healing Factor ranked extremely high. She can never get sick. She ages at an extremely slow rate and can regenerate and heal wounds at a hyper accelerated rate.
She also has the ability to fly.

Restrictions: Though not as heavy as Adamantium her bones do weigh more than normal and thus makes her movements slower than normal. She must exercise regularly to maintain her peak physical condition in order to move her weight reasonably.
Though she heals at a hyper accelerated rate she is still susceptible to pain. Let's face it getting thrown off a building is gonna hurt no matter how fast you can heal. She can also be knocked unconscious.
Her flight is limited in speed. She is only able to maintain a speed of roughly 75 miles per hour. Her weight limits her flight speed.

Weapons and Precious Items: TF Hero PDA (this acts as a communicator, records missions, tips, badges and accolades. As well as logs Super Group Status.)

Phobias: Nyctohylophobia

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preferences: Homosexual

Occupation: Super Hero

History: You know sometimes being a mutant isn't half bad. I mean helping people is fun and all. But the looks on their faces when you save them is priceless. I love being a super hero. I remember growing up my mom was always telling me to be on my best behavior and I was... for the most part... Okay well maybe I wasn't the little princess my mom wanted me to be but I had good intentions Well anyway mom and I we traveled the globe a lot learning new things like culture and stuff.. My mom insisted that I learn how to fight. She thought it would be best if I were to be a super hero like her. When I hit puberty it was like she expected it when I manifested my powers. My claws formed and extended while I was in class and I almost got expelled for bringing a weapon to school. I have always been healthy I've never been sick. So I'm guessing that's part of my mutation. Over the years we moved to Paragon city and mom taught me everything she could, but she died saving the city. That's why I do what I do now. (more to come later)

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Girl X   2011-10-26, 11:12 pm

Approved, for justice. The justice being my fist; anyone who disagree's gets some.
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Girl X
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